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  1. Spopovich

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    Ah yes the gentleman's way of backing out of an argument that they can't back up.
  2. Spopovich

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    Thank you for your pissant essay on your opinion and why your view must be the right one. Would you like a ladder, dear, to dismount from that very high horse of yours. Yes, why wouldn't we look at the rewards? The core game of grinding tech trees and making upgrades is enough to keep me busy with the limited time I have to play this game. I'm all for an event/temporary game mode but not if it offers nothing new or useful for return on time.
  3. Spopovich

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    Uhh I'm not usually one to complain, but Wargaming those are the worst rewards for an event that I have ever seen! Can't believe the extensive amount of efforts the WG team went into designing and making those new arenas and ships. Why? There's nothing to GRIND for. Nothing unique, as for the captains well special commanders are a dime a dozen nowadays and aren't worth it unless they have a talent or improved commander skill. Infernal Permanent Camouflages: Over a year old, make ships its mounted on look identical, unremarkable bonuses compared to historical permanent camouflages Credits and Premium Time: Usually unnecessary for long term players Halloween disposable camouflages: You've got to be kidding me; some of the ugliest and oldest camos in this game Captains: Well I assume they have their own voice over judging by the video in this news, but it also shows in the same armory on the video that you can just purchase them instantly for 1500 doubloons... If that's all the rewards you can come up with then I've already made up my mind to not bother with this event, and just play the game normally. Why doesn't WG make engaging, interactive and rewarding events like the Go Navy! anymore...
  4. Spopovich

    Black Friday or Christmas

    Hullo! Christmas may have passed, but maybe there is still some generosity left in the air for Lunar New Year containers? 😇
  5. Spopovich

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    I challenge you to a duel.
  6. Spopovich

    Black Friday or Christmas

    Oh well I am rather enjoying the Amalfi and learning their playstyle. I'm trying to collect the perma camos in the Armory for them.
  7. Spopovich

    Black Friday or Christmas

    Most generous of you! Can I exchange Christmas containers for Italian containers?
  8. Spopovich

    Black Friday or Christmas

    Just save for Christmas. You can buy the -B ships individually, don't need to gamble crates for them. If Black Sims/Scharnhorst/Alaska/Graf appeal to you buy as you need. Other than that the crates will just contain expendable camos, and don't we all have enough camos from the French and ongoing Italian event?
  9. Spopovich

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.9

    They need heal. All of the line. Even if its only 1 charge, like Royal Navy DDs. With premium and Superintendent, that's 3 charges of heal. It's a selfish line, with no utility (hydro, radar, DFAA) to enhance your team. So capitalise on the selfishness, Wargaming. This line lacks concealment. Lacks armour. Lacks ability to fire over islands. Lacks range to stay safely at distance and dodge most incoming fire and torpedos. It may have smoke but that's more like a get out of jail free card. To turn around and disengage. You can use it offensively rarely because smoke penalty is around 9km on Amalfi, probably more on Venezia. Heal would give them more staying power. High alpha does not equal high DPM. I find doing damage with the cruisers is like chip damage. Like what I'd expect from an inaccurate BB firing from max distance. With heal at least I would have a chance of surviving a full 20 minute game. It won't be OP, Atago has proved that having heal below top tier can be a balanced tool.
  10. Wow you Indonesians really do have a bee in your bonnet about the Karel Doorman. Where can I read about this more? I thought there was never a confrontation.