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    musashis ruining game experience

    I thank everyone for all their responses. I never said that musashi should be nerfed. but it didn't need the dispersion buff either. As a t9 battleship the guns were doing good already. Nerfing the alsace was also a ridiculous thing to do imo. instead of nerfing the better performing BBs wargaming could make the weaker BBs better. But now wargaming has made a strong t9 BB even stronger. the best t9 BB to counter this thing effectively is another musashi and perhaps the RN lion. Sadly I dont have both. And I am a BB main. I only have 2 t9 ships to play in this ranked season. Fredrich der Garbage and Izumo . I had some success using FDG and ifhe secondary against bow tanking musashis. But those situations are rare specially when there are couple of musashis in my team also which want to stay near to the spawn location and are best at reversing. flanking the enemy and getting closer alone is not possible without getting rekt. I guess I have to take a break from ranked battles and play randoms.
  2. wildanimal_1

    musashis ruining game experience

    It didn't got a sigma buff.sigma is still 1.8. It got a dispersion buff. that means the shell spread will be much tighter . the dispersion is better than that of yamato's now. the germans also have a 1.8 sigma. but they are far less accurate because of the absurd dispersion.
  3. I was playing ranked recently. many people are opting to play musashis for obvious reasons. encountering 2-3 musashis in a game is pretty common. this thing is too overpowered to be at t9. and wargaming decided to give it a dispersion buff ,which germans needed the most, as if its hp pool and gun calibre were not enough .now its dispersion is even better than that of yamato's. other t9 battleships could hardly be effective against it . thanks to the lol pen abilities and high penetration of its shell it will easily remove 10-15k or even 20k hp from other t9 bbs no matter how you angle. even fredrich der garbage cannot withstand its shell. ate one 28000 salvo from 13km in my FDG while I was angled and in another game 3 musashis fired at my FDG when I got spotted. I slowed down and turned to dodge most of the shells but still half hp pool was gone. owing to its general bow tanking gameplay this thing could hardly be damaged by other t9 bbs. even while showing broadsides at ranges as close as 12km this thing go unpunished because of its thick belt armor. spamming HE on it does some damage .but then fire damage is recovered easily in this editon of ranked battles thanks to heal buff. how do you guys fight against this thing in other t9 battleships?