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    Hey there, I do understand your frustration, and have been there as well. Now I am only at a few battles in, but I have played the Kaiser (now working up both USN and KM lines), and can give a few tips that worked out for me to increase my survivability. As you already know the *god awful* dispersion of this ship, I'd suggest you sail (at the start of a match) close to an island (~3-4 km distance) or some planned escape route at a range where you're neither too close nor too far from the enemy team, that is, around the 10-15 km range, and if no DDs or torpedo ships are nearby, close in to 7-10 km. This will make your salvoes more accurate and scary. Shoot at broadside cruisers and DDs, and attract other BBs attention to you (remember, every shot you tank to your repairable hull is a shot that could have been fired on a friendly cruiser or destroyer's irreparable, tiny HP, or worse, dev struck to oblivion). If all goes well and the enemy flank falls, push through with your allies and try moving to the other flank. In case your flank falls however, you can take cover behind the aforementioned island or escape path and retreat to help your allies on your other flank, and prevent taking unnecessary damage. You do not want to stay near a flank that has collapsed, because even though your ship has the next-to-impossible-to-citadel German Krupp Stahl, it burns easily, absolutely can not take torpedoes, and will take heavy pen damage from broadside shots to the upper/lower armor belt from battleship or cruiser AP. And as the others have said, do play co-op if necessary, especially if you feel like your aim is a bit off. It does help a lot. Another thing that I find useful in this ship is to aim slightly above the waterline, as this ensures that even if they're not citadels, the higher number of penetrations or over-penetrations will still cause an overall greater damage. I'd also advise to take the B hull as well, it will deduct the research from the next BB in the line (correct me if I'm wrong) and in exchange you get a better HP pool. And don't forget to take the captain skills as well and move it up the line unlike what I did! As for your UI unresponsiveness, try lowering all settings and see how that works out. (At least it does for me but in general it does lag :P) [i5-6200u, 8gb ram, no ssd and AMD Radeon R7 m340 here] Have fun!
  2. Ah I see... that's why I had such a big chunk of repairable health. My gameplay is getting fairly consistent now, the lowest I've done so far being 50k... Just got my high caliber achievement, and am enjoying this ship more than ever. I've attached the replay if anyone is interested: Thank you all so much for the advice you've provided so far. It really is helping me get better at the game. 20190322_163217_PASB006-New-York-1934_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  3. That's true... but sadly I still am a noob in the sense that I didn't enable the in game replay feature till just before this match, and also forgot to start the inbuilt windows recorder. *Facepalm* I understand your point there, but I genuinely thought those were normal penetrations. If those were citadels, how did I manage to repair half my lost HP? I thought citadels cause irreparable damage?
  4. Here's a battle I played just now as sort of a feedback. Sorry for bothering you guys so much but how am I doing so far? I can tell that I died in the end because I didn't pay attention to the minimap and didn't prevent that beaching. 20190321_233329_PASB006-New-York-1934_05_Ring.wowsreplay
  5. I understand what you mean now Rina, I've played 6 matches recently trying to stay in the 15-14 km range, with 5 being nothing but getting too far into enemy territory and subsequently getting burned alive. But on the 6th match, I was able to maintain a kind of sweet spot in a position where I could 'tank' like you mentioned and keep them distracted. Got 3 citadels on 2 cruisers, effectively scaring them away, and shredded half HP from a broadside dd. My damage was comparatively lower at 60k this time, but it was enough to weaken the eastern flank. We then pushed through to the base, and our cruisers melted the bbs hanging back like I did and we won by points. Only a yolo BB, two CAs and a dd died on the western flank by an unlucky torpedo hit from a carrier. Safe to say, this is making me enjoy the class a lot more, thanks to all the valuable advice you've provided.
  6. First of all, thank you for your fast responses, and apologies for my late response (I have tests going on recently and a ton assignments to deal with)... I do realize what you mean InterconKW, about me hanging at the back of the team and not contributing much to the actual threat, and I'm currently practising to stay at around the ranges you've mentioned after watching the replays drakon233 sent me (thank you so much for those <3) and some other replays on YT. I also do agree I tend to over/under lead the targets more often than not, but I think this has more to do on me being unable to judge the speeds of faster ships like cruisers and especially DDs. Is there a way I can practice my aim in a more controlled environment?
  7. Haha I agree, with the turret positioning bug that I frequently see on videos... I was using win10's default game bar to record the match. Is there a way I can recapture these old matches?
  8. So, it seems (at least to me), my aim turned from being potato to acceptable, which in turn increased my damage from 10-30k to 75k dmg in a the last few days on the New York. These two battles in specific, I did better than I do in *most* of my earlier battles. I can definitely feel the difference since being able to put more accurate shots, however I believe my positioning is terrible. I need to know what I am doing wrong (please ignore me beaching the ship by accident on the first replay), and what I should be doing instead. Thank you in advance! Replay 1 link Replay 2 link