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  1. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    Hmmm, cant control multiple squadrons 🤔, where was that forum thread where people were dev striking things with RTS CV controlling multiple squadrons again? ah, right https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/48183-某些古老的rts-cv的gif-1/
  2. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    I do agree that this gives players more breathing space, but the change itself was unnecessary and could've been substituted with literally anything else. But the issue here is that the average CV player wants to be so "point and click venture" that they are unable to lead a simple 3.6-4s; worst of all they dont want to adjust, adapt, or change the way they play. Hell I've seen people miss the old rockets for 3 drops on a semi-manoeuvring DD. But the basis of this change is that CVs can no longer self hunt a DD, they need to seek opportunities and crossfires where they can effectively strike it. Which any skilled player can do, too bad the average CV player can only ever be as good as top tier: the pure personification of a trash CV player, but because the average player is so horrendous, he seems like a complete unicum.
  3. Impersonation_Gaming

    I got my first 300k+ match

    Same as ever, just harassing people with flies while other CV players perpetually complain about the rocket nerf saying how hard it is to lead 3.6s on USN CV, and 4s on IJN CV. Then they pull out the 5s which is TT and FDR, which why the hell are you DD hunting with those anyway? Thanks for coming to my rant. Also, its pretty interesting to see these end screens 🤔
  4. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    yep, they just did.
  5. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    understandable have a great day. yes because having a 9:1 torp hit to bomb hit ratio in a parseval with hilariously bad target selection while calling atlanta scary AA when its food for lexington is "unicum". yes because knowing how to farm makes him "unicum". Just look at my immelmann stats, I'm terrible at the thing yet I'm rewarded for being able to farm in it. Leading is fine, yes, but if you cant do the simplest of things like predicting (which, by the way, you do with torps) then you are unskilled. Oh yes and he was roasted by a bunch of NA EXCEL members, all of which are CV unicums.
  6. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    All rockets are still fine, if you have enough skill you will be able to strike DDs no matter what DD it is. You can still hit them very consistently with the new rockets be it 4s timer or not. Just lead like how you lead FDR bombs. As said before on this thread, the good players will find opportunities, the bad ones will just move onto either other classes or farm BBs. The Tiny Tims are just no longer useful at all against DDs, that is it, and that was the intended purpose of Tiny Tims; FDR rockets dont even need to be touched now unless resetting a cap through smoke. Stop complaining, and get good at leading. If you can lead torps on DDs and FDR HEDB on BB, you can surely aim these properly. If not, again, get good. I'm starting to get really salty at people complaining its "really hard to use these new rockets" or that its "useless against DDs"
  7. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    Why is everyone complaining about the rocket pew pew, rather than the fact that the change didnt help at all?
  8. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    thats because FDR rocket planes dive down like the KM CV APR, they also increased the cruising height of rocket planes for IJN CV now, so island dropping has been made 500% easier. wHeRe YoUr KnOlEdGe
  9. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    The bad players will just farm BBs, the good players will seek out opportunities to misposition a DD and kill it with either another armament or chunk it with rockets for 6k. skill gap fixed btw Completely agree with this statement, though MvR is just depressing to play now larf, time to move on I guess. After ~5 matches I've adjusted almost perfectly to the rocket aim time, and in fact it makes it easier to see where I launched an attack in a smoke screen when launching another attack. Better surface area coverage imo. he isnt wrong :)) Yup, yup, and yup. Also Halland, as I've stated in other places, is a high risk high reward target for the CV. The w i d e n e s s of the ship makes it much easier to land rockets. I havnt gotten a chance to face it or smaland yet, but the most Haku rocket hits I got on one before was 14, normally its 9+. But yes, the issue at hand is that the DD is unable to prevent or mitigate a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (if VSing Enty) drop unless there is more AA near it. DDs should've been given some sort of gimmick against rocket planes in order to vastly reduce their effectiveness but still make them viable, because as of right now I find it incredibly easy to land 6+ rockets on a DD, even with this stupid machine gun thing. Gimmicks I propose but will be ignored anyway: - Saturation gimmick against rockets - Damage reduction for DDs against rockets - Minimap spotting only for DDs Its not much, but even giving them the same saturation level as FR DDs against rockets will make everyone's life so much easier. Yep, spotting is what kills DDs. And I 100% agree with your statement about pros and their ability to do better in CV. We are opportunists that maximise our tactical and strategic power, though I cant say for all CV players (cough cough top tier cough cough). Again, yes yes yes and yes. S4pp3R pls guide the misguided one, as a CV main I have already quit doing that, thx. AA only there to discourage, nothing more nothing less, I will sacrifice planes if I have to get another strike off to kill you. And correct again hooray sticker for you! No one plays as though they keep CV in mind, win for me lose for everyone else! I'm pretty tired after writing all this guess I'll listen to music and chill.
  10. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    It sorta did the exact opposite. DDs are now just doing the least amount of manuevers against a CV. Smoked up? They dont even move in smoke. Saw them start moving forward before they went undetect? They're gonna hide behind this island right here. boom 6k. They even straightline against rockets now, its just silly. All this while having their AA on. On cruisers you can still land very consistent hits even against the likes of zao or vene. Now I'm not saying that this nerf was pointless, I'm saying that its very easy, with the current way the playerbase thinks that they are "immune" to rockets, to hit massive chunks off them. Hell their AA is on all the time now, something that used to be seen only on NA and EU. Once people adjust however, it will be harder to hit rockets. But as of right now, its easy af. EDIT: since the thread has updated quite a bit while I was writing this, I will send another response with a bunch of multiquotes.
  11. Impersonation_Gaming

    The Wait is Over

    I too, am saving for FDR
  12. Impersonation_Gaming

    New CV mechanics

    I actually had some ideas but idk where to find them, @S4pp3R has them somewhere but I cant dig it out of the darklab. EDIT: That was for flak spawns vs good CV players nvm. But either way, they could give them a saturation gimmick against rockets, less damage against DDs, or even just make it minimal spotting oh wait they don't like how its attacking nothing. There are a variety of proposed solutions to this but the machine guns are just unnecessary. AND FOR GOD SAKE NERF THE T8 RETICLES FIRST BEFORE DOING THIS. There is Enterprise, SHokaku, Lexington, all able to do (and very consistently) 7-10k damage on a DD in one strike. This didn't fix that, it made DDs more confident in straightlining with AA on. Hey at least it makes my life easier.
  13. Impersonation_Gaming

    I got my first 300k+ match

    glad to see all of you having fun, but dam getting 300k in coop multiple times is really impressive
  14. Impersonation_Gaming

    I got my first 300k+ match

    Thing about immelmann is that is has very little match effect, most of the time farming bottom feeder BBs and crippling them within minutes (see my 6 minute witherer for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TatSQDUjr6U), and though it might not have the match effect, it spams planes incredibly effectively throwing tons of flies at the enemy that regenerate at an extraordinary rate (though still longer than enterprise). Essentially: Its what I would call the best farming CV, and potentially the best farmer in the game being able to spot for itself, get its armaments anywhere and everywhere, and being able to do massive DoT (its not shown in the 344k video but I got 125k from DoT alone in that match). So unless you like the spam plane Indom style that is very repetitive but funny as hell when you pull off a 6 minute confederate (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YasEw4cSFI4), then Immelmann is the perfect CV for you. And though I hold MiM in a large positive light here, there is one thing to note: It does not deal well with manuverable cruisers, actively moving cruisers, and DDs, so just be careful of that and wish for the default 5+ BB SEA MM, and hope that there are no more than 2 AA cruisers/DDs (wooster/petro/austin/Halland/smaland/etc) as MiM cannot deal well with extended exposure to decent-really good AA. Yoshino on the other hand is just burn burn burn burn. Similar to MiM but it cant spot for itself, does not have armour and thus cannot push in like MiM (l a r f) but is extremely good at gate keeping. Though if you want more thoughts on it (as I do not have the ship) then you should ask @FatFluffyPenguin
  15. Impersonation_Gaming

    I got my first 300k+ match

    I get its in a CV, happened a while ago, never posted it, only posting it now, but me happy. Now if it werent for autopilot I would've gotten a potential 400k match and beaten ICC's record. Improved autopilot is very good, 10/10 would use again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdEbl20TCvg If you guys want I can link my other replays. got a 6 minute witherer, 6 minute confederate, and a few other fun and engaging things with immelmann. This thing f a r m s h a r d