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    Gamescom is taking place today, and we would like all the information about World of Warships from this event to be available to you in a convenient way. We are announcing new ships, unique historical commanders and the Halloween event. Have a pleasant reading and remember that plans can change. German Battleship Odin, tier VIII. She has 3 turrets with 3x305 mm guns in each of them, 2x4 torpedo tubes and 320 mm armor belt. Odin was one of the prototypes of the Scharnhorst class battleship. She was supposed to counter the French battleships - Dunkerque and Strasburg. Guns with a caliber of at least 305 mm were required to fight them, but in reality their development was delayed, and it was decided to use 283 mm guns with a possibility of further rearmament with 380 mm guns. By lowering the displacement to meet the limitations and using the same dimensions as Scharnhorst, it was possible to increase the main caliber and to achieve good operational range - a good combination for actions against the enemy's communication lines. In game, a relatively quick reload but without the largest caliber for a battleship, dictate the primary task for this ship - fighting against cruisers. At the same time, Odin's armor, despite being not bad, is still inferior to more classical battleships such as Tirpitz. German cruiser Mainz, tier VIII. She is armed with 12x150 mm guns in 4 turrets and 4x4 torpedo tubes. The thickness of the armor belt is 80 mm. Mainz is the original version of the Seydlitz and Lützow cruisers (Admiral Hipper class) as they were planned in the June of 1936. After deciding to equip Admiral Hipper, Blücher and Prinz Eugen with 203mm guns, it was planned to build two more cruisers of this type, armed with 12x150 mm guns. But the decision was changed and Seydlitz and Lützow were to get the same guns as other ships of this class. In game, Mainz will have good range and relatively good survivabilitp armed with 150 mm guns, familiar to players of Nürnberg and Königsberg. We are working on Italian and German heroic commanders: Günther Lütjens - Kriegsmarine admiral. During World War 2 was commanding the successful Scharnhorst and Gneisenau raid in Atlantic, was leading the operation of the legendary Bismarck. Went down with his ship in May of 1941 fighting the British Royal Navy. Luigi Sansonetti - admiral of the Regia Marina, later - of the Italian Navy. During World War 2 was commanding a cruiser division and participated in several important battles in the Mediterranean. Later, was one of the key naval staff officers. We will share the details about their traits later in the development blog. Every autumn we hold a Halloween dedicated event, and it always gets positive feedback from players. This year won't be an exception: the story of the fictional world will continue to evolve. Players will enjoy both the familiar operations and a new game mode, where they can fight each other. The event traditionally includes new mechanics, which we will present later. Please note, that these are long-term plans and they are subject to change.
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    Research B

    I'm so sorry about that... Please share the s%%t sandwich with me I will have the bigger part...
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    PSA: Free Captain skill reset

    So many instructive and hilarious comments here
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    We need a free re-spec for everyone!

    Only time matters... 🤐
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    Rank 5 reward

    Thank you for your opinion, captain. R5 reward flag... 🤔
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    Concealment / Detectability Charts for Destroyers

    What a nice chart! Cheers, illusion4891!
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    Research B

    One of the best metaphors that I've ever seen in my life in WG...
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    ST, changes to test ships

    British battleship Thunderer, tier X: Main battery guns reload time lowered from 30 to 26 s; Sigma lowered from 2.0 to 1.9; Lowered the size of the dispersion ellipse. Thunderer has a relatively weak armor scheme and not the best Repair party, her main strength is her guns. But testing showed that they were not efficient enough. American battleship Ohio, tier X: Main battery guns reload time increased from 26 to 30 s; Sigma increased from 1.9 to 2.0; Increased the size of the dispersion ellipse; Amount of hit points restored per second by Repair party is lowered from 0.66% to 0.5% of maximum hit points. Thanks to effective secondaries and good guns, Ohio was too effective at all distances. The guns parameters were changed to keep the ship strong in close and medium range, but lowering the overall efficiency. Moreover, Repair party had too big of an impact on the overall survivability of the ship. Italian researchable cruisers Removed the damage limit of semi-armor-piercing for shells of caliber of 283 mm and lower against destroyers; Improved ricochet angles of semi-armor-piercing shells from 60-85 to 80-85; Changed the basic firing range of main caliber guns: Taranto, tier III: increased from 9.6 to 10.34 km; Alberto di Guissano, tier IV: lowered from 14.14 to 13.51 km; Trento, tier VI: lowered from 15.37 to 14.65 km; Zara, tier VII: increased from 14.32 to 14.65 km; Amalfi, tier VIII: increased from 13.95 to 14.68 km; Brindisi, tier IX: increased from 15.21 to 15.57 km. Venezia, tier X: improved firing angles for the second turret by 19 degrees to both sides. Semi-armor-piercing shells are an intermediate between AP and HE shells: AP deals good damage when hitting citadel, HE does stable but relatively low damage and can causes fires. SAP shells should deal good stable non-citadel damage, but due to the ricochet angles they were not effective. Also, due to the limit on damage against destroyers, this cruisers were weak against this class, so the limit was removed. The changes to the firing range will build the progress logically from tier to tier. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
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    BBs in COOP

    Thank you for your fresh opinions as a starter, captain! No one would consider it as a complaint! Please leave your thought as much as you want here.
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    A question about Republic tokens

    Thank you for being my spokesman, @MatterCore
  12. First of all, we're sorry for your frustration captain. Thank you for your opinion. We will report it to the relevant department to avoid this kind of miscommunication in the future.
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    Match Maker

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    Saving replays and reporting

    Hello commander, did you check the client version? If you completed the client update then the previously recorded replay cannot be played...