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  1. blackbeardKR

    0.8.11 업데이트: 신년

    그러면 미국섭 이전 해도 왜 구매가 불가 합니까? 강령 준수가 무엇인지 긍금 합니다.
  2. blackbeardKR

    0.8.11 업데이트: 신년

    빠른 답변 감사합니다. 그런데 미국 섭은 사이트에서 바로 구매 가능한데, 방금 업데이트 해는데, 오늘 점검만 하는 날이 선물상자 구입이 안되나요? 혹시 가능하면 링크 좀 부탁드립니다.
  3. blackbeardKR

    Asia server is down?

    Yes it's up. But somehow the Santa Claus gift event is on or not?
  4. blackbeardKR

    0.8.11 업데이트: 신년

    산타 선물 세트는 언제 부터 구매 가능한가요? 아시아 섭은 이벤트가 없나요?
  5. blackbeardKR

    Do's and Don'ts in Battleships

    Thank you for your good advice. I really appreciate your spending time to answer my questions. 🙂
  6. Hi everyone. I need a clan to improve my game. I have played all ship types except CVs, about 4,000 games since the start of the game on several accounts in all of the wows servers around the world. So decided to settle down here on the Asia server since I live here in Korea. I made a new account, After reaching 15 to open clans, I just got the Jean Bart to see how bad I am in current status, And Sincerely want to improve my game and survival in the game. I'm going to be playing battleships until I get the hold of how to play again, Since destroyers/cruisers seems to be the expert level (super angling and HE spamming, dodging torps and AP other ships to death and avoiding cv hits, etc using islands). And CV, subs too difficult for me to play at this time. Since I do have a regular job, I don't play a lot during the week, just a few hours in the weekend. Maybe 1-2 hours a day during the week. I personally am looking back at ichasegaming captain's academy and looking at flamu recent videos, notsers and flambass, etc. So slowly I'm getting back some of the basics I did do in the past, however, I'm finding it harder to hit citadels than the past when I started playing. I'm trying to improve situational awareness and minimap, while moving ahead and put my BB in a position to deal max damage. I rarely camp so find my ship in deep ocean a lot. I really need to learn when to go in and when to flank and when to finally brawl. Getting killed by dds when charging in and bombed to death by CV planes when charging in etc. I'm learning the hard way. I'm looking at the forums too, but since I don't have a lot of time, I guess I'll try to re-learn again by grinding from a below to tier 10 again. Thanks again to all for your help in advance.
  7. blackbeardKR

    Do's and Don'ts in Battleships

    I'm a returning player. And just made a new account to start from fresh and finding it very hard to play. CV planes, and not much citadels, new maps. 1. For Jean Bart where in the map is a good place to go at the start? I just follow the group from the start and try to move ahead and brawl whenever I can. I'm not good at shooting yet so sometimes, I kill a lot and some don't hit at all. 2. When someone is charging into you, do you spam HE in the structure? Where is a good place to shoot? 3. Usually when near I usually aim for under the turrets for citadels, however, where is a good place to hit when shooting battleships at close range? Thanks for your advice. Have a great day!