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  1. _FARANK_

    I'M Tired!

    Any game launcher must be left doing her job overnight. Dont stare at her, thats illegal. just press the install button, turn off the lights, go to sleep. Get the fresh game in the morning. Easy life.
  2. _FARANK_

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    why u grind a yamato in this Era of the cvs? Questionable. Well... it works as a nice F*p material tho, and you can pat it everytime. Pat it all you want before enemy cv pats her. 😄
  3. The previous BOT taiho players taking time to program themselves with their shokakus, dont worry, youll see a skill difference in a month or so.
  4. _FARANK_

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    I seeing a huge chance of rollback, the devs never know whats right to do and whats wrong to do, its pretty a fun show. Lets sit back and eat popcorn for now :D Pretty nice collection of dislikes there XD
  5. _FARANK_

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Well now whatever carrier you playing, all depends on hand to hand skill, not AP bomb shot per click and clicks per wave so even I am a shokaku and face a midway, I dont think impact will be huge. (not as huge as two skilled lex vs graf zep) Now the impact will be enemy player AFK or not
  6. _FARANK_

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    PEF is garbage, I somehow managed to complete nerves of steel, and I would suggest players not to suicide their stats just for 2k steel in a ship that has worse guns than kongou. it doesnt have anything from bayern or gneisanau, but a konig with one less turret + uptiered with a nerf. I wanna ask, is Enterprise coming back after the rework? if so, will the azur lane commander will come as well? (if anyone knows)
  7. _FARANK_

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    it was so obvious this update wasnt gonna launch because there was just too many bugs and unusual things. I saw that coming, but its still unfair that CV can launch infinite planes but you have limited DFAA and AA gun HP.
  8. _FARANK_

    Why Special commanders doesnt have ranks?

    @LawrenceXVIII now what you gonna say lol? I really forgot to mention that. thanks for the backup
  9. _FARANK_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    After seeing Stalingrad release I rather uninstall the game before RU BB comes out -_-
  10. _FARANK_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    oh no come on WG its too early... u know if a tree grows unusually faster, it doesnt grow strong and breaks easily. Same being said, its just too early and reckless to not see how it goes with live server and balancing and already working on RN CV.
  11. _FARANK_

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    NO, kongo is just too advanced for her tier, its just usual japan putting everything into one ship, which makes each tier guns powerful than it should be. So dont compare the cute kongo chan if you want to say other ships guns are bad. Compare it with upcoming BB line
  12. _FARANK_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    hell no, after current state hitting live server, watch many players raging out and many issues to be found, which will take atleast 3-4 updates to fix and rebalance. 0.8.2 is too early for RN CV.
  13. _FARANK_

    PT 0.8.0 opinions

    since theres so much AA intense and it makes so hard to even hit someone with torp, as you can see where bomb is dropping from, and also long arm time means more calculation blah blah, and ofc with fighter so overwhelming, I think you need to be more rewarded for successful torp and player needs to be more punished to eating a torp after all this situation, i mean at higher tier with current state of torp damage you dont really do much damage. all the time we fought bots who doesnt really dodge. I kinda think the damage should be buffed by 50% than whatever it is now. And rockets so far I saw it does equal damage to bbs and dds, and almost doesnt create fire at all...And I also think rocket should work like HE shell in world of Tanks, in ex : weak armor = more fire.. strong armor = no damage. Dont mind me, its just my opinion. lets see how current state goes after hitting on live server :)
  14. _FARANK_

    Why Special commanders doesnt have ranks?

    Atleast they can give rank "fictional" because, what im trying to point out is that blank area really looks weird when everyone deserves a position afterall. Also, arent all other standard commanders fictional? they were simply made out of default faces, models and you can change names, faces as you want, I have 2 different commanders with same name as well lmao
  15. _FARANK_

    Why Special commanders doesnt have ranks?

    then why isoroku and halsey have ranks? 😢