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  1. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    No no, sorry that's not what I mean to imply. I was pointing out that I thought Sapper's post wasn't really characterising Flamu's post fairly, so I pointed out he made more points that Sapper thought, and that point was one of the imbalanced points about CVs, which is that it is also incredibly well armoured. Edit: (It has relevance in the context of the video, which is what that series of posts were about)
  2. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    Mate, I responded directly to your points. I also so note that he admitted he was pigeonholing CV players. Your #3 is basically saying I was wrong to not respond to a baiting question by Paladinium. To your first point, playing CVs doesn't mean you have a more evidence based opinion of them, much like being an experienced shooter doesn't make you more correct about guns role in society. Flamu has played plenty of games with CVs in them to have an opinion. And your last point... yeah ad hominem again 👍
  3. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    I think that is a rather skewed view of the points he makes. His argument throughout wasn't 'look how many planes I've killed' as you say. It was that there is: a) nothing any ship can do to counter CVs, b) including shooting down planes when the CV acts with impunity and drops into four, grouped, AA ships, c) that shooting down 130+ planes as a team doesn't deplane a CV or impact their damage dealing at all d) that it would take 1400 shells or 11minutes of non-stop halland shooting to sink a MVR e) the Montana. Make deplaning a thing for people that throw their planes into banks of AA, lower the plane health, make AA effective on some ships and not others so one hasn't to make choices/trade-offs, remove plane spotting (or introduce minimap spotting like the first 50% of radar time). I've seen these points made many times in Flamu, Flambass, Jingles and other streamers vids. (I haven't even suggested lowering the damage per shot, which I'm actually ok with if the above changed) Sorry, I should clarify 'deleting' as removing over half it's health while angled, unable to be healed, and unspotted by anything other than the CV
  4. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    1. Playing CVs isn't evidence you are right. Non-gun owners are allowed to argue guns are bad. 2. Yes, it is repeatable, as it is multiple times in that one video. 3. I never made such a claim about you or other users, just pointed out a logical fallacy in your post
  5. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    I think the TL:DR of that video is 1:47 in when a MVR can fly through a heavy AA cruiser, Halland, enemy MVR and Montana - all strongest* AA ships, and have no trouble deleting an angled DM in the first five minutes. Would like your view on Flamu's point re game design
  6. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    But aren't you just pigeonholing criticism of CVs as being people whining? Flamu may have history criticising CVs, but that could be because he has a valid, evidenced, point. The game he posted above is a brilliant piece of evidence....
  7. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    That's an ad hominem argument, and he also may have more than one account. Likewise, if the number of battles made anyone's point automatically correct then you would need to automatically accept flamu is right since he has far more than you
  8. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    That's a false equivalance though as both those game design elements have clear actions you can do to counter
  9. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    Double post...
  10. drop271

    MVR needs nerfing

    Saying they are different to other classes doesn't mean they can't also be bad game design. Like your comment re Flamu, you've just launched ad hominem attacks again without offering any substantive points to back yourself up
  11. drop271

    Is Pan Asian line worth the grind?

    I enjoy them and am thinking of regrinding it soon even. Some points: Deepwater torps are great in the BB heavy meta at the moment. High number of smokes is great vs CVs (instead of fewer, longer US smokes). Never, ever, use Radar, it's awful (short range/short duration/no smoke/no guns to take advantage). It's more variable than other DD lines since its a mix of Soviet and US ships. Fushun and Gadjah Mada are best specc'd as gun boats, whereas 8,9,10 are best specced with Torpedo Reloard. T5 and T8 are pretty bad ships - vastly inferior USS Nicholas and USS Benson specifically.
  12. drop271

    Should Kagero or Yugumo be skipped?

    I really enjoyed them both! I'm a 49.5% WR DD player (53% ish with other classes) but I had a 60%WR in both Kagero and Yugumo. I didn't find radar too much of a problem since I didn't try to contest caps with them - I just spotted and used torps. The current meta seems quite BB heavy, which means plenty of targets.
  13. I see, so this code is a SEA specific one to make up for last weekend? Rather than an extra one for the second week etc?
  14. It grates me that other than the acknowledgement from one of the volunteer moderators above, there hasn't actually been any apology or formal response from WG. It's not the end of the world or anything, but it kinda sucks they can't even bother giving people a proper reply. Edit: it's now 2 days since this was first raised.