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  1. Stormcloak

    how to izumo

    Izumo is very accurate in her current state, 2.0 sigma can reliably citadel anything she catches broadside while bow tanking like a boss. She's still an ugly duckling but at least she doesn't have to worry about getting slammed in the weirdest angles like the Yamasushi sisters
  2. Stormcloak

    Match making

    btw, I identify as the chimp in the second picture 🙂
  3. Stormcloak

    how to izumo

    Now that you mention it, Izumo is indeed the more fun ship, the only problem is those turrets get knocked out often, which leaves you no choice but to use her autistic back facing turret which could lead to cits. Oh and the ship handles like a barge but that didn't stop me from enjoying myself
  4. Stormcloak

    how to izumo

  5. Stormcloak

    ST, birthday

    This is a harsh reminder that we are NOT highly accomplished naval officers but rather just insignificant gamers who stare at model ships on their desk. Reality is often disappointing 😞
  6. Stormcloak

    Seem WG do it again........

    Nah, they're mediocre now. Rockets are nearly useless, torps dont deal much dmg and carpet bombers can miss a lot of hits and to top it off, you'll have to deal with clustered teammates with top-notch AA. CVs are only "good" at spotting and victimizing lone targets.
  7. Stormcloak

    Seem WG do it again........

    WG: "rELiVe yOuR riSe tO gLoRy wHilE yOu rEsEaRch yOur faVoriTe bRaNchEs aGaiN" Me:
  8. Stormcloak

    Which coal ship?

    Yohino is so disappointing, to put it mildly, that BBs just find it comfortable to send you back to port in a matter of seconds after they spot you. Given the absence of armor, hydro and the failed design of the ship, there's literally no angle that can save you from its imminent death. 20km torps is a joke! Georgia can be a very annoying target to shoot at owing to its high speed but its Gneisenau like gun-setup makes me question if its really worth spending over 200k coal when I've already researched an equally fun Iowa Salem looks generic but it has good guns Personally, I would get a JB since i've already saved up 110k coal so far and it's the only ship that offers a different playstyle than the ones I've got in my port.
  9. Stormcloak

    Somebody that I used to know

    You mean.... Naval legend Sovetsky Soyuz
  10. hehehe RIP smokescreen campers There's nowhere left to hide now
  11. Stormcloak

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    Seems like the probability of getting ship missions in free containers are just as rare as getting a supercontainer drop, it could happen in the next 10 crates you open or a 100 or even more. I was lucky to get Acasta and Icarus in RN DD event but the french event has just been a big disappointment so far. Judging by the reviews of premium container buyers, RNG hasn't been very favorable to them either so gambling on early access ship missions is off the table for me!
  12. Stormcloak

    Missouri with radar is OP

    Azuma? Op?
  13. Stormcloak

    Losses, losses and more god damned losses

    Brace yourselves, this isn't going to get any better. The higher you progress, the more frustrating the teamplay becomes. Though, you can try out new lines and different ship types to keep things interesting. Play CVs (don't listen to the haters, they're actually fun) or DDs if you prefer a more passive approach!