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    I guess you should try and you will find that in most cases it shall be much faster, never to mention that you are from a higher level clan and should be more skilled on this game.
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  3. Lama_Island


    Well I wonder how much time it would cost you if you were to kill an enemy cv with MVR? And in which way I could protect myself from being killed by MVR in a short time so that I can make significant changes?
  4. Lama_Island


    Thank you for replying so much. But actually I’ve been killed by MVR in a quit short time when playing hakuryu for many times and I have two teammates doing nothing but assist my aa defense. I and my friends could not have full effectiveness when while still escaping from MVR attacking. Ending up with a 70k damage. And when my friends takes his MVR, we decided to attack enemy cv just like the formal enemies. And we won for 6 times. What’s else, I hardly find any cv in rank battles now except MVR, and if there were other cvs, they will be killed at first blood by MVR likely. So may I conclude that, if the map is small, MVR can guarantee a success by attacking cv first and takes a little bit risk of losing when the maps get larger?
  5. Lama_Island


    Then you don’t do it Pls.
  6. Lama_Island


    This ship from the Reich of Imagination can kill enemy cv with little price in several minutes. I suggest everyone playing this ship to kill enemy’s cv first to guarantee a success.
  7. Lama_Island

    ST 0.9.6, new ships

    What's wrong with you WG? Why you leave so many historical ships aside and keep releasing ridiculous ships out of your own odd imagination? We need this project 56, the only historical Soviet Tier X ship. Not meaningless r-10 or a weird smoke&torp Yankee cruiser.
  8. ソ連の駆逐艦pr.56を、お願いします。
  9. Lama_Island

    We need a Soviet Large Cruiser Premium Ship on Sale

    All the soviet navy fans are welcome to give more suggestions!
  10. After Kronstadt went off sale, we soviet navy fans cannot buy a tier9 soviet large cruiser for farming credits anymore. I suggest that you can release the second ship in Kronstadt Class, the Sevastopol, as a new premium ship. You can set the basic data the same as the Kronstadt, but change the distribution to be similar to the soviet battleships. To fit in with this change, you can take away the spotting aircraft consumables. Instead, you put some more aa guns as compensates. Thank you very much if u can consider my ideas.
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  13. Is there any possibility to develop a soviet aircraft carrier line or a soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser line? I'm looking forward to drive soviet planes and lay bombs on Tirpitz.🤣