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  1. I remember some months ago that some inactive players got Email from WG asking them to play again and can claim free premium ship once completed the given returning missions.
  2. Arzach

    [Leaked] P2L Missouri Box

    it's referring to the usual "Bismarck is the best" kind of people, not weeb per se.
  3. Arzach

    What did I miss?

    Many players has reported WG sent email offered guaranteed premium tier 9 & 5 containers with just playing 15 times to at least 6 months inactive players. So check your email first to know whether you are eligible or not if you decided to rejoin the game. But taking account WG's history of "Miscommunication" as they said themselves, this is too good to be true. Maybe they'll change the requirements to "pay $100 first to be eligible to claim the rewards" and labeled it as "Miscommunication"
  4. Last I paid attention to Gemscool was 5 years ago when Lost Saga still kinda nice to play now and then with friends. That last sale before closing LS was truly a scummy move by Gemscool. I remember Cosmic Break Indonesia server before closing gave huge discount for everything in the shop and disable the payment feature for weeks beforehand. At least I parted with CB with a nice parting memory. I was a whale in CB lol. Gemscool is such a scum company. Poor kids can only enjoy their new toys for a few weeks.
  5. It has been years to hear someone mentioned gemscool. What shitshow did I miss?
  6. Did WoT change for the better after that? It will be the same for WoWs
  7. It will take some effort for them to fulfill it.
  8. Arzach

    Missouri Mission time limited

    Permanent up to the end of this year Same with permanent UU mission
  9. Arzach

    About Asia Server so many bot

    Damn those prices are expensive as fck!
  10. Arzach

    Ohio or Slava, Research Bureau

    Usually I played my Yamato at middle range below 20 km so accuracy isn't really a problem for me. I simply punished my enemies with DPM. So far that tactic works for me and I deemed Yamato as a nasty, easy to play ship. Thus why I rarely played her and preferred Jean Bart who's much harder to use. My question is, will Yamato with UU increase my performance with my usual tactic or I need to change my tactic to get benefit of Yamato UU?
  11. Arzach

    Ohio or Slava, Research Bureau

    Is Yamato with UU really that good?
  12. Arzach

    HSF Harekaze II has no deep charges?

    A feature. You need to buy a new released similar premium ship with deep charges in the future. Actual answer: Dunno, but that's the popular current conspiracy theory.
  13. Arzach

    The Radar Khaba is here! (Ragnar vid)

    Wait, is this the supposed clone of Friesland or not?