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  1. waichung1823

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    Its worth to get The Great 8 Boxes?
  2. waichung1823

    What's up with Tenryuu's armor layout being a citadel everywhere?

    Danae is a floating Citadel, i can even citadel it with yubari HE shells lol
  3. waichung1823

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    Yes i want Belfast too, the only British Cruiser that armed with HE! I missed the chances to get it too. Heard people say it will drop from SC, but is extremely rare.
  4. waichung1823

    British CV - Indomieatable

    I Don't play CV actually, i just want to buy it as my ship collection. Thanks anyway.
  5. waichung1823

    British CV - Indomieatable

    Is Indomieatable Tier 8 Premium CV? I couldn't log in to the game for some reason it keep on showing 'Server Reconnect' , therefore i couldn't check it.
  6. waichung1823

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    Yeah i agreed, Orion is a OP ship, Those 343mm guns pretty much overmatch its same tier counterparts. I prefer Orion rather than the WhyAiming. I just bought back in recent Price cut for British ships.
  7. waichung1823

    Premium Ships you'd like to see in-game

    H-44 German Battleship with 21 Inch Turrets :')
  8. So WG indirectly buff DD in terms of decreasing maximum AP pen damage ( above 280mm AP shell) from BB & certain CA. What do you think? Does it heavily affects BB players and encourage BB to be more situation awareness for changing shell type rather than just spamming AP? I have seen lots of disagreement from players reply in Development blog. Ps : i m a BB player anyway.
  9. waichung1823

    RN DDs' nick name

    Daring should be Royal Darjeerling
  10. waichung1823

    100% WG Made up

    Yes haha, imagine a new H-44 introduced to fight against Yamato
  11. waichung1823

    100% WG Made up

    I wonder if H-44 paper German BB (Großer Kurfürst) armed with 20/21 inch guns
  12. waichung1823

    Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    Do you think it's worth to spend on premium account if my casual playtime is around 1-2 hours per day. And i struggling in high tier games (Match Against Tier 9), so i may not getting T8 premium ships.
  13. waichung1823

    I Love WG!

    Lol RIP WG MM Kuma in Tier 5-7 Random Battle
  14. waichung1823

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    Even Iowa is bad too?
  15. Collect Sovereign through Royal Navy Containers from Royal Navy missions. If you have enough 220 sovereigns, you can exchange Warspite in Arsenal.