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  1. drop271

    Christmas Story Event

    Hello All, I wanna to say thank to WG team who give me a chance to know more about world war ( the terrible thing in the world ). You always try to update new mode, new ships, new gifts and new function in the game. Thank you all for that. Say thank to Players Communication where I learn much from those topics. I am playing WOWS since 2015 and this is only game I played. The first T10 ship is USS Montana and she is the best ship in my eyes with these big guns. After that, I want to focus on my carrier so I leave the game so long time. And I get back to play in this year, I was surprised when I see so many line ship what I ever never see before. I am trying to play the game everyday (avg 1h per day) and now I have got 5 T10 ships and some pre ship from armory like: Geo, Yoshino.... And I am enjoying day by day.
  2. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    Double post
  3. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    They get Steel for each phase they complete, which is the one resource whales can't buy with cash
  4. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    I used to just use Moskva, but Georgia is a better idea!
  5. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    It is six missions a stage. It has been for the last 4 dockyards, and the first stage of this time is six missions.
  6. drop271

    It's whaling season

    Some people (for whom money is no object) just buy the ship outright, and then collect the Steel rewards from each phase, given steel cant be bought for real money
  7. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    Nothing too bad, biggest is probably 24mil potential damage in the last stage. 50,000 base xp. Etc. Nothing absurd
  8. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    No you don't. How about not posting misleading stuff. There are 9 missions at each stage, and you only need to complete six. I.e. not the hard ones
  9. drop271

    Fifth Brawl

    Thanks, would you mind telling me why you can't share that? Why is telling me what variables the matchmaking looks at private?
  10. drop271

    Fifth Brawl

    Thanks! Do you mind letting us know what histories are used? I've been keen to say similar matchmaking for ages so I'm really interested
  11. drop271

    Fifth Brawl

    What does the article mean when it says "teams are matched based on player skill level"?
  12. drop271

    Community Tokens

    Just mute the tab in chrome, not the twitch stream itself 🙂
  13. drop271

    tightening the money belt

    Just FYI, Coal and Steel farming has always been from Xmas events only. Last year's anniversary was Super Containers and Gifts too. I'd also query your point about Steel - ranked battles are now more regular and stable as a method of getting steel. Didn't used to be like this a few years ago where if you didn't play Clan Battles it was nigh on impossible to get any steel.
  14. drop271

    New CODE

    https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=TIKTOKTO20K 250 Community Tokens and a camo. Taken from Reddit
  15. I think OP doesn't realise they can repeat missions. Quick word for those that may be reading not knowing how Free XP is acrued - it is based on you base XP of course, but it scales UP with Ship XP as well. I.e. a camo that gives you a standard +100% ship XP will also increase your free XP. So, to clarify, you want both + Free XP, and + Ship XP (commander XP is irrelevant)