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  1. Colac_c

    [ALL] ModStation

    Mod Score Timer from Modstation isn't working in 0.11.4, is there a solution to this problem?
  2. Colac_c

    [ALL] ModStation

    Can we have Comsumables Monitor in modstation pls? https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/54364-all-consumables-monitor-2/
  3. Colac_c

    [ALL] ModStation

    This version of score timer will cause game crash when exiting the game.
  4. Colac_c

    [ALL] ModStation

    Score Timer is gone? Can we have it back pls? It's a really useful mod
  5. I played Kremlin in ranked battle, the map is Moutain Range. I get stuck at a position which you can see in the video and the replay file. I can't move in any way, as you can see I've tried turn left and right, move forward and backward but I just can't move even a little bit. The file cantains a short .mp4 file and a .wowsreplay file. I have the video of the whole match if you need. Kreml.zip
  6. Colac_c

    [ALL] ModStation

    I can't add a game client manually selecting a path nor using refresh button, so I'm asking for help Or I just couldn't find the right path