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  1. Experienced defeat in many random battles. And the Chinese reported me for innocence without reason. The reasons are as follows. " Because we don't like Korea. " or "You want our game, you shut up." or "We are China No.1, so sell your ship and deactivate your Warship account." or " We will only play Chinese, so you can't speak Chinese and we will report you." I am very angry at this. They also experienced defeat by teaming up in battle by the Chinese. And a lot of friendly fire. We want Region Lock China. I'm very angry and the other Koreans or foreigners have also been harmed by the Chinese. Also, some users saw the damage done by the Chinese to DDoS. The WG wants to solve this problem as soon as possible and ask Region Lock China. P.S. Chinese that I speak of means people of People's Republic of China, not Taiwanese.