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  1. screw you WG

    Everyday i lose 10-15 in a row before i win 1 game regardless of what i do, almost every if we lose the 1st ship the game is over. Win or lose it seems to be very 1 sided. The balance of experience in battles plays no factor and hence the lopsided teams getting thrashed. Its terrible. Nothing can be done or will be. So many AFKs on or players that dont cap and hide in the corner of the maps. Forces everyone else to adopt the same tactic.
  2. MM Rant

    I totally agree with the MM, its terrible. My win ratio is low but thats not important as to the teams im paired up with, can go on a losing streak of 10-20 each day. About 70% of the games play, of the teams im with have a total combined battle experience of 1/10th of the enemy team. Im with all new players with no games behind them and get wasted so fast. Every game becomes 2v1 or 3v1. Even by playing T3 or T8 the team experience balance is trash, e.g on a T6 game the total battles on my team was 7k and the enemy team was 55k. Changes the whole game as knowing its a loss from the start. Either way it wont deter me i will keep grinding win or lose.
  3. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    Ive got 3 super cons in just about a thousand battles at 1 attempt every 2 days
  4. How to avoid trolls?

    So they should remove the defected damage penalty and make it you can just TK, so you can kill deserters and cowards on your team. Its that simple. The game would be so much easier. Should be no punishment either. Just everyone can kill each other and other team, then there would be no issue.
  5. Its the norm. The exact same thing happen to me. Ive had a few team kills by accident so yes it happens. Since there is no way of distinguishing it as deliberate or accident, its a punishment by all means. So the lesson is to try to be 100% certain it wont hit a friendly by assessing all conditions and scenarios so there is no chance of accidents. Any risk involved can mean friendly fire.
  6. If enemy CV is better or you have a Noob CV its game over for entire team. I find that we lose 2-3 ships from CV and the game is sunk from then on. Having 2 CVs in game for both sides is a disaster, may as well put in 3-4 CV per side what difference does it make.
  7. Matchmaking at Tier 6

    Tested 20 battles, 10 with Battleships 10 with Cruisers and the matchmaking came out 4 rounds with lower tiers to 4-6. Then 6 rounds at 5-7 and 10 rounds at 6-8 tier ships. So in all that its like 10-12 game losing streak due to higher tier ship dominance. If you say its even on both sides, its not, since 4 rounds came out with 5 of the same players who lost all them last games. It kept on putting everyone on the same team. No team shuffle or random. They have to change the system from the tier system to a win-lose ratio or have both, or change the matchmaking. Maybe it doesnt have enough players to choose from so your stuck losing all the time. Thats a quick and good way to lose the players even faster and makes my decision easier to not spend, even though i was contemplating it. So why would anyone if they going to lose all the time.

    Cos most players are trash and non-team oriented, just camp or run away make you lose. Dont stress, we can do it too.