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  1. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Angry Players

    Not worried on what people think of my spelling etc typing not best either.
  2. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Angry Players

    I flunked school haha
  3. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Angry Players

    Hi All, Today when I was playing someone in my own team was trying sink me multiple times he had lots of waring given He tried to uses his cannon/guns on my ship and torpedo etc. Not sure what I should of done then was very unsportsmanlike he was an experienced player. I got first ship sunk and we won the game not sure why that player was so angry. Is it just someone getting out of the wrong side of the bed?
  4. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Why so much XP when research Ship

    Thanks all now i understand
  5. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Why so much XP when research Ship

    Hi, I have 15 ,693 xp and for some reason I want to research USS OMAHA but it says 1840 and 15, 660 xp I think that is very ODD that uses all my xp for lower tier ship Your thoughts why?
  6. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Split Aircraft Carrier "Plane Groups"

    Thanks that sucks would of been use full to still have option.
  7. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Split Aircraft Carrier "Plane Groups"

    I have seen in some videos on you tube that the can unless was a old version.
  8. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Split Aircraft Carrier "Plane Groups"

    Hi, I am using USS Bogue and I would like to know if I can split the torpedo plane's and bomber planes into two group's Because when I play game I can not seem to split the airplane groups up into two. Thank you