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  1. Dano07

    You should read this... ... ...

    It seems most democratic countries are wary of your country ; I wonder why ? 9 out of 10 free people want to be able to say what they want without fear . I think its obvious who is hostilte to whom !
  2. Dano07

    You should read this... ... ...

    Quite the contary , the company in Belarus has close ties to the goverment and now Belurus will join the fighting. If everyone keeps silent then you are condoning this activity. All gestures no matter how small , all add up. Its a wake up call. Even WG staff will read this and know that to other people this matters and its not a case of 'Oh well , lets get on with business'
  3. Hi to all the people I ve meet in game , I wish you well. Its Time to move and hope for a better world There are other things to do and I dont want to feel guilty playing Regards Dano07
  4. Dano07

    Random Disconnects???

    Too easy to fix , too hard to actually do !
  5. Dano07

    Random Disconnects???

    So a forced memory dump from a game crash gets around the Administrative privileges 'fire wall' of personal data ? So they could be doing like a spring clean of accounts by letting the servers appear to run down ! As some one mentioned population isnt that high at times and yet the servers act as if they are overloaded ? I know its sounds like a conspiracy theory but you can hardly put anything past WG
  6. Dano07

    Random Disconnects???

    Hmm just thinking aloud , I think most illegal mods would not be so foolish as to be visible from task manager So how could else could they read a memory dump without crashing the game ? No ones refuted what he told me , why wouldnt WG be capable of this ! I dont know much about IT matters - explain it to me
  7. Dano07

    Random Disconnects???

    I am old school when it comes to IT - explain why this is a bad way to secretly scan what mods u maybe be using ? D
  8. Dano07

    Random Disconnects???

    I got disconnect all yesterday afternoon - aussie time but its been going on ( poor server function ) for most of december
  9. Dano07

    Random Disconnects???

    Clan mate said WG are using generated crash logs so they can scan your computer for illegal mods Not sure if there a link between unsteady servers and the above Either way they are too busy to attend to my refund atm
  10. well i like ur reviews and will keep watching D
  11. I contacted WG about server performance - they said everything is working as intended ; Funny that was the same response I got from them when I queried Santa Crate drops. Then WG went from 'working as intended' to refund with conditions when the Fiasco broke over their heads Probably pays to cause a stink ` as the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Problem is there is no Viacom watching from the side asking uncomfortable questions WG will do the minimum they can get away with always and that includes server performance
  12. Yes well if they are rolling back to a start date then it makes sense to give you back your premium time as well- I will be asking for that then !!
  13. Hi There seems to be some confusion about what will actually happen When you get your refund ( WG has gone missing in action ) Some are saying you have to get a roll back on your account - especially if your used some of the crate drops ! But if you have not touched them then there should not be any such roll back ? It seems this is a 'scare' tactic from WG to push you into CXLing your refund request . And why is it taking so long - no response for days - very suspicious. When I first challenged the integrity of Santa Crates before their refund announcement - they where Oh so quick to tell me I was wrong ( sub 2 hours response times ; as I argued back and forth ) Again WG is failing in my eyes
  14. Like I said before, 'unintentially' some of them come across as either naïve apologists or worse as propaganda tools.
  15. WG did not 'forget' that its player base is new - its been on a hyper drive for new recruits for ages - even tolerating BOTS and Account selling, to get the player base numbers up ! WG is a cynical money grabbing company that has very low player good will for lots of reasons . Do you even remember the Puerto Rico fiasco from last year ? WG could learn transparency from this article if it was willing and open but I just see alot of A$$ covering response Frankly you sound at best like an apologist for WG or at worst a propaganda piece meant to deflect or distort or belittle this well researched article WG is a rich company , I know ive paid it hundreds over the years - it has the money to fix many in game issues but it wont because it cost too much $$$$ Explain that away