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  1. Balzarknam

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    so we can see.... 3x3 9km 90 sec torpedo is very nice and spammable 43knot+spodbeest is gud.... and godly 4 sec rudder for 43 knot? concealment is at kebab level minus lack of gun dpm a well balanced but lack of purpose.... not for cap.... not for gunboat.... FOR A RACE?
  2. Balzarknam

    USS Saipan Overpowered

    is T5 with AADF exist? any AA sheep at T6? memeland is moved to T8 now.... la glass high AA still cannt wrekt saipan TB T7 ship AA? the biggest problem of saipan is T7 is basically the god of all tier! you get higher tier most of the time + a lot of noob player at T5 and T6! remember its have T9 PLANE! even T10 memeway only have T8 TB! OP? YES.... very OP? YES! the only hope to beat saipan in CV is OUTSKILL BY HUGE MARGIN! ~ if you are same skill as enemy saipan.... you lose ~ if you are better but enemy saipan is decent.... stale.... depend on your AA team ~ if you are better and enemy saipan is noob.... you win why its so deadly? it can rekt DD easily and bypass cruiser AADF with its stupid fast speed plane and sinking BB with flooding is so easy! ______________________________________________________________________ saipan IS THE LAST OP SHEEP IN GAME that never get reworked! ~ buyfast kutuzov got nerf smoke ~ memeouri get outclassed by new tech BB tree like alsace.... ~ bliskawica no invisfiring ~ grap zepplein 3x5 TB bomber removed LOL WG did make new OP look only premium ship like masasuset, haida or Z-39... but they have serious weakness or other balance gimmick. why saipan never get nerf? WG FORGET ABOUT CV! that is..... and not only WG, the player too..... the only solution is to make other CV super OP..... bring back grapz 3x5 TB, give hiryu T7 TB, give Kaga T7 fighter, GIVE ENTERPRISE T8 DB, AAAANDD!! BUFF ALL DB HP by 2x. according to history, TB should easier to shotdown but DB is very hard due to its angle from above. in WoWs.... DB get shotdown more easier because stupid AA aura mechanic, more closer to ship... mean more AA
  3. Balzarknam

    Pls halp

    try to reproduce the issue like "step by step, starting when to open program and when its crashed" and what did you mean by internet explorer? also if anything dont work, try to other PC or download the new client :V my update seems normal btw.
  4. Balzarknam

    Pls halp

  5. Balzarknam

    i dont understand why WG nerf OP ship....

    i will be back later
  6. 0. FIRST, they nerf CV by increase ship AA and AADF from 1.75x to >>> 3x and 4x for DD.... later, most of ship added in game have stupid AA. Conkek have stronk AA comparable to montana.... later, WG add republique that make montana AA become joke. even at lower tier, Bretagne and Lyon with only BFT rekt everything. 0. i want to buy graf zeppelin with 3x5 TB... hyped so much abut axis getting strike back... they nerf it to become 3x5 DB with joke plane.... and there is no new OP premium CV anymore. i am request special consumable like repair party..... they give it german hydro instead.... 0. everyone love kebab, long and delicious... yet, rudder nerf to become cruiser.... 6km torpedo?? ...... 1. Gadjah Mada have 70 smoke duration and 80 cooldown before.... now they nerf it to become 100 sec cooldown 2. emil bertin and alsace is getting nerfed very heavily...... YET still some OP ship is exist.... the versatile murica DD, british HE...... WG have 1 common reason why they nerf something...... A) "play CV" i am always saying this whenever someone post their gameplay problem on forum.... after that WG decide to increase AADF multiplier and introduce more AA sheeps....... B) "go get alsace!" ....... "Emil is A T5 BOSS! even it can rekt another BB" Alsace have gut AA, GG secondary and decent gun..... Nerf Cooming Soon™ emil is the T5 AE86.... now become AE85 C) "unlimited smoke works!" ... " Gadjah can rekt another radar ship " .... " Atlanta and new orlean is food " later they introduce anti radar DD.... but with 1 common thing, they cannt do unlimited smoke works.... Z-39 have german smoke..... Haida? its true 90sec smoke but... ITS LIKE PERTH, last only 10 sec AND CANNT SMOKE THE ENTIRE MAP! why gadjah mada is so fun? BECAUSE YOU CAN SMOKE TO WIDE AREA with super upgrade +30sec smoke emmision..... and where is the fun? you are actually leaving the smoke..... and there is no one inside the smoke, when someone drop torpedo or radar sheep use its radar.... unlike with brainless very short cooldown, you must think carefully now...... because its not funny when you really need the smoke and its on cooldown _____________________________________________ dear WG please add new OP ship that is very fun and meme-able. i am suggest $1000 new OP Zumwalt DD at T7 with obvious radar jammer.... or at least ADD NEW OP PREMIUM DD WITH RADAR JAMMER! l no OP sheep = no fun = no meme = leave the game ____________________ also 1 more thing.... Z-39 main gun range should be 15km and 6.5 sec reload
  7. Balzarknam

    I've done it.

    now i can rest in peace
  8. Balzarknam

    Arson award unreachable now??

    use TB first.... Target repair flood.... send 1 DB to stern send 1 DB to bow 3~4 fires...... higher chance of arsonist
  9. Balzarknam

    How to deal with so much radar in a DD

    problem solved
  10. Balzarknam

    world of warship ingame DD ship size comparison?

    ..... i am swear in the name of ice cream & cat, i will do something very very stupid and post a very very stupid thread.
  11. Balzarknam

    Vote for me

    RED, BLACK, WHITE.... a bit yellow why it remind me of axis Na........ plus your avatar is Aqua, goddess of Axis Cult HAIL AQUA!
  12. i need to know how big is Pan Asia DD compared to other DD. anyone have the pict or table? i am just think Gadjah Mada is so small compared to fushun it will be nice if there is also french BB comparison :V based on real life, KRI Gadjah Mada have 108.7 m long and 10.9m beam wide... Fushun (a.k.a Gnevny) 112.8m long and 10.2m beam wide.... the IJN Akatsuki 118m x 10.4m Shiratsuyu 107m x 9.9m how about WoWs Scale?
  13. Balzarknam

    Where is the PT 0.7.5 Rewards?

    lol i get all :V
  14. Balzarknam

    Stop abusing DD's

    @LordTyphoon come on dude, Russian and Pan Asia DD is obviously DD designated to destroy enemy team especialy Radar Cruiser. you dont need to be mad at angry react. well, sometimes i am understand why people get mad at DD because they expect support from DD. but about that case, its their fault for not playing CV instead. well, i am bad(ass) DD player who dont give sheet about objective and go phew-phew cruiser for fun. if you can destroy all enemy, win is guaranteee!
  15. Balzarknam

    EU server stats, in graphics.

    based on the graph, i can conclude something very important "10K battle increase win rate, 20K battle decrease win rate" my theory is, after bored of getting serious, to increase 50+ WR. someone might try stupid idea and dont give sheet about WR anymore. thus decrease its own win rate to become as low as possible. but the other dont think the same and keep increase. _____________________ this is also explain WoWs learning curve is really hard. you need a lot of battle to be gud.....