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  1. This is first time happened with me and looks like im the only one crying in this entire earth, because no admins responding or saying that They knows about it.
  2. lol why?
  3. I DEMAND JUSTICE. I already proven my innocence.
  4. im posting on forum instead of customer care because it has to be fix, not my personal issue but everyone suffering. >EVERYONE is stuck >No one can team kill >CV planes does work but cant damage anyone. >everyone can chat too. I am putting replay. I left the game after 7 minutes. 20181019_155945_PBSB002-Warspite-1941_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay SCREENSHOTS :
  5. Labeat

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    I believe its the questionably related with trending technical issue XD
  6. Priority target, Expert marksment, superintendent, Advanced firing training. = 10 pts. No need to take concealment exp first because your secondaries are going to be more useful than the concealment, specially in tier 6 rank. and you will have lots of islands to use to hide so I dont see any reason to take concealment expert. Superintendent because you are going to face HE spam from Pensacolas, Dallas, Aoba, even dds like aigle etc. Warspite heal seems more effective, so Superintendent seems better.
  7. WHATACATTITUDE < Third kitty kurfurst mission. Redeem here > https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/bonus/
  8. Thats why I said they needs to improve in lower tier first. You wouldnt want half of your team in tier 10 having 0.3 or 0.2 or 15k avg damage "baddies". such baddies in those tiers gets reported as bot anyway. whats the difference?
  9. Anyone with less than 0.4 kdr needs to be banned from entering battle with tier 6 ships or up. They needs to go and play low tier until they learn and improve stats
  10. I came here to ask RNG to give me a supercontainer. its been 2 months i havent "won" any supercontainer except yamamoto's "earned" ones.
  11. Labeat

    WoWS Update 0.7.9

    As far as i heard no premium CV release untill CV rework full and final release.
  12. Labeat

    Luck is a superpower

    b-but it had action...
  13. Labeat

    Luck is a superpower

    Talking about that Lucky Woman who jumps into truck and driver pulls off his gun which turned out to be out of ammo? DAAMN that was insane lmao. Speaking of luck in game, as long as theres RNG, theres always luck. 100% luck no skill included anywhere.
  14. Anyone with 100% wr clearly cheated. and in Asia there wont be chance of such violations because entire top players going to come with CV's and Kamikazes. (because they cant play any other ships, they only grew up staring at sealclubbing ships) and a Rule violator CV cant manual drop kamikaze so.... Asia is full of unicums HUEHUEHUE