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  1. Suwaru_ForRuby

    [ALL] Old Resource Icons

    Can be used normally in 12.4 .
  2. Suwaru_ForRuby

    [ALL] Old Resource Icons

    This mod replaces resource (like doubloons, credits) icons with older version styles (before 0.11.6). If you still like the old icons, this is what you want! These icons include: Small icons for Coal,Steel,Free XP,Ship XP,Commander XP,paragonXP,Doubloons and Credits. Larger icons for resources displayed during missions and when opening containers. Old style signal flag. Removed the black background for the amount of resources. Preview: Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ve2dIIuPtdeTjiDHWFg4XEOtgTG8NWTU/view?usp=sharing Install: 1.Extract the downloaded zip file.You can find "gui" folder in the zip file. 2.Open your WoWs installation folder. 3.Put the "gui" folder into World of Warships\bin\(the largest numbered folder)\res_mods 4.Open the game and enjoy! Uninstall: Go to World of Warships\bin\(the largest numbered folder)\res_mods\gui\ and delete "reward_icons","service_kit","signal_flags" folder.