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    Update 0.11.2 Bug Report Thread

    Subject: UI - In battle - Cruisers - Wrong AP maximum damage when mastered skill "Heavy AP Shell" Description: The maximum damage displayed by the cruiser after learning the heavy ap shell skill is wrong. It is worth mentioning that this bug is only a display error, in fact, the maximum damage of the shell has been improved, not that this skill is invalidated. Result: When the cruiser learned the heavy AP shell skill, the maximum damage of the AP shell displayed in battle did not change. Expected result: When the cruiser learns the skill "heavy AP shell", the maximum damage of the AP shell displayed in battle inproved. Time and date: 2022-04-04 2000(UTC+8) WoWS_report.wgc python.log
  2. Orek1_Houtarou

    Most players can't move, including Bots

    1. Description Most players can't move, including Bots. 2. Reproduction steps 1.Select Henri IV 2.Select Random Battle and Press. 3. Result Most of the players in this game cannot move, the enemy army has only one bot moving, and we have a bot and two players moving. Enemy bots cannot move but can fire. 4. Expected result All players can move, and bots can move normally. 5. Technical details Time : 2000(UTC+8) 20220312_192433_PFSC110-Henri-IV_23_Shards.wowsreplay python.log WoWS_report.wgc