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  1. Fanmarsh

    PC players, share your specs!

    Procie : AMD phenom II X4 945 3.0 GHz RAM : 8 Gig 1600 MHz ddr3 dual channel GPU : Zotac GTX 750 TI 2gb OC dual fan Storage : 1 120GB SSD, 1 500 GB HDD, and 320 GB HDD i use mix High and Medium on graphic setting and get 60 fps. i could get higher setting but if i upgrade my Processor
  2. Fanmarsh

    Well done WoWS, Well done...

    yeah. before update i usually got 100K damage, but now only <90K damage in my Republique because Dead eye Thunderer
  3. thanks for ruining this game after making this new update, after introducing "Dead Eye" skill this game is more Screwed than before in Asia server, and i think since you guys introducing UK BBs line this game is screwed because HE Spam and it makes UK BBs so Popular for its HE, so when someone using Free/Premium UK BBs they will use HE. (i would rather UK BBs line had improve AP Pen angle than HE with big pen and high chance of setting fire), and T10 is almost unplayable again, because : - Thunderer with Great Accuracy and high Chance of fire, - Slava with Great Accuracy and with "Stupid Pen", - FDR with her shadow clone Jutsu planes, - Cruisers with 50mm deck armor, - Smolensk with railgun - If you want to push in this tier, you can't because HE spammer. basicaly almost every Freemium T10 makes game screwed. and i hope you guys can Rebalance all Freemium T10 ship, or update HE system so it can Bounce in certain angle, no matter how big its caliber. and yes, this thread is about Complaining HE, Better Freemium ships than Tech Tree ships, and new commander rework
  4. Fanmarsh

    screw thunderers

    I use Henri to kill Thunderer, so if i want kill some thunderer i just use Henri, and burn then to the ground of the sea
  5. Fanmarsh

    ARP collaboration

    can i buy commander only?
  6. Fanmarsh


    and dont forget. sell commander separately
  7. Fanmarsh


    they won't do it until no one buy they product. just like GTA V, Rockstar is will keep milking GTA Online until nobody play it. and then release GTA 6
  8. Fanmarsh

    what is best computer spec. to play WoW?

    im using AMD Phenom II X4 945, 8 Gigs of RAM, and GTX 560 TI got 60 fps on med. so FX series, Ryzen series, I3, I5, I7 gen 5th with gtx 750 or R7 240 or newer is enough playing this game
  9. Fanmarsh

    ARP collaboration

    thats why. this is the worst collaboration
  10. Fanmarsh

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    cancel the event or change the mechanic instead selling T10 ship easily. for example : Random bundle like last Transformers Collab. who idea is this. selling T10 ship with prices of GPU
  11. Fanmarsh

    ARP collaboration

    so. after i check NA and EU forums average feels disappointment about this event. because it will break the gameplay. imagine a new whale players after they unlock the armory and see ARP yamato and immediately buy this ship and play random battles and ruin your battles i think this event need to be Postponed now. they need to change how the collab mechanic works.
  12. Fanmarsh

    ARP collaboration

    this is the worst collab this year after AL imo
  13. Fanmarsh

    ARP collaboration

    i guess, i will waiting for someone make Yamato voiceover then
  14. Fanmarsh

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    can i buy Commander yamato without buying ARP yamato? pls, i really want Commander Yamato, because ARP Yamato is hell expensive why you can do it for HSF and AL but not for ARP? PLS!!! for 1000 times, sell commander separately from the ships