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  1. waichung1823

    Do people read their post after posting it?

    I do check for grammars and typos. Just to prevent grammar lolpeople invasion.
  2. waichung1823

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

    Hmmm sad, we can't division anymore for PVE.
  3. waichung1823

    How to CV (post 0.8.0)

    I would like to know too, watched quite few replays still cant get to play rite. Been playing Ranger in CO-OP and Ops, but still hard to master, especially the Torp drop, one hit or miss completely
  4. waichung1823


    Normal option crates will have 0.05% Drop rate of SC, i usually pick Resource, i got two SC last month, one is 1k dubs and 1 is Papa flags As for TYL container, it double the chance to 0.1 %. But then it relies on whether RNG favours you and how much food you sacrifice lul.
  5. waichung1823

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

    Maybe haha, after CNY, busy lately.
  6. waichung1823

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

    So Max decide to take a break, and now its your turn lol..... I m not on hiatus but cut down from 2 hours to 20 min by playing one PVE match. GTA V is a good choice, open world with free move, i like it.
  7. waichung1823

    Japanese ship names - let NOT talk about CV rework

    Ayy lmao, a thread without CV rants... Finally The Japanese ship has great names and i love it. Like Shimakaze : 岛风 Harugumo/Harrassgumo : 清云 Yamato : 大和 Musashi/ Yamasushi : 武藏 Names sounds cool and do bring fear Meanwhile US named their ship based on states.
  8. waichung1823

    Social Wolves - An Ops Div Group

    Sick of New 0.8.0 patch? Haha i only play PVE lately, hope to see you come back soon.
  9. waichung1823

    Lunar New Year

    Happy Chinese New year, Gong Xi Fa Cai🎊
  10. Press F to Return to Carrier should be change to Press F to pay respect for those who used DFAA.
  11. So that means AA mod will be removed again in all ships?
  12. waichung1823

    Thanks WG for the Leningrad

    I did not expect i would won a Leningrad from random prize. Credits to @zergling_ for telling me. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/lifting_the_siege_of_leningrad/ Leningrad in revamped Dragon Port Comrades rush B! ' Anu cheeki Breeki iv namke' A great year to start off! Happy CNY in adv.
  13. waichung1823

    Has WG changed the economics?

    Do you run Premium Consumable? T2 games doesn't require so much credits to repair. Ship > Modules > Consumable and check whether your DCP consumable is DCP II
  14. waichung1823

    Social Wolves - An Ops Div Group

    Was Having fun with you in Narai Ytd.
  15. So we know that certain CVs are going to be removed, https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/cv8-which-nation-to-choose/ Feel free to share your best game or last game with those CVs are going to be removed. I just had my last game with Independence in Killer Whale. Goodbye Independence 😥 and RTS Gameplay.