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  1. any suggestionon how to choose a good country for battleships... (just one)


    1. SecretIdentity


      IJN :

      Great guns, great accuracy, decent maneuverability, squishy armour. Mid to long range sniper.

      KM :

      Decent guns , terrible accuracy, decent maneuverability, great armour. Close range brawler.

      USN :

      Decent guns , decent accuracy, decent maneuverability, decent armour. Close to Mid range. A hybrid between IJN and KM.

      RN :

      Decent guns , excellent HE spamming BB, Decent accuracy, decent maneuverability, squishy armour. Mid to long range HE spammer.

      French :



      I have completed the USN BB line and I enjoyed most of the ships. Highlights are North Carolina, Iowa and Montana. New York is a bit frustrating to play for me. I am working up the IJN BB line, currently at Nagato, enjoying the journey so far. I hope this helps! :)




  2. is there a donator of research xp  to upgrade my cruiser to 3 south carolina

  3. hey ,help me to upgrade my game, i need south carolina,,,

    1. GRADAN31


      You need to play the game to earn xp, this is the only way to level up. (i.e. no one can donate to you)