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  1. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    What Happened to Killer Whale Spawn???

    As far as I remember, there was only 3 map's operation being used for the asymmetric battle game mode. 1. Newport Defence (nothing change for the spawn point of both side) 2. Ultimate Failure Frontier (like WG even care for operations to come back eventually... so the spawn point condition after-event remain unknown) 3. Killer Whale (team's spawn point are ofc still mess up and inconsistent at North-West) I have to admit for KW's spawn point current condition and being waiting someone or WG to point it out as a bug and fix it back to the original spawn point. Still, even you spawn as BB(or even slower one like new mexico) at the very back of team, you can atleast be ready at bot spawn point with enough WASD hack skill for DD bot which I already managed to improvised myself... but almost ironic not as CV.... I used to ram DD as CV before spawn change which make this ops used to be fun... nyaa...
  2. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    updating game parameters and reloading almost 8 hours

    Already try "check and repair game" at wg game center? mine work nyaa.
  3. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Special Announcement (Warships ON AIR!)

    base xp tasks for usn bb collection's container. stiill no sound for arp contents.... just showcase key battle nyaa.
  4. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Spawn camping in scenario

    Just a cat pass by, tbh Killer Whale are farm fiesta operation like Narai cz it's ez to farm some certain achievement or ops task-related, hence the solution to summer task 12 achievement are found if play right with right ship and not into pvp cz of weekend incoming. But might need to play as Spawn Killer-self if want. As one of the Spawn Killer myself(I am sorry if you met me nyaa~~), I just do it efficiently for daily task and random tasks also maybe bored lol nyaa, Btw if you saw some CV rushing into base and toward to dd and bb at west and also some dd/cl go to north, that me nyaa~~
  5. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Unable to view replays

    Already tried good old dragging .wowsreplay to bin64/wows64.exe, doesn't worked too. Maybe cz it moved into bin folder? along with res_mods. It can opened by dragging and click the replay method to me but only stuck at team lineup loading screen and only played audio but not graphic... Atleast some replay's keys still worked nyaa...
  6. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Protest of broken NERFED CV

    you mean midway rocket plane? This is dumb enough nyaa... do you even know what is superstructure?
  7. same, in Chaos side too even I got the ship. I more interest with the minigun at her bow teehee even thou, aren't god in the game is RNGesus so...... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD FOR RNGESUS!!! NYAA!!!.
  8. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Concerns about Colbert

    Yep, this floating confused thing is indeed just an island camper. Idk either I should buy Marceau cz of the guns... Imo, better spec other skills instead of IFHE. Losing half of fire chance for more pen is hurt enough to me. Even you cannot pen most of ship, you must set enemy ships on fire. Colbert main damage output is supposed to be at her fire damaged that you already set during camping or kiting. We all know that she cannot yolo cz of her armors and lack of torpedo. Soooo.... spam its till non-existent.... For Friesland, she is a DD Hunter depending on situation cz she got 5km Hydro that can act as radar to me. She also an smol HE spammer cruiser to me too at maximum range, maybe she can either spec AFT+RPF or CE+RPF. welp, at least I played her... and dunno when gonna play her again, I more prefer my Smolensk instead of my Colbert nyaa....
  9. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr


    Well concealment are gone if it was cv match, nothing can do when plane heading to you except you play well (including positioning and keep monitoring minimap) or that cv maybe potato. For your question above, I will angle toward to planes or away from planes for reducing damage and at same time reduce ship's speed for shells to missed. Then stay in static mode or accelerate/reversing/turn a little for dodging shells until cv planes gone so I can continue moving. This is just SITUATION AWARENESS that you MUST learn for current game/meta. In some situation, try predict what gonna happen and where it happen depending on the type of map. Also that what Priority Target and Incoming Fire Alert used for now if you got slow reaction nyaa.
  10. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Is 2100 base XP really so hard?

    Like others said, a) play high tier only (recommended play as T9 so can go to T9-T7 MM for farming ez credits and ofc base xp if can depend on your ship) b) only play the ship that you familiar with (ofc must included skills). c) hoped your team not potatos nor bots but hoped the enemy team is potatos. d) [below] really indeed needed so rng not messing with you. e) try get some achivements, do high damage if possible, be among top 3 and ofc MUST WIN NYAA!!!!. TBH, I almost went full credit farming mode recently with my Friesland, Jean Bart and Musashi for helping my base xp grinding tasks and it was a really successful where i managed to collected +20m credit and some containers related task nyaa~~. I also played past midnight as T9 which also helped alot cz at that time both team might be potatos and bots also there might low chance encounter some T10s and high change met T7s but not really recommended, just saying nyaa~~. Also careful playing as dd, many donskoi wanted you dead nyaa~~.
  11. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    Recently actived in forum also lived nearby So.... Hello There
  12. wut.... WUT?? How 510mm reload more faster compare to 460mm nyaa???
  13. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    Tier 10 Kremlin help needed!

    Just a random cat past by... actually Kremlin is maybe fine enough and nothing could possibly go wrong thou. She helped me climbing from Ranked 8 till Ranked 2 from previous ranked. Personally I played Kreml like Moskva cz she just a larged-version of Moskva just hoped kreml got rdr lel. Welcome to Asia Server nyaa~ cz I also spammed someone till non-existent teehee nyaa~~.
  14. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    honestly I hate CVs

    Someday you will get used to it maybe nyaa~~, As Ex-Hakuryu's Player here, I myself too hated CVs so much everyday. They always bugging me so much and messed up some of my tactic to play as cruiser main in random and ranked. Playing as CV is fun but playing as surface ship totally break the fun and we all already know about it. So at the end, I sold my Hakuryu and her Legendary Module for 2.5m Credit. (NO WAY I gonna regrind her Lmod in Research Bureau later.) Btw Rub1cOn, I already checked you account and I found out that maybe you don't have any experience playing some CVs nor in RTS and current CV Reworked. That why you are struggle to playing this game today. To encounter them you must play some of them in Coop for learning they gameplays also for completing cv related task in event's directives. That the only way to survive nyaa~~.
  15. effwnw4ejfxuycb1gr

    can't WG just make speech bubble show above ship???

    How about download a mod? like aslain mod? Yes not only you will having hard time to find who say who during battle. Example (improved chat by Autospy); ; Even there is bubble chat show up above the ship, you have to look directing at that ship and not knowing some bb shell coming to you.