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  1. Athpon

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Just finished the Chase for ARP hiei but I don't see her in my port. Where do I have to enable it (or some sort?).
  2. Athpon


    I hope WG put her back in the game, I would love to get her.
  3. Athpon

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    68 losing streak.... Who is this guy?
  4. Athpon

    [ALL] ModStation

    I really can't add the game client from steam and the "refresh" button seem to do nothing. I did launch the game and open the mod station in every combination I can think. So here I am asking for help. By the way my WoW version was 0.8.4 and the mod station say (from the setting page) and say from the app title. (In my PC the mod station works after I clicked the refresh thing after I launch the game log in to port and close the game) EDIT: I figured it out from the logs. It try to load the preference of the game from my steam library on the external hard drive then result in a null reference. This is a journey of how I (somehow) fix the problem.
  5. In short Attack aircraft - A slow, tanky, fast aim, lot of rockets. Bombers aircraft - fast aim, lot of HE , low pen for CE and DD. Torpedo aircraft - IDK the beast? fast aim, U-turn fast for delete lonely ship, not that slow, low range torps ?(WHO CARES I ALWAYS DROP IN THEIR FACE) Well, they are good at everything is this balance ?
  6. Athpon

    the fix

    I like all the changes, just think this way Will you play a game that you do this and that over and over without getting bored ? If players doesn't get something new to play or something to try. Ask yourself "Why do i keep playing this game". My reason for playing this game is for a chance to play as T10 ships, My grind is almost over and I'm very bored of the game till this CV rework.
  7. Athpon

    [UPD 12/2] Update Hotfix

    0.8.0 I've played shokaku for the entire week and I've got 250k xp (about 70 games, 70-120k dmg, more than 1k base xp, about 7-9k xp include flag and camo, premium acc). Most of the time I was placed in Tier X battles(60 games +). I can torp anyone that's alone or almost have no AA. When they grouped up my planes were like a small fry and funny thing for them CV just can't do anything beside F away to that grouped up ships and ships camping behide island. What I said is mean CV can only target lonely ship that doesn't have OP AA (Its you Worcester). Alright I get it if a planes can fly freely in hell of AA fire would be OP too so you forced our plane to stay in hell longer and nerf to Maneuvering on top of that you reduced the chance of flood so now what ? Where did you drop your torp? In front of the ship as close as armed range can to avoid torp beat and get nothing back while you got shoot in the ass? This may not be possible anymore without losing some plane. Big thank for the buff for dive bomb this stupid plane is so hard to aim, inaccurate, 0 dmg or low dmg citadel and always lose half of squadron for 1 run. What japan CV specialize in now? since you remove the feature to maneuvering while aiming. Stay still while aiming I guess. I'll try this Hotfix today and hope its still be a choice to play instead of lump of metal flying in the air. EDIT: After playing in In short "Not worth your time to play CV its just lump of metal flying in the air"