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  1. My ship sailed away

    I can play one battle just fine and then I get stuck with this screen. I log out and log back in and can play another battle and have to do it all over again. Guess I'll just uninstall WOW. Tried changing the Ultra to High but no good, still the same. Thanks for the help..hmm
  2. My ship sailed away

    I'll give it a try. Thanks
  3. My ship sailed away

    I really don't like the fact that I'm being penalized for this either.
  4. My ship sailed away

    I was playing with a friend and his did the same thing. We both froze again. Again I received this message;
  5. My ship sailed away

    I just played a couple of more battles (with penalties), and now I get stuck in the loading of a battle. Any ideas?
  6. My ship sailed away

    We had just started a battle and my ship sailed right off the screen. I received this. Anyone else? I
  7. New Ship Trainning

    I don't have an issue with paying a bit of cash to play. I was just under the impression that as your "captains" moved up in rank, the more knowledgeable they would become about a particular class of ship. As I have stated before, I can clearly understand moving a captain from an FF to a BB for example, would have to go through complete training, but for an Admiral from a BB to another BB you would think they were quite knowledgeable about that class of ship. I didn't know the training would be so much. No worries. I enjoy the game.
  8. New Ship Trainning

    I didn't mean an Admiral from a CV for example, transferring to a BB. An Admiral from a BB to a higher tier BB shouldn't have such a long training period, especially if it's only one tier higher.
  9. New Ship Trainning

    You make a valid point about making money. Maybe they should reduce the amount of "training" time for admirals. I could understand longer training times for lower ranks and each rank should have their time adjusted accordingly if they stay with the same type of ship.
  10. New Ship Trainning

    I have a quick question if someone would answer it for me please. Why do Admirals from one BB to another BB need to go through training? Shouldn't there be an exception if your ship's commander is an Admiral, especially if they are going to the same ship type?
  11. Super Containers

    Thanks for the reply guys. The margin does seem to be a little small. I think I'll stick with the other containers.
  12. Super Containers

    I beg to differ with you. Tomorrow when I play, I will take a screenshot and post it. It does in fact say you have a higher chance of getting a super container when rolling the dice. Please bear with me until then.
  13. Super Containers

    I'm not sure if it's bad luck or something is definitely wrong. I have tried to get a Super Container several times and I've only received one. It says there is a High Chance of getting one, but alas I end up with basically nothing. Is it a scam just to get you to waste your container?