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  1. Admiral_Helena

    New CV mechanics

    So if I'm reading this right.... Lead not ahead enough = rockets will hit where the target is no longer there except it's a slow BB. Lead too ahead = the target will just hit the brake, and the rockets will overshoot. WG is clearly trying to rebalance rockets with the same manner of how it is for the other squadrons, however WG overdoes it.
  2. Admiral_Helena

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    So those are the upcoming PR ships. The T10 ships are now possible. Italian finally gets theirs,. And Anchorage will get the same treatment as FdG. Trashed by WoWs community, but loved by AL community for "reasons".
  3. Almost 9 mins into the game & not a single digit on potential damage, while being at the frontline. Meanwhile on Asia. You get shot immediately when spotted even when you're not at the frontline.
  4. Admiral_Helena

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Taken from the upcoming patch note Why would there be an update during a major event though?
  5. Admiral_Helena

    ​📰 ST, Visual Changes

    If those big waves could extinguish fires, that'd be great. But what about the players who use the "Calm Water" mod?
  6. Admiral_Helena

    Silver Ranked Battles

    Sorry for derail. It's actually a very useful list. So Sims can literally go circle while staying locked on? No wonder I had a hard time outgunning it with Mahan.
  7. Admiral_Helena

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Is the gun worth to get if you don't have Richelieu though? 10k points is pretty expensive, and the enhancing cost would be a lot more than the gold guns. Speaking of UR ships, what would be the next ones? Mainly the British & Germans. Just for speculations.
  8. Admiral_Helena

    Tiger59 Mega Thread

    Basically.... Note: yes it is a real statue.
  9. Admiral_Helena

    Belfast 43 or Tiger 59- which one is worse?

    An undergunned CL without torps seems a silly concept. Granted the Soviet CV have useless torps, but they do have decent salvo volume, gun range, shell trajectory, and radar range. All that CL needs in order to be competitively powerful in one package!
  10. Admiral_Helena

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    They might add the Dutch, but most likely only as a minor faction like the Soviet & Chinese. The biggest hindrance would be to create the storyline for the faction. And since the Dutch navy played very few role throughout the war (iirc), the devs would have to create something fictional to cover up the lack of real stories like they did with the Soviet. The Soviet only had 1 ship, and had no background story throughout the first 2 years of AL's existence due to that problem. The devs ended up designating the Soviet as the "lawful neutral" faction when they came up with the backstory for the Soviet, although the Soviet is still aligned to Azur Lane (the Allies). The similar problem happened with the Italian. Although the Italian's first debut into the game was accompanied with sufficient background story, the devs had to come up with fictional story for the 2nd Italian event. The Italian ends up being "chaotic neutral" due to them playing both sides, although the Italian is aligned to Crimson Axis (the Axis). However the devs seems to have dropped the "faction vs faction" cliche recently. The last 2 major events only involved specific faction against the Sirens (which is the true villain of the lore). So instead of making stories based on actual history for the new factions like the Dutch on this case, the devs would have more leeway to implement them. The same old cliche "Allies good, Axis bad" gets boring for many within the playerbase. Not to mention, AL is still seen as an anti-Axis game for non AL players due to this cliche, although in reality we have been getting tons of good stuffs for the Axis. As for when AL will see the new factions, I bet it's nowhere soon. Especially if the indication is the collab with WoWs. The last collab didn't include the Italians on AL side, while on WoWs side they only added Littorio. And that was pretty lazy because they copy-pasted Roma & rebadge it as Littorio. I say we will probably get the last generation ships first such as Yamato (currently the most requested ship by the playerbase) before we get any of the new factions. AL is currently featuring New Jersey as the main star of the event, as the second Ultra Rare buildable ship in AL (the first one being Shinano).
  11. WoWs playerbase: "Thunderer is too OP. Nerf it WG!" (someone actually pointed out that coal ships should not receive the same immunity as the premium ships) WG: *actually nerfs it* OP on this thread:..... Would Thunderer be that weak with the second nerf though?
  12. Admiral_Helena

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    B O N K Monitors when WG?
  13. Admiral_Helena

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Isn't Barracuda better TB than that?
  14. Admiral_Helena

    ​🚢 ST 0.10.4, New Ships (Dutch, US, and Soviet)

    Not triggered. The only thing that triggers us instantly is if you say "this thing" is from Malaysia. Batik, Keris, etc. Now don't claim any of those things >_>