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  1. Stormcloak_Rebel

    DD counter to CV

    "If all else fails, you annoy the [redacted] out of CVs and let your team finish the game for you" - Not Eurobeat
  2. Stormcloak_Rebel

    If the yamato's weapon is this......

    I bet you're gonna like her pretty cheekbones even more. *has a flashback of eating 8 cits from single JB's salvo*
  3. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Moskva Legendary upgrade worth it?

    Kurfurst's legendary mod. Sure... you lose some range in exchange for faster turret traverse and reload buffs but it makes all the difference at point-blank range. Perfect what can be perfected and ignore the rest.
  4. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Ranked sprint

    That's an understatement, there are toxic casuals who resort to name-calling and long rants over losing stars as they foolishly get themselves killed in a minute and there are those occasional BBs who camp at the far end corners of the map and splash water ~18km away, blissfully unaware of enemy movements and completely helpless to do anything about it. Glad that's over!
  5. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Ranked sprint

    yeah well, I'm 10k closer to my next coal boat so wasn't all that bad.
  6. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Ranked sprint

    10K coal is hard to pass up
  7. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Price discrimination of Friesland

  8. Stormcloak_Rebel

    enterprise taken off shelves?

    WG's marketing strategy: 1. Make a dry dock video of a ship highlighting all the intricate detailing 2. Create and/or Increase the desire to buy among fanbase 3. Remove the ship from premium store 4. Profit??? Well done, WGing
  9. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Furutaka improved repair party

  10. Stormcloak_Rebel

    What is the Best Ship for every tier

    NAH. It's nothing like Naval Legend Sovetsky Soyuz
  11. Stormcloak_Rebel

    What is the Best Ship for every tier

    I Boaty McBoatface II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanic_II_(film) III 'Aiming is for Plebs' Kawachi IV Myogi V Murmansk, New York VI Dunkin' Dunkerque VII Colorado, Helena, Jervis VIII Amagi IX "More than meets the eye" Izumo, "Now U See me Now U don't" Iowa X Brawling Queen Kurfurst, 'Dakka or Death' Wooster
  12. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Suggestions for my next tier 8

    Amagi is the most fun I had in T8, she can survive a lot of hits when angled well and plays nothing like that slug Nagato and that extra turret suddenly makes all the difference.
  13. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    They all look intimidating, especially Monty's. Though Khaba's is the one that gives me the heebie-jeebies that mound looks like a Xenomorph egg!
  14. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    Does Ohio bode well in a duel with Monty? 😕 It's not like I'm in a position to get her anyway. I've only researched 4 lines so far and I had to sell my monty to get the said 4th' T10 ship lol Plus I can't afford to regrind lines with my current stockpile of camos,flags and credits I might as well focus on more easily attainable ships like coal or fxp.
  15. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Fire prevention or concealment on JB?

    Just about all of them, I suppose. The lowest I could manage with a 19pt cap + Concealment upgrade was 14km, which is rather sneaky for a battleship as big as Yamato.