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  1. Fanmarsh

    Kitakami back to T8?

    is this real if Kitakami back to T8. because its not officialy publish in blog.worldofwarships.com
  2. Fanmarsh

    French Mission

    me too
  3. Fanmarsh

    I can't see the logic here...

    what if mods with [ALL] tag in it?
  4. Fanmarsh

    US 2nd Battleship tech tree Size comparison

    compare with Stalingrad
  5. Fanmarsh

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.6

    After update i always kicked from session after battle
  6. Fanmarsh

    WGC has become a bootstrapper

    When startup exit wgc. And it will be pop up again, and exit again. And thats it
  7. Fanmarsh

    US BB Line split is live!

    it has slow speed. but have 457mm guns and HE spammer magnets
  8. Fanmarsh

    Animated Mist gif file HELP !

    or, i can convert the original one to GIF
  9. Fanmarsh

    Destroyer Defence against radar

    if you want remove radar then nerf every single DD concleament and/or remove smoke too. its simple
  10. So.. after i play Republique back day, i was thinking, why dont we buff repair party repu. Because the armor 32mm around the ships so it's easy to penet with HE, and with this repair party it's not enough to heal repu. Beacuse every time i use France BB i always become big target, and with painful accuracy i cant do anything. Give your opinion about it, should we buff Republique or not?
  11. no comrade. we will change this game name to "World of Soviet Warships" so other nation is bad
  12. Added Bismarck and Prinz Eugen