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  1. Frozen Hearth

    What to Grind Next...

    USN BBs feel somewhat underwhelming right now but if you're up for a challenge, then grind for Iowa, its the most fun I had in the USN BB line. Though Montana would be a poor choice in the current meta. I'm currently grinding the RN DD (Lightning) and IJN BB line. Fuso has been bugging me lately with its terrible accuracy and overpen, any tips on upgrades or skills I should invest in to make it work?
  2. Frozen Hearth

    Can't handle the grind

    Hill may not be the stealthiest nor the deadliest at her tier, but it's a proper gunboat for spamming at big, slow targets and it has Speed boost (something that UK DDs wish they had) though her torps are situational at best.
  3. Frozen Hearth

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    I do not want that. Get that thing away from me! *muffled cries*
  4. Frozen Hearth

    I'm Quitting guys due to depression and anger

    That thought had crossed my mind too. I came close to quitting after getting my first T10 GK, then Wooster happened, Monty followed. Now I'm close to getting Jutland and halfway through IJN BB line because where else am I gonna put Yamatomato if not in Yamato? Given that Ive already gathered 40k coal since the perpetual disappointment that is yoshino , I can't quit until I treat myself with another coal ship (JB) that's ACTUALLY worth it. WG still has control of my mind, but fortunately not my soul.
  5. Frozen Hearth

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    The struggle is real! One could not possibly conceive how many battles us WoWS players have to suffer through to get a mid-tier ship lol Also, congrats on getting the Hill commemorative flag, I'm sure it'll look great on Vauquelin
  6. Frozen Hearth

    How long WG fix the old Operation or release new ones

    I hope Cherry blossom returns, I dread the idea of having to own those particular ships that WG wants us to have in order to play the mission. I never got a chance to play those nighttime operations when it was first made available. Operations like this will be more appealing when they remove the country restriction since we all have our preferences.
  7. Frozen Hearth

    What should I call my French alt?

    Viva la baguette
  8. Frozen Hearth

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    Same! I have bills to pay for as well, plus I'd rather buy other games that have been rotting in my steam wishlist than spend it on lootboxes
  9. Frozen Hearth

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    In four days, I'll be sitting at 700 something tokens, not enough for benham but just about enough to buy myself a couple of days worth of premium time
  10. Frozen Hearth

    Is this right - SAVAGE BATTLE resupply

    Premium time + credit booster flags + victories can earn you a meager 90-100k. This mode is a bad place for credit farming.
  11. Frozen Hearth

    You are not leaving me, are you?

  12. Frozen Hearth

    Us BB 406mm guns

    NC, Alabama, and Massachusetts have weak armor plating so they cant tank very well and it takes a lot of flippin' damage in return. Even the fan-favorite Monty feels terribly underwhelming in the current meta where you see a lot of high caliber BBs.
  13. Frozen Hearth

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    Bold of you to assume I'm human 👽 *Area 51 intensifies*