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    Need Noob Tips

    US battleship line, it's the most all rounded and the easiest to master
  2. OverlordTofflez

    How to Bismarck?

    The Bismarck doesn't seem to have very strong armor, her main battery guns are subpar at her tier and her secondary guns don't seem to be very significant in damage dealing at close to medium range. What is the best way to play the Bismarck, especially when facing higher tier opponents?
  3. OverlordTofflez

    How to Gneisenau?

    I know that the Gneisenau is very hard to get used to compared to the traiditional German battleships, but she does have a lot of potential and is a great ship to play once you get the hang of her. To play the Gneisenau well you must learn to use her manoeuvrability to dodge enemy fire by turning away at the right time, just like how you would play a cruiser. To learn when to retreat is also key, knowing how she will easily take damage. This is how you should play the Gneisenau in the early part of the game, bombarding enemy cruisers and battleships as you normally would with a battleship while nimbly dodging fire and ensuring you don’t get focused on by enemy fire. Natural terrain is also very helpful; don’t stay in the open too long. While these 1v1 scenarios as you said are quite rare in the early game, you’ll have a much better time playing the Gneisenau in the later parts of a match as the number of enemy vessels dwindle. Also, her AA is the most impressive at tier 7, so CVs will find it really hard to bomb/torpedo your ship (a major perk). The Gneisenau actually has a lot of potential.
  4. Historically, the Beiyang Fleet was a group of vessels that served as Qing Dynasty China's modernized navy from the middle 19th century to the Sino-Japanese War of 1895, when it was sunk by Japanese vessels in a surprise attack in Weihaiwei, northeast China. As the Fleet comprised of up to 3 battleships, 7 cruisers and several destroyers I was wondering if Wargaming could consider introducing these vessels to WoWS as most of the Pan-Asian ships in the game are post-WW2 and there are currently no WW1-era Chinese ships or Chinese battleships/cruisers in the game. Maybe ships from the Beiyang Fleet can be introduced in the form of Premium ships or perhaps a short tech branch? Do you all think this is a good idea? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beiyang_Fleet