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  1. I suppose for the Fen Yang , those torps must go deeper than a Submarine still at 6M below the water - so whats that , 8M draft for the Sub plus 6M of water = 14 M or 45 feet ! Thats pretty amazing and deep running and stupid ?
  2. Dano07

    Official Discord Dev QnA #2 (Not Readers Digest)

    As they say, working as intended .... Its like asking a politician , have you made a mistake here ? No way they would say Q: Are you going looking at address this issue? A: What else are they going to say !
  3. Dano07

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    I have both but I enjoy the Thunderer best Thunderer - for Rank / Clan and when used right , you are not always sitting on the back line. Its a great shiip to get good at : meaning AP on broadsides. as you move in, mid game. Georgia - i find can be a little trickier to get the best out and actually I play it mostly in Co-op where a good game can get me as much as 1/4 mil credits I believe that for the same DMG, a T9 premium give 50 % more credits than a TX special ship : based on some posts in NA forums ! Plus I think the Thunderer will disappear first - no one is calling the Georgia OP.
  4. I used range upgrade - its the best tanking for CLs. At T9/Tx being less than 14 kms is a death sentence and thats easy to do when u start off playing around 16 kms I took advantage of the good RU ballistics
  5. Is it still worth it to get the engine boost mod for coal ?
  6. Ashtrays are for NooBs ; a beer holder is where its at - but neither works well with a full face helmet : just saying ! Some people re-engineered over to a coffee holder but I cant how well that works. D
  7. Dano07

    Munchen Impressions

    Seems If left alone it can really hurt the red team ( DoT: damage over time ) - I used to rack up good numbers in Scholars when ignored/underestimated at the red teams peril.
  8. Dano07

    Munchen Impressions

    Its looks great for Ops I am thinking it could be more problematic for randoms with its poor armor : if u see T9 hide behind islands ( Helena ) using shell arcs and if u see T7 be more open water/keep Max distance and set fires ( Scholars ) ? And I suppose for Co-op try not to be targeted first - let someone else tank while you spam ; the longer the battle the better numbers.
  9. Dano07

    Munchen Impressions

    @Max_Battle For the benefit of all, please tell us how you play her so far - you seem to be getting great results. Also what difference in playstyle between randoms vs Operations - if you have that experience so far ? thanks D
  10. Dano07

    Your Azuma Story ...

    Nice to hear If your caught in the wrong spot they can make you pay - very accurate guns D
  11. Dano07

    Stupid MM at its finest in AS

    All WG has do, is hold its nerve - and go back to the original concept of 2 lower tiers ships to 1 higher tier ship ratio ! Most lower tiers will still be aa mix of t5/t6 while most higher tier ships will be T8 : then lets see how it work ! Balancing of sides of DDs and CVs is probably asking too much If you make it some what balanced and interesting you wont have bots filling the ranks PS while your at it can you make more Operations balanced and interesting - is that asking too much ?
  12. Dano07

    Stupid MM at its finest in AS

    I agree that WG over reacted - but the early games were base on 2 Vs 1 ratio ; low vs high tier. Also the high tiers in early AS game mode had many bots , that is no longer the case its all players ot T8 and Indeed I play it for fun - its potentially a great idea , poorly executed .....
  13. Hi Just had several matches in AS where the lower tier was 9 ships of t5/t6 vs 7 ships of T8 - as you can see it was a slaughter ; we were lucky to sink one or two T8s in those matches. T8 DD gunboats are particularly deadly - able to do significant dmg even to a t5/T6 BB And when I turn around and try a High Tier match , I get matched against a lower tier of nearly all bots plus is was in the 'standard' format of 2 lower tier to 1 higher tier It seems the Match ups are even worse than what goes on in Randoms - how can WG get it so badly wrong ?
  14. Dano07

    Anchorage impressions