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  1. kazuru_

    WarGaming, Please remove Rental ships for Ranked

    Don't hate [Rental] people :(( I'm pretty sure they not going to troll anyone, they just trying to get experience *Hate weegee cause they allowed them
  2. kazuru_

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon [Updated]

    Improved matchmaking for clan clan battle, when mm +1/-1 ??
  3. So... Uhm.... just a newbie questions about HE shell (sorry for that) 🙃 First, Can HE shell set fire when not penetrate armour ? Second, how fire lit in the citadel and does it cause same amount of damage on fire in superstructure ? Third, if HE shell not penetrate can it damage module ? (example : AA gun) Last, if you take IFHE is it necessary to take DemoExpert too ? Thank you
  4. 1. Description [Ship] IJN Ashitaka name get censored on in-game chat 2. Reproduction steps Select any ship Enter the battle. Trigger chat that can write Ashitaka ship name Example : Press F3 on Ashitaka would make "Concentrate fire on Ashitaka" or "Provide cover for Ashitaka" 3. Result Ashitaka name is censored and show like "A****aka" 4. Expected result It should show Ashitaka without cencor 5. Technical details Time occurence : Always Ps : Sorry for my bad English and Post