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  1. Sorrode

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.4

    I am at 1475 allowance tokens, is it possible to gain 25 more allowance tokens after the update without buying a crate?
  2. Sorrode

    Game freezes (?) upon entering match.

    Expect same issue, except happens EVERY single match, vanilla steam client, no mod Started occurring after update of 19th Dec, attempt to return to port results in crashes WorldOfWarships-2018-12-19_19-14-54.rarWorldOfWarships-2018-12-19_19-14-54.rar Related files attached, great if my 12 battle penalty related to the bug can be lifted DxDiag.txt 20181219_185158_PASC206-Dallas_15_NE_north.wowsreplay 20181219_191014_PASC206-Dallas_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay python.log
  3. Sorrode

    Unable to move

    1. Description Unable to move 2. Reproduction steps Enter a random battle 3. Result No one is able to move 4. Expected result People move and fight normally 5. Technical details Time: 00:50(UTC+8)
  4. Completed Sunray in the Darkness, did not get Gerfalcon I did not try to reproduce because it is too hard BTW after finishing the battle the game did not give me the post result screen and sent me right back to port after a long loading
  5. As topic, wanna know if things like damage dealt/heroic awards are counted. I don't have a high tier ship yet so hope someone who have can awnsers