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  1. I had the same feeling when I watched it - something like it was shot in the late 80s or early 90s vintage. I guess they thought it might make the boys hot under the collar but it didn't. It wasn't witty or inspiring or even that amusing. Wasted money if you ask me.
  2. Dano07

    The Bank says no - Premium choice Take Two

    well frankly operation Dynamo seems easy enough to get 5 stars I started with an AA spec Mahan but then realised I could use the operation to level my Minsk. And I added an AA module And it turned out quite well - so no u dont need a sim
  3. Dano07

    The Bank says no - Premium choice Take Two

    Frankly the T-61 is OP and at a reasonable price. It causes havoc wherever it goes and can handle up tiering nicely. Can't go wrong with it. I think Anshan , Aigle and Monaghan are ok to good. I would probably pick Anshan out of these mainly for its bonus to free exp off the camo ( it really adds up ) The Sims is the ship of choice for this weeks operation : Dynamo ! Molotov is a glass cannon - you can have fun and you can get wrecked.
  4. Dano07

    I saw a Brilliant Strategy for BB

    I so do as well .... its ruining random 'Team' play.
  5. Dano07

    I saw a Brilliant Strategy for BB

    This is good advice to learn. I suppose most BBs at T7 and up are reasonably fast ? I noticed some french BBs will give my slow boat DDs are run for their lives !
  6. Dano07

    I saw a Brilliant Strategy for BB

    I learnt something obvious with this. So with a DD my 'kill zone' would be sub 7 kms But what would the typically be the 'kill zone' for CAs and BBs ? Can most BBs really pick off a DD at 8 kms ? Which line of BBs are better at this than others ? thanks
  7. Dano07

    I saw a Brilliant Strategy for BB

    Well actually you need to move first half , to look like your doing something ; that's part of the charm of this tactic . Just don't sit still because people will really think you are AFK loafer ! BTW what is the clear difference between tactical and strategic - I kind of have a vague idea but would sure like to get clear in my head ? And perhaps you could say are these, examples of either ? A fair answer could be it depends. Capping - T or S ? Spotting - T or S ? Smoking - T or S ? Ambushing - T or S ? Staying alive as long as possible - T or S ? Thanks
  8. Dano07

    Spotting rewards SUX

    I am not exactly sure what you said but I support and/or endorse in the above products and/or services. D
  9. Dano07

    Strategies for credit grind

    Thanks Zerling_ So can I ask do you have any issues with CVs on the Musashi ? What your average damage / credit return on her ? And any basic game plan you follow in randoms ? What other operations and ship combinations do you recommend ?
  10. I sorted asked this question another post but I will be more specific here. This question is primarily about ease of credit making. Some thoughts Musashi - should be easy to farm some damage ; stay back and just shoot stuff , guns over match and have range. But I do worry that the CV changes might bring more CVs into the game and it has poor AA defense so this could impact its play style. Salem - I ve seen it used to good effect in pushing caps and seems robust but as a DD I can skirt its radar and cause it to flee ; so I think it requires a bit of careful play and higher skill level to get good damage compared to a BB Jean Bart - from what I ve 'heard' it will probably be a steel reward ship. Also I ve seen it play and it can do well pushing into caps right hands. Alaska - will probably be a Free Exp ship but its a T9 ? And how better would it play and earn compared to DM or Salem any thoughts thanks ?
  11. Dano07

    Spotting rewards SUX

    Where to begin If I mostly spot in my DD for a game ( DD pls spot for us !) I will be in the bottom quarter of the team experience results. The only time I will get a middle or higher reward is if I cap and farm some good damage. The current meta mostly rewards individual damage output and doesn't encourage team play - where spotting is most useful. Examples of where spotting is under appreciated and under rewarded I spot and help chase DD/CAs away from cap , allowing another ship to get the cap unopposed. Mean while I am busy spotting ! I spot CA/DD but my team mates cant hit the side of a barn; So I get no benefit in team damage. I spot and chase down DD and light up CA/BB ; mean while my team mates get devastated because everyone picks a different target; So I get isolated and die I spot and chase down DD; red team focus fires me and my team keeps aiming at the CA / BB ; I lose half my health and now I have to play even more cautiously I keep retreating ships lite even when they try and disengage by going behind islands etc ; I get no reward if I didn't spot first and they haven't gone dark long enough for a reset on spotting damage. This is a big one for me. and the old chestnut , I smoke up a BB in danger or CA taking up a position - thanks but how about a little position karma ! Spotting is in fact a high risk low reward game play why do it when you should just farm damage like everyone else ? But I do wish for good team play, often.
  12. Dano07

    Strategies for credit grind

    If I had the Missouri I would drive around town throwing credits out the window to deserving passer-by's. Buckle up Bones - any suggestions on some good credit earning ships ? ( currently having fun in the Akizuki T8 ) Lowyat - Please give a list of what ships are op for what operations - I need to be schooled for the future, I never see a list any where and really want to know ? ( I do see a lot of Sims in current meta )
  13. I mostly playing DDs and some times work closely with a CA But often don't have the pleasure of working in tandem with BBs, often. Lately I have increasingly observed a wonderful strategy used by very clever BBs players in Randoms. I was surprised and delighted when I would see a near full health team member BB / CA pop out of nowhere ( well they had to be somewhere I guess ) around the half way mark in the game. The beauty of this situation was they could then join the battle and have only half health or worse Red BBs / CAs to deal with. Also they had all their consumables untouched and ready to go which is a great bonus. So I often marvelled at their ability to go one-on-one and get a kill or two. And at the same time they were able to farm bucket loads of damage for our team. They can even cap because by that stage all the Red DDs are mostly dead and the rest of their team is probably scattered. Now the absolute brilliance of this strategy lies in the fact that win or lose the game you can still finish in the middle of the pack in experience gained. And how can I give them a compliant ' They played Badly' when they killed one or two ships and farmed 50k - 70k damage for so little time and effort ! What do you think , Its a winner ?
  14. Hi My nest egg of 40 plus million is gone as I push into T8 DD buying and outfitting. So what are my options ? I am sure many others players have hit a credit wall before - would like to hear some ideas of what worked / did not work ? Some ideas that occur to me :- 1. Pick one line of DDs and level that into T9 and slowly work around to all the other lines 2. Leave the DD lines and go focus on my Ca/Cl T5/T6 and BBs T4/T5 which will cheaper to buy and outfit 3. Buy credits which are very poor value for money, IMO 4. Buy a T8 premium and credit grind that - So which one ? (I do have the Asashio which has probably earned me half the credits I have ever made) 5. Trade my coal for the Musashi or Salem - I do not know which is a better credit maker 6. Buy a camo for a good credit making silver ship which could be …. ? 7. quit the game and tell myself it was a weirdly imbalanced game and I went as far as I could while it was fun. Thanks for reading
  15. Dano07

    Most DD players are bad

    As a mostly DD player I can say ; yes we look bad because others seem to know so much better than me on how to play … typical 'feedback' received 'Noob DD go cap that what you do' - My response ' there a lot of DDs on red team, a carrier , radar ships and with all the islands nearby its perfect for an ambush death' - Result -3 karma for playing badly and answering back in chat ! 'Noob DD why are you hiding behind island are you asleep, kill those DDs in the cap you are in' - My response ' I am letting them come to me for an ambush ' ( two dead DDs later ) - Result plays badly and is AFK ! 'Noob DD why are not you spotting , spot for me now ' - My response - ' If you could just shoot the DD that I keep lighting up instead of the BB , that would be great ! ' - Result plays badly and is rude in chat ! Its a DDs life for me ….