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    A simple step-by-step guide to extracting and preparing PnF modding files

    Sorry to bother you.Could you provide me a copy of the exact and latest SDK code?I think the old SDK is no longer applicable after a client update, so it can't be found in the client.Here are my attempts and error messages. 2020-05-24 03:32:06.007: ERROR: [Script] [ModsAPI] SDK for ASD709_Black not found; (, 21749963773483, 561) 2020-05-24 03:42:36.652: ERROR: [Script] [ModsAPI] SDK for PASD709_Black not found; (, 21749963773483, 561) 2020-05-24 04:06:02.404: ERROR: [Script] [ModsAPI] SDK for ASD030_Black_1943 not found; (, 21749963773483, 561) I have also tried to see if the error is related to whether the folder is unpacked, but the result of my experiment is irrelevant, and the error information is the same. So I hope you can consider my suggestion and solve the problem from another angle. python.log
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    開發日誌:0.9.5 版本更新

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  7. 如题,碧蓝联动还搞不搞啊,马上都六月了,怎么一点消息都没有了
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    A simple step-by-step guide to extracting and preparing PnF modding files

    Thank you. I've figured out my mistakes, but still thanks for responding to my questions in the first place. Here I also point out my mistakes to help other authors make the same mistakes as me. Texture size needs to be consistent. Before that, my file size of _a.dds was 4096 * 4096, but the file sizes of _mg.dds and _ao.dds were 512 * 512, which led to this error. After I used Photoshop to change _ao.dds to 4096 * 4096, the error shadow disappeared. In the same way, after I changed ﹐ _mg.dds to 4096 * 4096, the wrong mirror disappeared. My guess is that due to the size difference, the texture is misaligned when reading, resulting in these shadows and highlights appearing in places where they should not appear. Finally, thank you very much for your tutorial. I have learned a lot from your tutorial. I hope I can make my own camouflage mod
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    A simple step-by-step guide to extracting and preparing PnF modding files

    Hello! I'm very interested in how to make camouflage mods, so I read your articles carefully to learn how to make them. But now I have some unknown problems. I need your help. Would it be convenient for you to check my screenshot and make suggestions to solve them? Thanks. 1.When I was making a camouflage, I only changed the file of _a.dds, but there was an unknown shadow color block on the hull. 2.When I don't change the file _mg.dds, the painting will be presented as a mirror, but I can only solve this problem by painting the blue part of _mg.dds as brown. But I'm still curious about how it works and why it's so reflective when you don't do anything.
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    法國驅逐艦:第 2 部分

  13. 毛子不怎么守信用啊,我都等到8月份了,7月的奖励还不发
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    [ALL] ModStation

    After I updated the version on Steam, the game client could not be identified using modstation. What shall I do?
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    这个人玩个贝法一开始蹲烟,有个BB吸他烟没视野,他就开始骂别人,说的话很难听,星号都出来了。我克爹出岛拖刀给他视野,我们队友在前面混战抗线要死,他在后面偷黑枪还不满足。残局我们都残血,就他一个人满血,他又开始白字挑衅对面DD。他说他有水听,结果吃雷了,我就问了他一句你有水听怎么还吃雷了,他就开始骂我。这都算了,我又不理他,他打完了追到港口骂我,喷我战绩菜,自己战绩又不给人看,不光如此还骂起来了,这操作没谁了。 你前面那些我都能忍,您这**攻击还能忍吗?如此反动的言论严重的破坏了游戏内相当一部分玩家的感情,破坏社区和谐,希望WG能把这个孤儿直接永封,免得他天天说这些屁话。