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  1. drop271

    Bronze League Ranked Battles

    I had a quick look at your profile and with the greatest respect I think the bigger challenge is that you are primarily a PvE player - which is absolutely fine. But, I don't think that there are any skills that translate from PvE to PvP modes like ranked. If you're not playing 12v12 Random battles then I'm not sure you can expect to be effective in a 6v6 ranked battle where each player really needs to play their part. Cruisers can be really effective but you need to be thinking about your movement, spotting, where the enemy guns are pointing, where cover is etc. It takes a bit of instinct to make good choices about when there is an opportunity to push or when you need to create some distance. I'd recommend honing your skills in PvP games before joining ranked. I'm sorry if that's not the feedback you'd like, but I'm just being upfront with you
  2. drop271

    Missions and accomplishments

    Glad you found your enjoyment in the game. That Hanover record is insane - good luck! I don't agree with this sorry. I think in an ideal world this progression from Co-Op > Operations > Random Battles > Ranked/Clan Battles would work but it doesn't really in practice. Operations are linear and set meaning fewer tactical choices are required. The key decisions a player needs to master in random battles (How does my ship compare to the ones I'm facing? Which flank are they pushing? Do I need to move up or move back? What are my teammates doing?) aren't required in operations. I'd argue operations just teach players to farm as much damage as quickly as possible without any sense of teamwork. Ideally, a player would learn to make these key decisions in lower tier random battles where the game is more forgiving (i.e. less ikely to be dev struck for one mistake). But, many players progress as fast as possible to the high tier, well known historical ships (and chance to play Ranked for steel) without learning much. This is the fundamental design problem with progression (more ships, more FXP) not being tied to skill progression. Ideally, credits could function like this - lose too much in high tier matches and you'll go broke - but there are too many systems that undermine this. Plus credits are linked to post match score which rewards damage and caps, but not spotting and teamwork.
  3. drop271

    How is this possible?

    Thanks for that clarification - it’s a shame it’s even possible!
  4. drop271

    How is this possible?

    With respect though - your match has a relatively normal line up. I’m familiar with matches with fewer ships. However, I thought 50% of ships being subs and CVS was impossible
  5. drop271

    How is this possible?

    This was a random battle. 8v8 with double sub and double CV. What on earth? I thought this sort of trash match making wasn't possible.
  6. drop271

    should kamikaze planes be added to japanese CVs?!

    That's a hard no from me
  7. drop271

    Noobs In Ranked?

    I agree - most times the loudest in chat are complaints from lower winrate players
  8. drop271

    Noobs In Ranked?

    I agree with the general comments too - I've found it highly frustrating. Ranked doesn't have any criteria for participation and is the only avenue to Steel for many new players. I've seen numerous players with limited experience - less that 50 games at tier 8 - and significantly below average win rates participating. This is much more frustrating than in Randoms due to the 6v6 format instead of 12v12. One ship suiciding themselves has a huge bearing on the game. I'm not saying that players with lower win rates shouldn't be able to compete - more that often players have no care whatsoever for positioning on the minimap (WHY AREN"T YOU SUPPORTING MY 2 vs 5 PUSH AT A CAP??!?!) and ignore calls from members of their team to get back. I would personally support a new requirement for ranked that is at least 50 games in the relevant tier at a winrate of 45%+. But, I know this won't happen. Alternatively, I'd love to see the skill based matchmaking that WOWS uses in Brawls being extended to Ranked to balance the teams. I know an answer to this is just to get into Silver - I can - but it's an absolutely punishing grind to go through Bronze with such teammates before you can get to Silver and I simply don't get to play that many games each fortnight.
  9. drop271

    Christmas Story Event

    Hello All, I wanna to say thank to WG team who give me a chance to know more about world war ( the terrible thing in the world ). You always try to update new mode, new ships, new gifts and new function in the game. Thank you all for that. Say thank to Players Communication where I learn much from those topics. I am playing WOWS since 2015 and this is only game I played. The first T10 ship is USS Montana and she is the best ship in my eyes with these big guns. After that, I want to focus on my carrier so I leave the game so long time. And I get back to play in this year, I was surprised when I see so many line ship what I ever never see before. I am trying to play the game everyday (avg 1h per day) and now I have got 5 T10 ships and some pre ship from armory like: Geo, Yoshino.... And I am enjoying day by day.
  10. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    Double post
  11. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    They get Steel for each phase they complete, which is the one resource whales can't buy with cash
  12. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    I used to just use Moskva, but Georgia is a better idea!
  13. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    It is six missions a stage. It has been for the last 4 dockyards, and the first stage of this time is six missions.
  14. drop271

    It's whaling season

    Some people (for whom money is no object) just buy the ship outright, and then collect the Steel rewards from each phase, given steel cant be bought for real money
  15. drop271

    Dockyard Missions

    Nothing too bad, biggest is probably 24mil potential damage in the last stage. 50,000 base xp. Etc. Nothing absurd