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  1. Labeat

    Soviet BBs (and Gangut)

  2. IGN : Labeat "I will not be salty if my crate is poop"
  3. Labeat

    Post Mortem

    3 ships only can make the ship faster. if theres 5 people, then 2 others will still get ribbons and bonuses for being in the cap, but wont accelerate the cap progress as 3 people doing.
  4. Labeat

    WoWS UI is the worst across the platform

    Kancolle? WG : Nah. Radar needs to work like Line of sight. WG : Nope Game needs better UI. WG : Nope. I want a shiratsuyu Premium Yuudachi, even without kancolle collab. WG : *ignores* We want some good rough seas in Random Battles. Or Night battle with Ship torch that will follow your aim / binocular views just like the gun follows. WG : Nope. **Some supertesters (maybe) or weird weird people with no life, who doesnt know how to play destroyers simply ULULULULULU around battleships and gets blapped for that and cries on WG's customer care** WG : We will nerf BB AP so even if they goes through your entire body and kills all your crews and commander and guns youre just immune to death. you can get devastated by UK dd ap angle but you cant with Montana's 12 overpens. DECISION LEVEL 100 Come on WG, learn to decide what game really needs first. you stay in smoke, sudden radar then battleship hits you because you were stopped. Radar rework needs to be first priority. and then there is UI that doesnt respond to anything. Everyone doesnt have 20x RTX PC like you guys have so please optimize the UI for us as well and stop with that historically + weirdly offensive AP nerf. Thank you.
  5. Labeat

    MM and KArma

    The way I get reported when dev striking someone I guess my karma should be negative hundreds now. that doesnt mean Matchmaking will take my myogi against Yamato.
  6. Labeat

    Fiji Bullets

    You aim at superstructures, 32mm belts, torpedo belts, Bow and aft armor. (Citadel if your opponent is an upcoming HMS Vanguard)
  7. Labeat

    Help with Gremy Capt Skilld

    16 pts? Preventative maintenance, Last stand, Survivality expert, Concealment expert = 10 pts Then Buff the guns with Demo exp and BFT if you prefer gunbotes.
  8. Labeat

    KM DD feel kinda left behind.

    Of course. One of the halloween sub has Accurate af secondaries. im sure its from upcoming German tech tree
  9. Labeat

    KM DD feel kinda left behind.

    it may looks like "just" but I see it has a serious huge change 😄 you can torp outside from USA radar range which is not a German way. German way is brawling, You brawl with German BB, DD, Cruisers and German Aircraft carriers too
  10. Labeat

    KM DD feel kinda left behind.

    Think about Positive sides as well, it has Good AP pens against other dd, Devastating AP damage against other dds, Fastest torp reload, and a hydro where you can smoke up and still bully anyone outside, kill anyone who try to rush you. z23 has 4k more hp than benson as well. 152mm guns can citadel cruisers. Therefore WG has to nerf concealment a bit (like 200meters) and Gun reload by mere seconds. Doesnt mean entire dd is sh*t. Think about kagero who doesnt have any best reload or even a slight AA, only good at concealment.Did anyone ever complain about Kagero?
  11. Ever heard of Danae and emerald who gets devastated by Cv's bomb autodrop?
  12. No its normal after every patch, dont worry. I guess patch bug just upgraded where now it also freezes a whole battle lmao
  13. eyyy look, everyone is Camping bot. Report everyone AFK pls
  14. Like, some hell of a bug there. it has to be server isnt taking the ship presence for a reason. thats why ships cant get controlled, neither hit by any shell or torps.....