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  1. I just hope this doesn't mean BBs play even further back since their disengagement range is longer. That aside, I do agree with the sentiments
  2. drop271

    1 MB remains to download

    Update: Try restarting two or three times, seemed to eventually sort itself Edit: your PC, not the update
  3. drop271

    1 MB remains to download

    Same issue. Hoping it will resolve
  4. drop271

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    By my estimate we're due for Operation Narai next week, which is really good for grinding coins
  5. drop271


    If it happened to someone once in 1500 games I would understand - that's the rate it happens to me. But, some players report regular connection issues, and if so I think that makes them playing Ranked battles irresponsible and selfish
  6. drop271


    I would argue that players having connection issues should do the right thing and steer clear of Ranked Battles. I think it's really rude to hand the risk of your poor connection onto one's teammates
  7. drop271


    This is still a massive issue, especially in Ranked 5v5. Why has there been no solution?
  8. drop271

    Tech Support problem

    A bug in your technical support. I'm trying to report a problem with your client and apparently I can't email from the same one as my account? What on earth?
  9. drop271

    Match-Making: The absurbd & ridiculous

    Just played a game as a T8 Chapayev. One T8 (me). One T9. 10 Tier 10s. There was zero value add I could have. Even if I get to shoot my guns can't penetrate anything. I've had numerous Chapayev games with 200 hits and only 30 penetrations. It's utterly pointless playing. Any AP shell citadels me. I do not understand why WOWS needs to have have three tiers of ships in a game. I'm ok with playing vs Tier 9s, but 10 x Tier 10? wtf? Can't the matchmaking be restricted to only one tier up?
  10. drop271

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    Will WG provide Aust & NZ players with the same free commander skills re-specialisation that players in CBs get since we can't participate? Secondly, why are we assuming that the CB window has to be the exact same time each day? Ok you want UTC+8 20:30 to 23:30 on weekday nights. How about having an afternoon session on Saturdays?
  11. drop271

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    This is quite a stunning statement. The risk of players having to match-make for slightly longer is acceptable to you to rule out entire countries? Respectfully, how is it fair that some players get the benefit of this mode, while the rest of us do not? Why not have the same length window and start two hours earlier?
  12. drop271

    1130PM AEST Start for CB season 4

    Hey mate, 11:30pm would be a dream. It starts at 1:30am here in New Zealand. Thanks heaps WG