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  1. For a beginner I would recommend battleships . Battleships generally provide a relaxed gameplay and are very forgiving . Unlike cruisers you won't get deleted instantly if you show broadside by mistake. Because of slow reload you will want to make every salvo count. That helps to develop good aiming skill. On the other hand high rate of fire boats like cruisers generally make aiming skill worse. I see so many players in cruisers who keep on left clicking and continue to miss their target. improving aiming and positioning skills in a battleship and then moving on to cruisers will be a good idea imo. Russian cruiser line will be good to begin with . their guns have high shell velocity which helps to hit targets at range. French cruisers are also good. Their high speed and acceleration is helpful while dodging shells and their guns do good damage. A bit of advice - don't grind the german BB line. T7 and above will give you a very frustrating experience.T7-T10 are one of the weakest BBs tier for tier . Crap guns , crap accuracy even at close range, crap armor ( turtle back armor scheme looks good only on paper. german BBs take unusually high pen damage from every angle) , very high susceptiblity to fire , weak torpedo protection means their status as brawlers is questionable. And their mid to long range performance is pathetic . The current meta promotes mid to long range engagement . Ships with good accuracy is needed for that . you can grind the USN/IJN BB line.
  2. Dash_it_all

    about the battleship?

    I think winrate mostly depends on team . a player and a ship may have good average damage but poor winrate. german BBs t7 and above are one of the lowest performers tier for tier in terms of avg damage they do. G.K - 81051 (lowest of all T10 bbs) Fdg - 56940 (second from the bottom) tirpitz - 49579 (second from the bottom) tirpitz b - 48530 (lowest of all t8 bbs) gneisenau - 47807 (second from the bottom ) IMO WR of a ship doesn't influence its popularity. GK has better win rate than yamato. but I see more yamatos in T10 matches because yamato is more accurate and does more consistent damage than GK.
  3. Dash_it_all

    about the battleship?

    I don't see many KM bbs in random battle specially bismarck, tirpitz , tirpitz B and fdg. may be people avoid playing them because they are one of the lowest performers tier for tier. they have low range because their dispersion is horrible. hitting something at 22/23 km with them is pure luck even when aimed well. IMO their range is fine. there are not many players who can consistently hit targets beyond 15-16km specially when the target is maneuvering. also german ap shells lack penetration(even the 420s) . beyond 16 km there are more bounces and shatters when hitting other bbs.
  4. Dash_it_all


    bismarck is probably the weakest t8 BB because of its main batteries. lowest calibre guns and only 8 of them along with poor accuracy and shells that lack penetration means you'll get frustrated in every game you play (against T10 mostly) when you'll see large chunks of hp pool getting removed by same or higher tier BBs (some times even by lower tiers) and you doing mediocre damage to them in return. you'll need bismarck's secondaries to compensate for the low performing main guns. gneis , bismarck ,fdg need high skill commander to be effective (18 point commander, 14 point at least). you need to get closer to the reds . not immediately. Only when there is a favourable situation. till then you can play it like any other BB . you need to have good map awareness and foresight for closing in . get only that much close where secondaries can start raining. Against a BB ,don't charge bow on . remaining angled is advisable. the superstructure is big and it will arm BB AP shells. remaining angled will cause many of the AP shells to over penetrate your superstructure. firing angle is not that impressive ( though way better than fdg and gk). use your rear turrets only when enemy BB has fired its salvo. the main guns work well against cruisers though if they hit. just aim well and let rng do its work. hydro is mostly for defensive role because of its limited range . it is useful while brawling when enemy dd is near by. it helps to avoid most if not all torpedoes. you need to predict where torpedoes might come from and start turning accordingly even before they are spotted by hydro. I have stopped playing the bismarck because of T10 MM . but I play fdg and its just a bigger bismarck. the following are the modules and capt skill i am using on it and it works well. modules- slot 1. aux armament mod 1 (secondaries specially the 105s have no armor and are permanently disabled even by cruiser HE . you need those 105s as they form the bulk of bismarck's secondaries) slot 2. dam con mod 1 slot 3. secondary bat mod 1 ( aiming sys mod on german BBs is a joke . guns are still inaccurate) slot 4. dam con mod 2 slot 5. concealment mod 1 . captain skills. preventive maintenance, AR, BFT, AFT , man sec, FP. (give first priority to fire prevention, then take manual secondary ) if you want to have fun in bismarck then go for a full secondary build. others might advise to have a survival build in the current meta .but then playing KMS BBs like any other BB will be a boring and frustrating experience IMO. A bit of advice: If you go with a secondary build, dont brawl with a royal navy BB. the secondaries have poor armor and they wont survive against those HE spammers even with auxiliary armament mod. good luck !
  5. Dash_it_all

    musashis ruining game experience

    I thank everyone for all their responses. I never said that musashi should be nerfed. but it didn't need the dispersion buff either. As a t9 battleship the guns were doing good already. Nerfing the alsace was also a ridiculous thing to do imo. instead of nerfing the better performing BBs wargaming could make the weaker BBs better. But now wargaming has made a strong t9 BB even stronger. the best t9 BB to counter this thing effectively is another musashi and perhaps the RN lion. Sadly I dont have both. And I am a BB main. I only have 2 t9 ships to play in this ranked season. Fredrich der Garbage and Izumo . I had some success using FDG and ifhe secondary against bow tanking musashis. But those situations are rare specially when there are couple of musashis in my team also which want to stay near to the spawn location and are best at reversing. flanking the enemy and getting closer alone is not possible without getting rekt. I guess I have to take a break from ranked battles and play randoms.
  6. Dash_it_all

    musashis ruining game experience

    It didn't got a sigma buff.sigma is still 1.8. It got a dispersion buff. that means the shell spread will be much tighter . the dispersion is better than that of yamato's now. the germans also have a 1.8 sigma. but they are far less accurate because of the absurd dispersion.
  7. I was playing ranked recently. many people are opting to play musashis for obvious reasons. encountering 2-3 musashis in a game is pretty common. this thing is too overpowered to be at t9. and wargaming decided to give it a dispersion buff ,which germans needed the most, as if its hp pool and gun calibre were not enough .now its dispersion is even better than that of yamato's. other t9 battleships could hardly be effective against it . thanks to the lol pen abilities and high penetration of its shell it will easily remove 10-15k or even 20k hp from other t9 bbs no matter how you angle. even fredrich der garbage cannot withstand its shell. ate one 28000 salvo from 13km in my FDG while I was angled and in another game 3 musashis fired at my FDG when I got spotted. I slowed down and turned to dodge most of the shells but still half hp pool was gone. owing to its general bow tanking gameplay this thing could hardly be damaged by other t9 bbs. even while showing broadsides at ranges as close as 12km this thing go unpunished because of its thick belt armor. spamming HE on it does some damage .but then fire damage is recovered easily in this editon of ranked battles thanks to heal buff. how do you guys fight against this thing in other t9 battleships?