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  1. 凭什么?我的银币,金币,全局经验哪个不是自己一点一点打出来的?还有钢,斯大林、勃更第,还不是扫雪、排位、造船厂氪+肝得来的?
  2. 银币线全线都齐了,科研船也齐了,钢船现在剩下了八岛和罗斯福两艘没有,不过现在感觉越来越没有动力玩这个游戏了 记得刚玩了1年左右的时候,能一天坐在电脑前玩这个游戏,但现在,打个一两局就烦了,有的时候在港口欣赏老婆欣赏20-30分钟,就是不想按下开始战斗的按钮 不是我说什么,WG是不是太自傲了?觉得自己有很多死忠粉能来消耗?出的船一艘比一艘垃圾,意大利战列线还没出呢就被看成翔了,说实话,我是真的不想肝了,出来的话就用全局经验直接跳吧 还有还没出的新美国轻巡,说实话就是一个噱头,这艘船能体验到的,在司马和科尔伯特两艘船上都能体验到的,有SAP和装填有怎么了?我打赌,这艘船你开出去不出10局就扔下水道了 WG当年凭借这款游戏,填补了许多人心目中对于大舰巨炮的渴望,但是现在WG的一些做法可以说是在拿这款游戏的长远的新鲜度,来换取短期的利益,在这样下去,相信不出多久,想我这样不想肝,不想氪的玩家会增多。 到时候在想搬回来就晚了
  3. 用户名LGD-Summy 于2021年1月4日20:15的排位赛中,多次表现语言过激,其中包含多处中伤语句 战舰世界是一款团队竞技类游戏,需要的是团队之间的相互理解和支持,以上恶意中伤队友行为可能对游戏发展带来不良影响。 请BABA工会长对以上成员的行为进行相应的处理。 以下是replay: 有关于baba工会.wowsreplay
  4. sparkytroll


  5. 司马的鱼雷不加buff是60s,好像6刚开始没问题,一旦可分配能量已增加就会出现BUG 原本60s的装填,一把能量给鱼雷装填,直接跳到1分半
  6. sparkytroll

    so, where is my real arp maya

    i am looking for ARP yamato too
  7. obviously WG is runing out of gimmick(or brains) when make new play style or ships so they may developed a new concept in secret: sparring partner for example: they make a new line of ships with some attracting acpects: lots of guns, fast speed or just good-looking, somethings that may attract new-comers or other to grind this line, meanwhile, the line is consist of ships that are easy to shoot at or countered by other ships, so players playing other ships can easily kill them. this is the way WG used to make new ships: to make old ships looks more powerful this is probably the new kind of Principles wg used , and this kind of ship is called:sparring partners cases in point: RN heavy cruiser(high VP recovery, i mean, why WG gave the line this unless they meant to make this ship easy to be shot at?), new USA BB line(no need to explain i think, slow speed, cant chase,cant run, and very easy to shoot at)
  8. there is an old chinese saying:"a persons' need is easy to meet, but a crowds' need is not", people looking for different things when joining this game, but it is not a rare thing with net games,you cant possiblily make it perfect in everyones' eyes. i simplily want devdelopers not to lock themselves up in a dead loop, and to open their mind. look at the new ships they made this year. it seems that they themselves dont know what kind of ships they want to make, so they just change one or two aspects in a ships' panel and call it new. high speed, low speed, big guns,small guns, high arcs, lower arcs. i mean, come on, people are not that dumb, so this level of gimmick will lose its atraction. so they need to ask themselves, wt the game looks like in their eyes, and be more active in make new ships or other stuff. besids: only a small group of players is bitching about"historical", when the fighting starts, they always go silent
  9. that is not the point, i mean WG should jump out of their own box, let go of the "historical stuff" just a little bit historical stuff is the start line, not your walkiing stick when making something new, which remind me: how about a new kind of ships: supportive class, lack of firpower, but have ways to buff their teammates,
  10. it has been 5 years and i knew WG was runing out of blueprints for new ships so here is a minor tip: let go of the historical stuff just a bit, because this game is a fighting game,wt player needs are new ships with useful charactics, not useless gimmicks. the developers need jump outside the box they created: historical limit. it is a basline you starts at, not something you lock yourself on to. I.E: BC lines: battle cruisers, they have high speed, but large turning circle; good concealment, BB size guns but fewer barrels, and less armours new concept: suppresion: when a ship is fired upon, a suppression bar is filling up, when it reach certain amout, the ship is haven a "suppressed" state, ship is moving slower, guns turning speed is decrease, or accruacy is dropped; and it will return to normal when a certain tme has passed.
  11. sparkytroll

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.9

    seriously, i have a bad feeling about new USA BB line, ive got MINNESOTA , and speed is the most important factor in high tier battle, and these new comer has no speed at all and exchange for what? bigger guns? we already have yamato and shikishima; better armour? no, apparently no better than GK and kremlin; then wt? DFAA? does that ever worked after the CV refrom? so, what is the point? just give me one reasons to grinds the new BB line finally, there is a question for WG: have you ever tried being called brainless when you creating a new ship?
  12. sparkytroll

    Pommern or Georgia?

    really? this? dont get my wrong, the answer is so obvious: Georgia of course. Pommern is a sparring ship: a kind of ship that WG created to be driven by newbees or KMS fanatics, and beaten by old or senior players just to satisfy the latter. sigma 1.5, armour not thick enough(public toilet, strictly speaking), 33s reload time, 380mm, if see Georgia as some kind of fast-moving sniper/bowler, then Pommern is a joker.
  13. sparkytroll

    Pls help me choose cruiser line

    dont know your play style so i would say that intailian CA line is for you. PROs: fast shell speed from tier7-10, flate arcs, nice grouping. SAP which can pack quit a punch against light armour ship or light-armour part on BBs fast smoke generator allows you to smoke up at full speed weakness: rather long reload, smaller guns, fewer numbers of cosumbles, short AA ranges.
  14. sparkytroll

    how to split planes squadron?

    just attack earily,it is a useful skill to preseve planes for late games, but there is no need for low tier(4-6) or attack ships with poor AA fire. just a tips: better practice spiral droping: another useful skill to drop bombs on vertical-placed ship.
  15. sparkytroll

    0.9.9 CV nerf

    playing 0.9.9 right now, new changes are really stupid and unneccesary how many player want to see bombs hit the deck or water in the hit of the battle, got to say, does the developer just weak up in the morning, open the PC and change the aspects appeared in his dreams last night? PLZ, grow a brain before you touch this game!