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  1. Arzach

    Who's playing what in ranked?

    Done when reached rank 11. Met CV only one time and lost only once in my Edinburgh.
  2. Arzach

    To Lemming or Not to Lemming?

    If I'm in my Zao or Venezia, I'll use my lemming train team as a bait to flank the enemies and create cross fire. This needs proper positioning and high situational awareness tho.
  3. True and that's the problem. Any BB that get flanked by cruisers in general are doomed unless they start angling or bow on to use their armor. If Venezia or other cruisers could kite Kremlin to death, it's not Venezia and other cruisers who's overperforming, but its just bad Kremlin player who don't know how to use Kremlin's armor. You may say Venezia is doing its job too well in flanking (since she's a pure damage dealer without utilities consumable like radar or hydro) if compared to other cruisers, but bad Kremlin player is still bad Kremlin player. WG could nerf SAP in Italian cruiser line, but they better give that line utility consumable like Hydro. The ships below tier 8 is bad enough as it is, and nerfing SAP could kill the low tier ships.
  4. Arzach


    I saw some comments in reddit saying Paolo Emilio is overperforming at random battle test. What kind of potatoes are the enemies to let Paolo Emilio get close to them and get torped or maybe Paolo Emilio was hiding behind island in classic ambush style like how any other DD did it and somehow have overperforming results.
  5. I'm a noob and based on my experience, if the Kremlin was facing Venezia in perfect bow on position, doing meaningful damage to Kremlin's superstructure will be hard. Either it hit the front guns or hitting the superstructure but 1-4 shells only which did insignificant damage.
  6. Arzach


    Imagine the radar and hydro at ready to lit her up
  7. Arzach

    georgia, thunderer or kuznetsov?

    Pick thunderer if you like to spam AP.
  8. Arzach

    Radar edinbugh?

    Radar worked great in random to hunt boat lolis but smoke is your best choice in ranked. You can swap the radar with smoke anyway so trying a battle to test taste won't hurt.
  9. Arzach

    GRAF CV is too op

    Real question here: So Indomitable is better than GZ?
  10. Will they join Pan Asia tech tree? Pan Asia needs more love
  11. Arzach

    Azur Lane 3rd Wave Gacha Container

    Only bought a crate for this event and also got JB.
  12. Arzach

    Bug in Combat Mission?

    What combat mission is that on the first mission to earn 8k base xp? What's the reward?
  13. Arzach

    Chopping Board

    Z CUP
  14. Referring to this article https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-096-weekly-2/ Why I only have Simon Bolivar Day combat mission in my account and no Day of the Russian Navy mission? Is it just me? A bug? Or working as intended?
  15. Arzach

    Weekly Combat Missions: Day of the Russian Navy

    Why I only have Simon Bolivar Day combat mission in my account and no Day of the Russian Navy mission? A bug?