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  1. Admiral_Helena

    What should come next after Alsace....

    So basically.... Pinch Alsace aft backwards Slap another quad on it ???? Profit! It doesn't mention the AA though. Republique. Someone named it that on a poll.
  2. Admiral_Helena

    ST) 0.10.0 Lunar new year, Brawls, And other news

    The Legend of Wong Fei Hong. Jet Li as ship captain
  3. Admiral_Helena


    We will watch your whaling with great interest
  4. Admiral_Helena

    Why WG is ignoring Community Feedback.

    Yup that was supposed to be our counterpart of those manufacturers. Ironically Proton actually manages to sell some of their models here... >_>
  5. Admiral_Helena

    Why WG is ignoring Community Feedback.

    Nice, but unexpected analogy For those who don't get it: Timor was a car manufacturer that would have kickstarted the national car project for Indonesia during Suharto's regime. However the project was abandoned after Suharto's downfall. Only one model came out of the manufacturer, but it was more or less a "home grown" Toyota Corolla, and rebadged.
  6. Admiral_Helena

    Nerf for HE fire chance?

    Sorry but at tier 5, any battleships have huge advantage over cruisers (mainly longer gun range). Almost all cruisers in that list can be nuked by a salvo of battleship's HE, only Emile Bertin that is a bit tricky to nail down. Cruisers only become a real pain in the aft at high tier, mainly because a lot of them can shoot far enough to make battleships rethink their plan to play closer.
  7. Admiral_Helena

    ST 0.10.0, new ships (French, German, US)

    Maybe Flandre can achieve that top speed because she has no catapult. Less tonnage = less drag/better hydrodynamic. Fighter should be mandatory on French ships IMO. They can't rely on AA alone as what I have experienced on Richelieu hull B, and Alsace is significantly better due to having fighter on both hulls.
  8. Admiral_Helena

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Pardon? Oh you mean that blonde. Is it worth to skip certain ships from this event? I'm running out of dock spaces (40 left), but I have no plan to whale anytime soon.
  9. Admiral_Helena

    ST) 0.10.0 Lunar new year, Brawls, And other news

    Well, if they keep going to the west after reaching the America, they will still reach Japan anyway
  10. Admiral_Helena

    MVR needs nerfing

    The argument "CV is always one of the last ships that survives" is the most mind-boggling thing they come up with. I mean, are they saying CV is supposed to be one of the first to die? As much as I dislike to be hit by something beyond my ability to stay perfectly safe from, I consider it a fair game. If the enemy can do it to me, then my ally can do the same to the enemy. End of story.
  11. Admiral_Helena

    On the Console side....

    Alsace should be one of the PR4. Other than that, Hakuryu. Because there were a lot of wishful thinkings she would have been the 6th PR 3 ship.
  12. Alright back to the topic. Why is no one voting for Omega Graf Spee yet?
  13. I would really like to dismiss the first paragraph since the numbers are surely inaccurate. And of course it is a citation from a foreign news outlet, which should be taken with a grain salt. However this part nails it because it takes one to know one. Wait what is this thread about again?
  14. Admiral_Helena

    Bitching, matchmaking... again!

    Are DDs not exactly doing the same to any other class other than themselves? DDs might find it fun to perma spot cruisers, especially if the cruiser has no radar to deter it. DDs also have undisputed advantage over BBs. What can a BB do then to counter the invisible yet strong enough to send the BB back to port instantly? Apparently not caring of whatever happens to the others at the frontline actually works, even if it's something detestable to do. And of course unlike CVs which are capped at 2 per team, DDs are capped at 4. While the latter is still rare on higher tier games, it happens a lot in the lower tier. And God forbid you from winning if the enemy Kamikaze/Gremy is unchecked, which are mostly played by sealclubbers. Then there are cruisers, which are the most versatile ones due to their large variety of playstyle. Some are good at island hugging, some are good at speed juking, and some can actually harass bigger ships at close range. Despite their fragile survivability, the consistency of their damage output still justifies that. Although there are ridiculous exceptions like Smolensk being unkillable when broadsiding at close range, or Stalingrad which behaves more like a BB than a cruiser. One might argue BBs are generally stronger than the other classes, one might also argue the opposite. In the end of the day, they get hammered the most. Playing too passively means you literally sacrifice your teammates, although it profitable from the economic aspect. Playing too aggressively means you sign your early death warrant, except if the enemies are so bad that you survive doing something incredibly stupid. Then there is spotting issue with CVs. Granted they are incredibly effective at higher tiers, but that's mainly because the average higher tier players will mostly know who to shoot upon the CV spotting. However at lower tier, this is not something that often works as intended. But in the end of the day, it's just a matter of which team has more capable shooters. One team is bound to have more Stormtrooper wannabe. Just as someone said on the other thread. People always have vested interest on things they grow attachment to. Enjoying the game at the expense of the others will always be the top priority regardless of how they achieve it. And the game is perfectly designed for that purpose.