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  1. SGVanguard

    DeGrasse FOC

    Iam loving it so far, fantastic guns really.
  2. SGVanguard

    DeGrasse FOC

    So far most of my try your luck crates are like 50K XP etc, i sure as hell didn't expect a ship.
  3. SGVanguard

    DeGrasse FOC

    So i got the DeGrasse for free, from a Try Your Luck container. I gotta say, its fun as hell ship to play. How common are winning such ship in random Containers?
  4. SGVanguard

    This Is How You BB

    It would indeed be fantastic to see BBs play this way more often. With that being said, it would help if more CAs focused on taking out DDs to help facilitate the BB push.
  5. SGVanguard

    Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    You are exactly right, this is what i meant.
  6. SGVanguard

    Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    Thanks for the response, its nice to know someone else feels this way lol. And yeah, ive played those games before, you're right its not unique to WOWS but dare i say it's a bit more pronounced. FPS games are a different spectrum. SEA players that i know on FPS games i play are actually very good, even if its a solo thing. Over here, frm what i gather, most SEA players arent good at team work OR individual skill. With that being said, i thank you for the solid advice. I never considered hanging back first and monitoring. I often try to play the role of the ship im sailing to its roles, often leading to much frustration. Like, being the only DD capping with zero backup or a BB tryna support a cap with no back up etc.
  7. SGVanguard

    Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    I love my Clemson, id argue it's the best DD ive played to date. It's my money maker atm lol.
  8. SGVanguard

    Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    Thanks for the response. Well i got a rough idea, been playing for about 3-4 weeks now. 3-4 hours a day. Been watching tons of vids of the YTers you mentioned prior to this.
  9. Now this isn't a hate/flame post. Merely an observation and request for help/ideas. Before playing WOWS, i was active on War Thunder since it's inception. The community is actually pretty good. But ive had a rather different experience with WOWS. Im from SG, so i naturally chose the SEA server, and it's safe to say that i highly regret it. There is little to no team work on pubs with very few players understanding their roles. My question for the vets on SEA is, since most people on pubs dont bother with objectives or just camp etc, what would be the best way to enjoy and maximize one's playing time? Play like everyone else i.e go solo and try and get as much damage in before a fiery death? Camp more? Stick with the crowd(strength in numbers)? Any help would be deeply appreciated, thanks guys.