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  1. PbKavarovsky

    Supertest - FAQ and 2020 recruitment thread

    So you need to keep all Tier 8 tech tree ships in the port and have at least 400 battles played across two classes from these ships?
  2. PbKavarovsky


    I had 5 salvos at a broadside Hosho with Nikolai I and failed to sink the carrier, the dispersion is garbage. I have no idea how this ship is OP.
  3. PbKavarovsky

    再见 CN_70

  4. There are 15 players in the hall of fame on the ASIA server. I can't tell if they paid for Gorizia or any of the boosters, but so far 15 players managed to finish at least 5 missions in all of the 7 directives. P.S.: The first guy in the table who named themselves CN_70 does not belong to [CN_70].
  5. PbKavarovsky

    CV emblem

    The general rule of thumb of playing World Of Warships is do not broadside your enemies, with Conqueror’s concealment, there is no issue turning around while being concealed. With 32 mm armor, you might still take 10000 penetration damage from battleships like Yamato while angling, but the super heal compensated it. The reduced cooldown on the super heal made it even more effective to tank HE damage, as well as fire damage.
  6. PbKavarovsky

    CV emblem

    That was well before the nerf, I have not been playing Tier X carriers after the nerf, cuz the current meta on AA-focused ship in Tier X is insane, and I'm sure racking up 130K is not as easy. Sure you can melt down a battleship very quickly, only if there are no 6.9km AA cruisers around, Hakuryu planes are not very durable. Not to mention that matchmaking nowadays tend to be very one-sided. Games are very short because both team are not equally competitive, not even close, and thus there is not a lot of time to farm damage. This is true even in ranked battles, which I'm really disappointed. And yes, the Conqueror is OP if so you ask, it only looks less OP after Thunder has been released as a Freemium Tier X battleship that is even more toxic. If you compare these ships with the older one (Montana, GK), are they equally powerful? You have your say. If you sunk an isolated target that is out of the battlefield early and had the team eventually losing all the capture points because you ain't supporting your destroyers, I'm sure your team would not agree that you had a good team-play. You might have topped the table by damage but you failed to realize what it takes to win a battle. If this is the case, they should probably raise the requirement to attain the DD, CA, and BB emblems like someone mentioned above, to make all these elite emblems equally valuable, and hard to achieve. The Conqueror is still capable of dealing massive DoT damage after the nerf, it wasn't a big deal if you angle your ship correctly, you even benefited from the reduced cooldown of the heal. I'd say it was a buff for me.
  7. PbKavarovsky

    CV emblem

    I currently have 137K average damage in my Haku with 60% WR, git gud? K. This... ...and this, is exactly why, imo, WG should tweak the requirement for the emblem, to discourage selfish play. This is like WG saying that: "The top x% hard core player could attain the Puerto Rico without spending any doubloons buying boosters, so it's not the missions are impossible it's just the players aren't hardcore enough." Unless you truly believe only the best 10% CV players deserve the CV elite emblem. (or the top x% hardcore players deserve to get the PR for free) I consider them a part of a collection, I don't judge people with their emblems.
  8. PbKavarovsky

    CV emblem

    Does it still make sense to have 130K average damage in 100 matches for CV elite emblem? Let's be real here: DD emblem, 64K damage, do-able, especially easy with gun spamming DDs that can shoot in open water (Khabarovsk, Kleber), capable of dealing more than 70K damage on average. (Average Damage for Somers on ASIA server is 65289, highest in Tier X destroyers, higher than requirement.) CA emblem, 95K damage, do-able, especially if you have Smolensk/Stalingrad, capable of dealing more than 100K damage on average. Henri IV also works. (Average Damage for Venezia on ASIA server is 98969, highest in Tier X cruisers, higher than requirement.) BB emblem, 108K damage, do-able, especially if you have Conqueror, capable of dealing more than 120K damage on average. (Average Damage for Bourgogne on ASIA server is 127218, highest in Tier X battleships, higher than requirement.) CV emblem, 130K damage. Hello? I mean, if CVs are capable of dealing more than 130K damage consistently, WarGaming would nerf them, which they already did. CVs could be OP but certainly not always, especially when the new Tier X ships have marvellous anti-air suite. If dealing 130K damage in a carrier in Tier X is OP and need to nerf, then the condition on CV elite emblem for 130K definitely makes no sense. Any thoughts other than delete CV? (Average Damage for Hakuryu on ASIA server is 94748, highest in Tier X aircraft carriers, 36K lower than requirement.)
  9. PbKavarovsky

    I just did, would YOU? HAVE you?

    I buy perma camou on every of my Tier X ships.
  10. PbKavarovsky

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Where is my fix to the unrewarded emblems???
  11. PbKavarovsky


  12. PbKavarovsky

    problem with Asian server...again...

    The home page said the server would be restarted at 13:50 UTC, I guess the server is still restarting.
  13. 以煤炭換東西的時候,若煤炭量不足,系統會自動計算剩餘所需的煤炭量,並用鋼鐵以一比十的比例填補,問你是否要繼續。
  14. PbKavarovsky

    Ranked Sprint 1v1 1337 haxx0r MLG 'Strat'

    I took Enterprise out for two/three rides on the Test Server and totally dominated the enemy CA/DD, I felt ashamed of myself that I stopped playing the ranked sprint.
  15. PbKavarovsky

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    I specifically changed my client language to Chinese just to read what the Chinese players have to say, regardless of saltiness. In general I enjoyed the English version of the game client more, as there are far less grammatical mistakes. I know which clan you are referring to, this clan is very popular in a Mainland forum, widely known as a bot clan. They are a true disgrace to the community. Many players who moved from Kongzhong server are experienced, hence the local player base on ASIA server (especially the new players) are rather weak to them. Most meh players probably stayed on the Chinese server rather than moving to the ASIA server. Put it this way, the amount of players who speak English on the ASIA server isn't as great as on the NA server, even though the Chinese players know how to speak English, they would speak Chinese, as they presume most players are from China. I started my clan based in Hong Kong and has a Discord server running for it, but I ended up using QQ and Mandarin in Clan Wars because the majority of members in my clan are from Mainland China. So yeah, the amount of salty players might be the same across servers, just that they speak another language.