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  1. johndoe1545

    CV is still OP to lone ships after, pls nerf

    As a DD main in the game, I also have some opinion to share in all these complaints about CV. Just GIT GUD, and stop being [content removed] . The reworks seems to be a good thing, you get actual gameplay in flying planes rather than RTS style (I've only play in Coop so far for CV). The bits that bothers me is the AA. I mean, only 1.9km for small range AA. We do have small detection range by air so I guess that's balance it. IJN ships are still felt balanced after all this nerf/buff (no I don't have premium, and yes I've heard Atago is monster AA now). Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  2. johndoe1545

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    1. didn't specify which battle modes are allowed 2. should have limit on chances per player 3. should have some sort of progress tracker for players 4. GIB ME MASSACHUSETTS