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  1. Arzach

    ARP Yamato

    I've met one. That player didn't want to scratch the new shiny ARP paint and snipe from far away and rarely move.
  2. Arzach

    Thunderer keep NERFING don't care

    Nah, the population of Thunderer in random battle post-nerf noticeably dropped compared to pre-nerf. Many players think the nerf is too much and dropped the ship. Of course outstanding players will still make good use of her.
  3. Arzach

    Mogador: Is it worth it? Disscussion

    It's good but it's a hard ship to play in random battle. It won't bring consistent results.
  4. Arzach

    WG services unavaiable in Pakistan.

    Your government sure have some weird dedication for targeting game like this.
  5. Arzach

    Gamescom Event Thread!

    What happened to Henri? At least on paper I don't see any problem. She have good HE, long range guns, average reload time and good speed.
  6. Arzach


    Imagine giving DFAA to ship with weak AA lol. DFAA will only work on ships who have good AA like EU DD. Thunderer with DFAA on still can't survive a full squadron of Midway planes. DFAA is nothing more than accessory on those ships with weak AA.
  7. Can I request you to make Lamy voice mod please?
  8. Arzach

    Just installed the game...

    What kind of container did you get? SC?
  9. Arzach

    Submarine update

    So sonar ping will be easier to target ship in bow in position. I think for torpedo to hit citadel, the torpedo need to hit the pinged part of the target ship's hull. So the torpedo will be homing to the pinged part, not the general direction of the target ship. This gives chance for target ship to evade their citadel damaged but potatoes who sails in straight line still get punished hard.
  10. Arzach

    6 years, man

    I have the same problem with WoT since years ago even though there's no such problem with WoWs and decided to retire playing WoT.
  11. Arzach

    Its almost Christmas....

    Wow. I bought several big and got no ship. Guess the luck is only on the mega ones. Not to mention the small crates...
  12. Arzach

    Its almost Christmas....

    How much was the drop rate for ship last year? 3%?
  13. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB510&modules=1111&upgrades=000000&commander=PCW001&consumables=111&pos=0 https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PBSB510&modules=1111&upgrades=000000&commander=PCW001&consumables=111&pos=0 Based on this web, I found no much difference between the AP of both ships. Is it safe to assume both ships have similar AP performance? Can Thunderer be played with full AP just like any other BB with comparable AP?
  14. Arzach

    Server Overload

    https://youtu.be/1cYP4EVKebk This video gives insight into WG server issues, not just desync. Based on this video, I don't think WG will upgrade their server, ever.
  15. Arzach

    So much for collabs, Whats Next?

    Any collab will do as long they give free ships like ARP first collab and unlike the recent collabs.