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  1. Added Bismarck and Prinz Eugen
  2. Fanmarsh

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Did you mean External HDD? im playing WoWS in External HDD still fine after 2 years, if you want to play in internet cafe, download and install WGC in your laptop or pc, install/update Wows on External HDD, then in the internet cafe you just launch Wows from Game Folder not from launcher.
  3. New Update V 1.1 Added Iowa and Shimakaze
  4. Kancolle Games Loading mods [Description] This mod replace the original startup video with some Ships Girl from Kantai Collection. List Of My Project: - Graf Zeppelin - Hibiki - Kaga - Iowa - Shimakaze - Bismarck & Prinz Eugen - Yamato (coming soon) - Nagato (coming soon) - Yuudachi (coming soon) - Haruna (coming soon) - Kirishima (coming soon) - Kongou (coming soon) - Hiei (coming soon) - Kirishima (coming soon) And many more.... if you want to request, just comment. and maybe in future i will make Azur Lane Version too. [Preview] [Download] You can download this mod in this link below https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UvaiwD5GzNFN3l8T8XnVQ3DtkNnoxCTo?usp=sharing [Installation] Extract mods Copy files to World_of_Warships_(Region)/res_mods/(Current Version)/ It's really simple to Install mods. or if you have problem with this mod, tell me and i will fix it Thanks For Using My Mods
  5. Fanmarsh

    0.9.1 Bulletin Out-DISCUSSION TIME

    well. in 0.9.1 PTS, WG now testing Yashima
  6. here, maybe can help you about this problem, or how MM works in this game https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics_(WoWS)
  7. Fanmarsh

    Aoki Kantai has returned

    because AL doesnt have own Forums like KC. -maybe and some people need places to share pic of their "lucky gacha" to other people who doesn't get it, and in my country it's called "salt". typical gacha games. and maybe this game too
  8. its looks like the studio needs some money to make some anime.
  9. Fanmarsh

    Aoki Kantai has returned

  10. how many TX ships you get in 4 years?
  11. Fanmarsh

    I love Indomi

  12. Fanmarsh

    Sweet sunset

    just decrease your gamma, it will become dark again
  13. Fanmarsh

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    why Alsace got 32 sec reload but Richelieu get 30 sec. and now why smolensk (4x4 turret) got 4 sec reload but other ships like kleber even shimakaze (3x2 turret) who have smaller cal than smolensk have 5,7 sec reload. why dont make smolenks 6 or 7 seconds reload or nerf the shell velocity from 900 m/s to 700-800 m/s. or buff the armor little bit. note : i think CV is normal for me and not having problem while facing enemy aircraft, and belfast i think its still fine, haru its still fine too, and submarine i already test the subs gameplay and its still normal for me and i will change the title to "Remove or Nerf Smolensk"
  14. Fanmarsh

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    if i told you in my first comment. if wg won't remove somlensk, just nerf it. in reload time maybe, remove smoke consumable maybe, or radar too. or maybe buff the smolensk armour so i can't overpen it
  15. Fanmarsh

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    and im here to do that