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  1. Enemies outside the sector detection range of the CV's aircraft only disappear from the teammate's field of view (cannot be locked by X), but the position is still indicated by a dotted line on the small map. The summoned fighter has the same 360-degree detection range as before, in order to control the view of key areas. This change does not increase the viability of DD alone in dealing with CV. Because the CV player's perspective, the ship in all directions is visible, and will not lose the target because of this mechanism. Please feel free to say something, let me know that you are still there. . . . . It will be embarrassing to not respond for so long.
  2. I need some help. I tried to submit this feedback through official customer service, but they replied that customer service cannot handle these recommendations directly. Can anyone help me to submit it to the relevant personnel? The following is the body: Suggestions for sharing views with CV attackers. The new CV increases the speed of attack aircraft, which allows them to search the sea efficiently. However, in the maps occupying key areas (A, B, C), these attack aircraft are too efficient for the search within the area. At the same time, because these key areas are close to the enemy fleet, if the DD is detected by the attack aircraft in the area, the greet will be the joint attack of the attack aircraft and the enemy ships. If there is no timely air defense support nearby, the DD will have to leave the area at full speed, because the risk of using smoke in this case is extremely high. Therefore, when the DD retreats from a critical area, the attack aircraft can always detect the ship and launch multiple attacks, during which the enemy ships will also use the artillery to target the destroyer. This can cause DD to lose a lot of life and there is no chance of resistance at all. The reason for this is that the attack aircraft can detect all ships 360 degrees and display them in the field of view of teammates. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the team's vision of the attack aircraft. I recommend redesigning the team's vision for the attack aircraft: the team's field of view of the attack aircraft should be a fan-shaped area based on the nose (this area will be very wide, expected to be around 160°-210°) and have a minimum detection radius. (In general, the pilot can't see it directly below), and the enemy within the minimum detection radius will not be seen by the teammates of the aircraft carrier. This creates an area that looks like a folding fan on the surface of the sea. Players outside this area cannot be seen by CV player teammates, but CV players still have the same vision. In this way, when the CV player completes a round of bombing and is about to fly over the ship, the ship will disappear into the sights of others other than the CV. Destroyer players can use this method to obtain temporary security and avoid continuous exposure to enemy fire. Such changes will not affect the aircraft carrier's own gaming experience: in the eyes of aircraft carrier players, their vision has not changed at all. And their teammates can also see the surface ships. However, the limitations of the team's vision will allow CV players to make choices: to provide a critical area of view, to continuously detect enemies and slow down the flight speed; or to speed up the flight in order to drive the enemy out of key positions (in fact, I think they only Will choose the second...). The main recommendation is to improve the enthusiasm of the destroyers. Changes to the vision of the aircraft carrier team should alleviate this situation and make them more active in the maps occupying key areas. In addition, because the CV can't detect all the enemies at the same time, it becomes important that the destroyer continues to provide visibility. In addition, the attacker's minimum detection radius allows a maneuverable ship to have a safe rudder to allow the vessel to leave the maximum projected area of the air bomb without fear of being hit by enemy ships' shells after the rudder. If there is no minimum detection radius, the DD's rudder avoidance behavior will be immediately seen by the enemy behind it. They will not disappear from the enemy's field of vision until the attack aircraft flies over the ship. As a result, DD players still need to deal with both the aircraft carrier and enemy shells. Now, they have a few seconds to try to evade the aviation bombs, and don't have to worry about the enemy launching shells in the direction of their rudder. Of course, this brings with it an additional problem: for ships that are very good in the air, it is difficult for the carrier to illuminate them continuously. Therefore, the distance of the minimum detection radius must be tested repeatedly. Because setting the minimum detection radius is not to let them disappear quickly in the enemy's field of vision. Don't worry too much about the efficiency of this detection mechanism. The fan-shaped area has a large angle and can easily detect ships in those ranges. And not all ships are detected by the CV, and some opportunities should be given to scouts who provide visibility. You may have tried a similar method of detection, but for some reason it has not been used. But today's aircraft have higher speeds and are more efficient in detecting. Sticking to the old vision mechanism is not in line with the actual situation. We do hope that CV can be responsible for detecting DD, but we don't want our DD to sacrifice without a fight at the beginning of the game. So why not try it? look forward to your reply.