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  1. GOMBEE8626

    Clan Battles for ASIA/SEA Server

    Well captain.. there's an old saying in my country that... Any younger brother is better than the old one 😂 We will try our best to provide better service as much as WoT does... Thank you for your understanding 🙂
  2. Hello Commanders, Have you enjoyed our new Public Test 0.8.8? Please provide your feedback and let us know what you think! Or if you haven't yet, join the Public Test and try out our new contents! Collect your rewards and don't forget to share your impressions with us! Test features: WoWS Anniversary Audio Improvement Visual Improvement Clan Battle Also we will pick 3 players among who leave comment here and distribute "4x Stars 'n Stripes, 4x Revolutionary, and 4x Union Jack". Please don't miss this chance 🙂 Action Stations!
  3. GOMBEE8626

    What happening with everything ?

    Hello captain, sorry for my late response. Generally they need your dixdiag file or python.log🤔 Not sure what else will be required though...
  4. GOMBEE8626

    WoWs- i'm out for a while :(

    Aw sorry for your loss... We will wait for you!
  5. GOMBEE8626

    Matchanu-class submarine

    Thank you for your opinion captain 🙂
  6. That rhyme... Thank you for your straightforward feedback, captain! 😂
  7. GOMBEE8626

    Rewards for Public Test 0.8.7?

    Hello, @sfcgx3 🙂 Thank you for your update! Well... that's... to be honest... strange... hmm.. I've confirmed other players received the reward in the form of container I have asked the relevant department, and update you maybe next week? once I get a response from them. Anyways, I do agree that we need to make the rules more explicit from now on. Cheers, captain!
  8. GOMBEE8626

    A disappointing Narai

    Thank you for the feedback, captains. Learnt many things from here...
  9. GOMBEE8626

    Clan Battles for ASIA/SEA Server

    Thank you for your opinions and thoughts captains! Actually, this is one of the most important and difficult issue that we've been faced with. I'm not able to say anything here because of my position but please understand that we've been caring about this issue globally and trying our best to find available solution. And also, as Korrupt said above please join King of the Tasman season 2
  10. GOMBEE8626

    AI gave up

    I feel either.. Thank you for your report and opinion, captains 🙂
  11. GOMBEE8626

    so they some how...... investigating???

    Our genius captains explained well on behalf of me.. So I'd like to highlight the phrase 'Lavie en rose' here...😂😂😂
  12. GOMBEE8626

    Suggestions for my next tier 8

    So up until now... Amagi: 2 Mogami: -1 Shokaku: 0 My colleagues and I voted for Amagi as well! So Amagi got 4
  13. GOMBEE8626

    Rewards for Public Test 0.8.7?

    Hello, @sfcgx3 🙂 As we've checked the system, it seems like other players received 1 day of PA (as PT reward) in the form of a container. However yours got started immediately indeed. We assume that this PA was not PT reward but daily login bonus...🤔 which means you're not eligible for the PA as PT reward at this moment. Could you please contact our Player support team? They will have a look into your account and help you to solve the problem. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. GOMBEE8626

    Narai-My tactics

    Thank you so much for the tips and opinions, captains! Wow!