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  1. Ive noticed that 420mm shells scatter around a lot more than 406mm plus, the latter reloads faster and can fire upto two salvos/min and surprisingly, the ship feels a lot lighter too. I even get more cits from USN and IJN BBs alike.
  2. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Ship failing to reverse while being dragged by a turning ship

    Ships are like trains, they don't stop immediately when you apply brakes.
  3. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Tier 6 population increases?

    Havent you heard? Theyre giving away free mid-tier premiums for newbies 😛
  4. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Outer space = waste of space

    Given that it's not so good at generating credits and xp like Randos, I'd say yes. I also loathe how they are forcing us to use 8000 dubloons for a camo rather than giving one away as a reward in exchange for special resources (like they did in the go navy event).
  5. 20190412_192410_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay I just found out about the name in my replays folder! 😁 Any idea on how I might open it? I can't seem to open the file, do I need a mod manager?
  6. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    WoWs is the BEST naval warfare game there is. Period.
  7. Stormcloak_Rebel

    HE is a disease

  8. Stormcloak_Rebel

    North Carolina Replay

    Aggressive stance is inadvisable for USN BBs. NC has very weak broadside armor and can get easily citadel-ed if you show your sides. You play her like a Richelieu or Jean Bart and use only your front turrets while facing other BBs. Her 406mms are accurate enough to punish any kind of bote that comes at you!
  9. Stormcloak_Rebel

    7 stalingrad

    Stalinman : Into the commie verse
  10. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Legacy Halloween Ghost Ship

    Newsflash: The game isn't realistic. If it was, then you'd be seeing Axis powers vs Allies and not them working together. Play co-op if themed camos bother you and let the rest of us enjoy reaping souls with our Ghost ships!
  11. Stormcloak_Rebel


    Hey it worked!
  12. Stormcloak_Rebel

    I'M Tired!

  13. Stormcloak_Rebel

    End Of Destroyers

    DDs are not usually suicidal but they've run into a bit of a rough patch since those CVs cursed the game with their damn rockets and maneuverable planes.
  14. Stormcloak_Rebel

    A bug:My Minotaur citadeled a Montana at 14 km

    and what are the odds of that scenario happening?
  15. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Ships - What to sell? What to keep?

    Keep some premium T6/7s they are great credit earners!