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  1. illusion4891

    T7 ships ranked for ranked

    U are right, it has 6km hydro
  2. illusion4891

    How to be...good?

    https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming/playlist Watch his videos on "How to Get Good at World of Warships Series"
  3. illusion4891

    Santa Containers Thread

    Opened more normal santa containers
  4. illusion4891

    Santa Containers Thread

    I already have 30 out of the 86 in the list and this is what i got from mega containers... Merry Christmas Wargaming
  5. illusion4891

    Update 0.8.7 Bug Report Thread

    after restarting the client, it works now~
  6. illusion4891

    Update 0.8.7 Bug Report Thread

    Cant view the 'Defending honor' directives
  7. illusion4891

    Concealment / Detectability Charts for Destroyers

    Thanks~ missed it somehow... I cant add a filter... only you can under Data -> Filter view, as each user will have a different filter for the same data set. I think WG uses the general rule for rounding, 5 -> 9 is rounded up, 0 -> 4 is rounded down.
  8. Just sharing my simple chart for 2019, let me know if there are errors https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GDc-U4_79NVqkk62OIibrLDUu_J-SWXNtZSvOT7altI/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I bought 5 only... then again... I am a DD main