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    0.8.10 Bug Report Thread

    Playing Ryujo, tried to set my autopilot in tactical map view. autopilot was set, I closed my map. everything was fine till then. HOWEVER, the cursor was still on screen (I was not holding the Ctrl key) also the cursor's shape was not the one when you see on pressing Ctrl. It was the one you see in your tactical map. I was not able to click anything and send some keyboard inputs(1,2,3,w,a,s,d.....). I was not able to go to port. (Esc key didn't work for that. Still, Esc key could cancel the chat.) I was able to type chat message, but I was not able to send it. hovering the cursor for information worked. When game ended, the game crashed with multiple anomalies. Firstly, I saw a message saying that I was killed by nobody. I had full hp, and the ship hp indicator at the bottom left was still full too. It just displayed the message "warship destroyed by" without the one who killed me. Secondly, I didn't see a battle report screen. I was stuck in the battlefield. However, my ryujo was gone. Thirdly, all the HUD got blurred. It was quite scary. Finally, the game crashed, but the error monitor didn't pop up. the taskmgr didn't indicated it as crashed. here is the last few minutes of my gameplay recordings with my replay file. the recording was taken by NVIDIA geforce experience. too bad that I didn't record my cursor too. Added a moment of the bug activation. I triggered it with my zeroes. I'm not using WGC, because I prefer Steam. I AM NOT using any mods. I'm running Windows 10 64-bit on GTX 1060 and i7-7700HQ. Hope somebody can find out what's wrong. World of Warships 2019.11.14 - 20191114_191136_PJSA106-Ryujo_52_Britain.wowsreplay World of Warships 2019.11.14 -