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  1. Dano07

    Come get URS

    post on NA server - works for me here !! From ObiphanKenobi CAPQU1X0TE20000  CAPMONTECR1ST030000  LIFE0FCAPPI40000  THECALL0FTH3CAP50000 TH3MARK0FCAP60000 CL0CKWORKCAP70000 M0BYCAPORTH3FISH80000 THECAP1DENT1TY90000 enjoy guys SRY saw it had already been posted D
  2. Dano07

    Deja Vu

    Hi I think as Crygus_Triss points out the Competent CV is one who works with the team on spotting - and who finishes off near dead targets who go dark and heal up. Often I ve been in a flank that is getting no targets while the red team gets into position with impunity. Mean while the Bot like CV is focused on torping some BB on the other side of the map. But really I blame WG - they let bots rule the waves and reward mostly dmg - so they farm dmg. I think the real difference is, do they play for the team - especially with DDs so few. As some one a point this game is built around concealment. thanks
  3. Hi I am currently at Scholars which seems a fine ship once you get used to its style of play. Soon I will be on the Chapayev but I heard mixed reviews about her capabilities. And then there is the Dmitri Doneskoi of which I know nothing about. I find more often than not I get up tiered to TX when in a T8 ship which is a pain. So the question is which ships of the line are worth grinding and which could/should/possibly I FXP past ?? Thanks
  4. HI In the light of this ongoing Pandemic - I have more time on my hands as having lost my job and not sure what options will be available in the short term. So I turn to playing games sometimes for a bit of cheer and stress relief. And it would be nice to get another bonus from WG - I am sure they are doing well and the 2 weeks premium was welcomed. I suggest another special bonus discount code of coal & doubloons for ships This would be a low cost to WG itself but would help players potentially enjoy the game more and take their mind of off things Any other low cost suggestions that WG could easily do ….. ?? Thanks
  5. Dano07

    working from home

    Great story on the new normal meta I am getting; honey can you get off the game , I think your slowing down my internet - grumbles 'sure' Also getting kids to do 'home' schooling, well that also a different challenge - Not sure I could last 6 months Plus my beloved league is gone ! Oh well carry on and remember all this to tell the grandkids when they ask ; What did u do during the Great Pandemic - hhmmm But seriously I know people are hurting and Ive lost work for 6 months but we will get thru this.
  6. If the issue was FXP 'exploit' then you could nerf that a little bit rather than wipe the general EXP and Cmdr EXP at the same time - is it so hard act outside of, small box like thinking ? I think perhaps WG is just a lazy company full of Cut & Paste creatives plus one size fits all mentality …. Plus havnt they just made FXP ships mostly unreachable for most of the player base anyway - New DDs ( T10 ) now cost 2 million ; what will New CL/CAs = 2 1/2 million ? and New BBs = 3 million ? I think they have already fixed their problem - inflate ship prices = Fixed ! Creative thinking = tick Time for more vodka comrades.
  7. Operations at least makes the grind bearable and is the only reason I still stay in the game. MM is a lottery , less bots more chances to win. If they put more effect into making more ops available and for different tiers players might have something positive to talk about. Instead they just focus on pushing products.
  8. Dano07


    So far in this Op I ve only been able to get 4 star after several attempts. I think the problem is, in a manor too much ground to cover. You can always count on at least two players not being where they need to be and struggling to help - so you are left with a team of five players. Other ops can still be like herding Cats but at least they are herdable ( theres a clear path for them to follow ) and many times they can be completed with 5 players when 2 die early. OPs clearly show the state of team play - unhindered by Mismatch Madness in randoms. Its Bad but perhaps more, different, higher tier Operations could help develop a more team play mindset.
  9. You hear a msg " I am doing Radar search / Hydro search / setting smoke " within the first minute of the game start ! At first I thought it was just some one who had hit the key by mistake ( certainly they are no where need a cap or even lit up the red flank by that stage ) and I and the rest of the team laugh but I notice its way more common now. I suspect its probably poor programming ? and I notice that they tend to also get killed rather quickly or do next to no dmg etc. Also players tell that people who drive their CVs to the edge of the map at the start of the game is typical BOT behaviour ? Am I discriminating against BOTs - well I think a couple of BOTs on your side can ruin your chances of victory .
  10. T10 is new to me but WG keeps giving me T10 loan ships that ive been afraid to touch till now -. So is the any recommendations on ship type and/or particular ones MANY THANKS
  11. Dano07

    Loan Ships ?

    So can or cant I take them into Randoms / Co-ops ; just double checking ?
  12. Been finally getting into Operations of late because MM been driving me so crazy So I read up on the operation of the week , get all prepped and hope to get 4 or 5 stars which has mostly happened But so far this weekend, 2/3 rds of the runs have been complete failures; not even a single star I think I am tucking the flags away for the weekdays Anyone else notice this and what do you do ?? thanks
  13. what do u mean by 'nuke codes' ? And what do u mean by 'from a certain site' reveal ur secret 'sauce'
  14. Pretty much at least one if not two players in a team of randoms have like 8 digit numbers for names. I am guess these are accounts being built up for sale and then they petition WG for a name change ? Anyone else notice this trend
  15. Dano07

    Loan Ships ?

    funny I didn't see any commander - got a msg 'commander unavailable' ; which I took to mean I have t assign a commander - no biggie I guess.