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  1. I'm not sure why but I'm struggling to get around 100K damage with Minotaur, but I am killing a lot of DDs so I guess raw damage number doesn't matter too much. Any tips to get more damage?
  2. ugh it's so hard to break even without premium or permanent camo at T10 my money is like 300K atm XD
  3. nah it was my other account It took around 850 games because I don't use premium and credits is a big problem :')
  4. Just got the Minotaur (My first Tier 10) and I'm really like it. It feels like a Neptune but everything is one notch better (making the whole ship quite a bit better), also I like 5x2 gun layout more than 4x3 due to its more consistent rate of fire
  5. @icy_phoenix In that case I might spec mine as a DD hunter since I don't generally see CVs, but I'll see.
  6. After looking through the forums, I found some of the builds for Jack Dunkirk to be unclear/confusing. So I plan to use him for BBs like Nelson and Warspite so I want to know the ideal way to spec him without a confusing explaintion.
  7. I've only gotten AFT as an AA perk I got stuff like Jack of all Trades and plan to get Survivability expert so I think my Minotaur will be a fairly balanced build
  8. Isn't Manual AA more useful for Neptune than Minotaur? Also when did AFT become "fairly useless" (I'm probably a bit clueless here) , also I heard that it's fairly split between choosing AFT and Manual AA on Minotaur. Edit: I guess if it comes down it I can respec once my captain hits level 19 and I gain some elite XP. AFT isn't a terrible skill, just probably not the best for Minotaur
  9. Btw what would be the best captain perks for a Radar and sometimes smoke Minotaur? Atm I have PT AR JOAT SI AFT CE I'm not sure what to spend the last 3 points on
  10. I never said it was bad, but it's probably too passive for my playstyle which tends to be more aggressive. I just find the Neptune a bit too big in size and detection range and also the firing angles are not good for such a high citadel. A lot of the time I can only effectively use 6 guns maybe 9 if I'm lucky, otherwise I get deleted anywhere outside of island cover
  11. Yeah you're probably right in that he could have done better like broke my turrets or fired torps , but angled ship does wonders against RN cruisers.
  12. Today I outbrawled a full HP Neptune in my Atlanta because he tried to get 12 guns on me, feels bad man with that floating citadel
  13. Yeah I find the firing angles to be bad, anytime you use your 12 guns outside of island cover you'll die super fast.
  14. I'm fairly close to getting the Minotaur on my other account and wondering how much better than the Neptune is it as my experience with the Neptune has been a mix bag. I find compared to the Edinburgh that the increase in detection range to be rather annoying and also the ship does not have great firing angles for such a high citadel. So I want to know how noticeable Minotaur's traits like better concealment and better handling feel compared to the Neptune