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  1. Pls go to Eagle. So I can also Win. holy hell it was horrible once I saw score 1M vs 3.5M... Now its gettting kinda balanced recently but lol dasha's invitation denied TWICE
  2. Suggestion: Add Clan Flag

    Not bad. also bad as well. what if some people makes picture of a....something? it will be horrible lol btw why this post in contest section?
  3. Tiny Personal Giveaway

    Ignore me, i know no one is interested. im learning to make videos on youtube. Dont expect me to come up with insane videos or something. But I need some replays because I alone cant make stunts. (or literary you can say im just a failure) . You send me your best stunts,fails, Like, weird battle, plane's whole wave failed to even touch you blah blah. you send direct replay. Best one gets a code to get 3x go navy premium containers. Each includes 12 or 24 special signals (Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, or Hydra); 10 tokens for the Sharks Team; 10 tokens for the Eagles Team. If a lot of quality replays are submitted, then follow up 2 persons will get 500 doubloons each. but For now, only one person will be choosen to given away. You can only submit one of your replays. >Not valid if multiple replays uploaded by same person. >Make sure Replay version is 0.7.7+ >You must Specify Your username, exact server, what happened, time of when it happened (so I can skip to that time) if you dont want to type a story about what happened then just type designated Genre in description. >You can upload replays in reply/comment here. Just attach it. >submission started yesterday lol. ends in 14th august. Comment if you have any question. thanks :) code will be given away in 16th august.
  4. The benefits are, it is pretty good, it pauses other game updates when u click play button. means no disturb. and u dont have to type login infos, means its pretty good. Things that hurts me is, Update resume after sudden pause, takes forever. And if you disconnect in middle of game (only in WoWs) then you have to type your email and password over again as error will pop up "retype for security reasons" something. pretty frustating when it happens middle of a battle. hope they come up with something
  5. Is the USS Salem worth the coal?

    Nope. I heard that it doesnt give you premium benefits like extra credits. so its not worth the coal. Save it for upcoming (leaked) New Jersey instead.
  6. Old supercontainers are much better than current ones. even 250x flags are worth the campaign grind tbh. but if RNG hates us so much they keeps giving flags, WG should remove the normal flags and only keep Economic flags and Special ones. upto 250x economic or 100 specials. Sometimes I dont even want to open SC, when i hear someone recently got 100 of juliet charlie. jeez