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  1. Lieut_Dan88

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    @S4pp3R Mate I'd like to say great job on the proposal and I really hope WG take it on board. You got my vote man 👍
  2. While in port the Azuma has no ship stats visable. And the armor is so weak the harrigumo can pen it with HE every shot.
  3. Lieut_Dan88

    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round [Updated]

    yeah thats fair enough, i was only asking because in the clans tab (in game) it had a game on the asian server at 2100 (my time) 18th of march. we managed to play enough games for the week, I was just curious about the monday session that just dissapeared an hr before we were due to start. all good.
  4. Lieut_Dan88

    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round [Updated]

    Hey guys to my understanding there was supposed to be a clan game in the Asian server tonight (18/3/2019) at 2100-0100 but it has disappeared, what happened to the last games?