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  1. LeoN1das

    High Tier Never be Challenging

    Yeah, but it's the only way to measure how good you are. Dunno the reason why people always make fun about others stats. But, I 80% agree about it.
  2. Never i feel like this before, but after some loses (which is lots) at high tier (coz i want grinding ofc) and not for fun. Once a month surely i got chat banned due to my toxicity with my own team, i fell like (i did sometimes) want to shoot them even they are my team. The only i feel something that challenging in brawl. The loading screen said "Battle against real players. Team are matched based on player skill level. Ships restriction apply." But it's sometime also doesn't get excited. My imagination when i was in T5 like "High tier must be filled with good players, i need to catch them." And when i reached T7 (Shiratsuyu) my mindset need to be change, "I don't need to get hurry, i need to mastered one ship first then i can go for the next tier." Thankfully with that mindset, i can at least have some sense and think about go and no-go place, shoot or not-shoot, etc. The issue come when i reached T10 (Yoshino my first T10 ships) i found so many player that shouldn't be at this tier. I never judge myself as good player though or better than the others. Next, keep pretend to not say something that might players catch it as insult. But, the harder i hold myself, more id*ot my team would be. Usually, i often play T8 so in other words at least many player already basic skill, but my expectation already wrong when the match reach 15 mins. Now, already 3 T10 ships (Yoshino, Harugumo, and recently Marceau) things more often get sad whenever i look at my team. Rarely to get proper teamwork, balance MM, etc. Playing at low tier also get boring sometimes stressful, why? Because, why i can play at T8 need to sealclubbing at T6? And they need to learn first. I don't know should i worried about my stats or not, i just worried whenever the start begin and for 2 mins already see the outcome. I already followings some tips to encounter such ridiculous event such as take a rest 3 hours, play different ships, etc. Only sometimes work and the rest didn't. THIS MESSAGE FOR FUTURE PLAYER, MIGHT YOU READ THIS AND UNDERSTAND: "Every player has their own gameplay." I sure understand this, but don't misunderstood about this. Don't think you are different so you can do whatever you want, think about your team.
  3. LeoN1das

    I need intelligence data!

    We don't need intelligence data, we need intelligence player. How with a match just start 7 mins they all are dead.
  4. LeoN1das

    I need intelligence data!

    It's depends. If you feel like that, there's battle mode called CO-OP to learn.
  5. LeoN1das

    I need intelligence data!

    Well, sadly in this game players lack of brain to tell what need to do and not to do. Kinda hard to explain but, the point is lack of sense.
  6. LeoN1das

    I need intelligence data!

    Normal day in Asia Edit: Does he understands English?
  7. LeoN1das

    Broken Match Making

    WG can nerf it by removing share spoting by CV. The funniest part is, all hybrid and (unbalanced) things are premium or at least has special gimmicks. So you need to buy it to fell the experience. IMO, it's all depends on the player.
  8. LeoN1das


    Yeah. The solution is seal clubbing but I not prefer someone to do it. Still, unskilled player keep buzzing in MM
  9. LeoN1das


    >Win rate is not important >Clan invitation and people judgement based on win rate. Bruh.
  10. LeoN1das


    500 battles is not enough. make it 1000 and have at least 100 battles in T 10 might work I think we all can agree about this.
  11. LeoN1das


    RED: Midway BLUE: Grozovoi >WR not improving. >Clanmates told me "we don't care about WR" >Don't give a sh*t about makra >Get 2 compliments yersterday >"Why i get compliment?" >Ok play at high tier, might my skills will be improve >wtf wrong with my teams? >DD don't doing his job >Told me to cap B >14 cm concealment (i don't build concealment, be a man) and pretty suitable for my gameplay >CV doesn't hunting DD till end (2 shimas and 1 halland) >Can't do hunt DD with HEDB >Is this my fault? >Got reported MM sure balance (perhaps) but not the players. Make a division might can change the result, but if your div try hard to not losing and carrying 3-4 nonsense T 10 player. Bruh, this is why my WR still stuck at 51 and sometimes only win 5 from 10 battles of the day.
  12. The mechanic how to use BB on theory and practice are different. I cannot say that BB players are so stupid. First, BB can't shoot while there's no target in front of them, meaning they need second eyes. Second, they can't aim correctly. I love shooting from far, but for getting hit is hard and take time to get used with. Third, team doesn't have good communication. This is Asia, and we know box language are annoying. Fourth, you don't read the map. But I'm gonna make it simple. "Learn how to shoot." And "picking the right target." Don't expect the higher the tier more skilled the player. No, the rules not come like that. You need to start everything from bottom don't trying to rush your BB tech tree or the worse buying a ship without knowledge how to play it. This based my gameplay on Yoshino. Strange, it's not a BB but has fire range like BB. But IMO, it's should share the similiar gameplay as a BB.
  13. LeoN1das

    Should I...

    Wanna make Ise balance? Add new module, If the aircraft storage being damage then cannot launching airstrike. Seems this gonna work. Take their money first, then nerf it?
  14. LeoN1das

    Should I...

    Putting simple, someone really need money
  15. LeoN1das

    DD Thoughts

    This is what I thinking.