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  1. To start off, I dont mind fighting in Calm Sea's and soft breeze, but it get kinda boring to me for each match having the same weather type with the occasional Cyclone coming into play. But personally I wouldn't mind and would actually enjoy joining a battle with a Storm on the Horizon making the sea rough at times with a strong wind softly but loudly howling past as you try to fight. For these weather types, they can remain thought the whole game or be limited things that occur for several minutes. they can start from the very start and slowly get worse as the game progresses making it a more interesting battle for players and could create unique moments for many to share or even go through with an adrenaline rush. Some weather idea's I've got mainly range on the maps in the game starting with via map type (as in geographical location)+idea for weather conditions *Northern area (Close to the Arctic) Polar Big race Northern Lights Shards Ice Islands Weather Idea for these maps Calm weather nearly all the time but with the rare occasion of a storm occurring. Snow storm which reduces the visibility by 10-65% depending on the the severity of the storm in play which reduces turret rotation speed while also reducing fire chance by 10-30% "Possible idea that's floating around" Ice bergs for these types of maps, but when hit cause Flooding damage (60% chance) *Atlantic The Atlantic Ocean Weather Idea for these maps Can go from Calm to Storm fast. Fog can come in at any moment and reduces Visibility Storm affects visibility by 40-70% (Depending if fog is included), Rougher sea's making ships rock more violently which makes torpedo launching from any ship impossible), rare chance (11% or less) of lighting hitting ships and knocking out systems such as Radar, Hydro and Any other consumable also leaving the ship 10-20 seconds without any knowledge of nearby ships on the mini-map making them blind. With the Rougher Seas Aiming will be reduced slightly depending on how violent the storm actually is. Storm also affects the fire chance start by 40% making it slightly harder for fires to start. Fog will only affect visibility making seeing friendly's hard and even harder for seeing the enemy let alone aiming at a target. So you could be sailing very quietly and around the island comes a BB or a DD and both panic as they didn't see each other until point blank range. *Europe Strait Archipelago Trident Weather idea for these maps Mainly Calm but with mild storms but high chance of fog. Fog will affect visibility from 40-85% making ships with radar and hydro very helpful to the rest of the team as they are unable to see and can cause awkward situation of a DD Captain running into a BB at 1-2 km's *Mediterranean Estuary Mountain Range Tears of the Desert Neighbours Fault Line Estuary Loop Weather idea for these maps Mainly calm with occasional storm. But the waves being more violent at times with a small chance of rouges occurring. *Pacific Solomon Islands Islands Ring Sleeping Giant Hot spot Okinawa Trap Two Brothers Land of Fire New Dawn Haven Weather idea for these maps Calm but can quickly change without warning. Very Violent storms and waves with the chance of a cyclone occurring making the storms even more violent with Rogue waves occurring. *North America (Canada and the US) Shatter North Weather idea for these maps Same as Atlantic and north. *Central America's (Caribbean) Sea of Fortune weather idea for these maps [Similar to Mediterranean and Pacific]