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  1. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Thanks, Santa

    WG Santa be like - Ho ho ho pay for ya presents ya suckers!
  2. Stormcloak_Rebel

    removal dates, of the Musashi, Kronshtaht

    I only played Random Battles and opened 2 coal containers every day and it took me nearly two months to get around 40k coal lol. Sometimes I'd get 1200 coal in a single container but that was a bit rare. Although you seem like you've got a better plan for the month, so go with it. Good luck grinding! 😄
  3. Stormcloak_Rebel

    removal dates, of the Musashi, Kronshtaht

    I've been grinding hard for coal for months now, though I came close to buying an Oktober Revolution at one point but I had my eyes on the bigger prize so I skipped that one. Now I'm so close to getting a Musashi....i can finally afford it after getting 1,500 additional coal plus 25% discount coupon. I thought I wouldn't make it, thanks to the resource containers I can get at least 400 guaranteed coal every day. Musashi is bigger prize than Jean Bart will ever be so I'd rather not spend 220k coal on an upgraded Dunkerque clone. Try to grind 12k xp daily (so you can open at least two resource containers with coal), use premium ships to gain XP faster
  4. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    Underrated ship, I don't see a lot of them around.
  5. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Team Chat

    I assume they're using characters and symbols not installed on your game files, maybe they're not using English as their default language?
  6. Stormcloak_Rebel

    i will regret this

    Rotten luck m8
  7. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Gift not Received

    I received two Postman Santa boxes after clicking on the login message
  8. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Manual turret traverse control for BB's main turrets

    With recent changes to the game, DDs only take 10% of shell damage from high caliber guns and CVs can now use POV as they rain fire on BBs. There's nothing fair in all this
  9. The only time I've seen a turret rotate inconsistently is when one of them gets incapacitated and it takes a while for the damaged turret to keep up with the rest of them. So why not have a manual control button that allows BBs turrets to fire on enemy ships at both sides of the ship rather than soak up shells from one side and hoping you'd stay alive while your guns take their own sweet time to make a 180-degree turn Looks cool right?
  10. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Alternate reality Yamato

    lol, binge it ASAP!
  11. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Alternate reality Yamato

    If it comes to war, the burden of representing the entire Reich falls on John Smith, who would most likely find a diplomatic solution with his friends in the Japanese Pacific states. I think its crooked ol' Himmler who would resort to backstabbing and sneak attacks on his rivals.
  12. Stormcloak_Rebel

    is fair

  13. Stormcloak_Rebel

    Ship Swap

    Kron is more like a battleship than a cruiser, with its high health pool and lack of torps.
  14. Stormcloak_Rebel

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Meesa has dreamed of owning a Roma