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  1. AxEyBoI

    CV's in or out

    CV needs to be in. But have a separate game mode. Otherwise every ship need an AA consumable as standard. So player can go into a game knowing theres CV and use there AA ship accordingly. Whats the point of having a mixed game mode with CV in and out so players cant spec there ship to the random MM of the game. Theres no other way or all the non AA ships are useless and everyone may as well use AA spec ships only. Im still seeing CV dominate and get more kills then ships in game. Which does not make any sense since they were meant to be nerfed. WG is not getting the picture. 95% of player base dont want them in the game the way it is where they determine the outcome of a match and whether you get sunk in the 1st 5mins or not. This is a fail on there part.
  2. AxEyBoI

    Why? why do they up tier tier 8 to tier 10.

    MM is terrible. It happens to everyone, or most people. 3/4 games im up tiered +2, and team balance in terms of % win rate all the higher ones are always on the same team up to 70% and battles played is like 60% of the games played your entire team Battles played is massively less then the enemy team. Ive been keeping track of the statistics. Its so way off in one direction it cant be random, more like a set formula for MM. It only takes into account the Ship type and nothing else.
  3. AxEyBoI

    End Of Destroyers

    Ive noticed at T8-10 games with CV in them and all the DDs are now going suicidal and killing themselves at the start from both sides in a few matches. I think its some sort of protest against what has been happening with the ship type against CV so the trend must be to go YOLO Kamikaze style and die in the 1st few minutes. Recent game in which 8 T10 DDs 4 from each side all die in 6mins. Interesting to see whats going to happen.
  4. AxEyBoI

    jean bart is my new waifu

    Until the Russian BB line drops in and all the rest of the BB become obsolete.
  5. AxEyBoI

    A bug:My Minotaur citadeled a Montana at 14 km

    There' s times when ive seen Torpedoes go through islands (It seems to be a certain map at lower tiers) and shot at ships 5km out and the shells went straight through them like Ghosts, there was no clipping. But yes it is possible to Citadel CVs with wooden decks if your plunging shots from distance with IFHE. But when you dont have it on your captain and still doing it seems odd.
  6. AxEyBoI

    A bug:My Minotaur citadeled a Montana at 14 km

    Could be a bug. I was using the IRIAN and with HE i hit the CV for Citadels... which was baffling since its fire damage lol.
  7. AxEyBoI

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    Yeh they buffed the CV back again so its like how it was at the start. Been getting spotted all game and getting tanked by the CV every game. My AA guns are not deterring them from killing me even with FULL AA build. Its a joke. Im still seeing many games where they are at the top with 2-5 kills each game. Well none of us ships get to do that almost every game. Out of control. When the CV has better concealment and speed faster then most Cruisers there is something really wrong. They have dropped the ball on this one.
  8. AxEyBoI

    WoWS Update 0.8.1

    There are sound bugs and stutters in game. By the way CV is still broken and should be removed. Im still getting games where CVs are getting 6-8 kills a game. Wheres the Nerf or AA buff???
  9. Asian server seem to get everything last. All the updates and all. Problem is there is too many Alaska's around. I have to go use my Mushi or Yama to delete them from the back of the map.
  10. AxEyBoI

    New Maps and Game Modes

    Introducing New Maps would be Good. A game mode where only ships of the country face off against another country. Slots open for e.g 3 DDs 4 CAs 5BBs etc.
  11. AxEyBoI

    When it ends ??

    Even with this update, im getting sunk by a CV 50% of all my games that have a CV or 2 in game. Regardless of the ship im in, they keep coming back. Even in the pack they are still determined and wait for you to get out of your allies AA and come after you. Only way to counter is like go full AA ship and group up for the entire game. That makes the game boring and stale as nobody moves anywhere and BBs just shoot from long range where the DDs and CA just sit there out of range going around in circles only to shoot down planes all game. We all know this CV rework has trashed the game and like myself not spending anything anymore. If the game gets back to the state in which Iam happy with and like the rest of the community then we will start spending. Cos I thought we were here to play World of WARSHIPS ? not World of Plane Swatting. ???????
  12. AxEyBoI

    Ship AA ratings

    The ratings means nothing. Only way to tell is using the ship and finding out. Ive used IJN ships that did more damage then US cruisers and my Worcester with NO AA equipped shot down 24 planes compared to 8 with everything equipped.
  13. AxEyBoI

    Stuck in Battle

    My T9 Ibuki Cruiser is stuck in battle. Never returned to port. How do i get it back ?. OK i got it. Have to fully quit out of the game and close WG Game Centre.
  14. AxEyBoI

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    Its not just DDs. The patch has put the CV at the top of the food chain and everything else under it to a point where theres no specific order anymore where there was a counter to each type. Its all jumbled up with the other 3 types of ships where none of them are playing there intended roles due to the CV dominating. This is what happened in reality and now WG has actually brought it in-game. The only thing is the game is sold and marketed as a surface ship game, where 95% of the player base came to this game for this reason (to shoot ships) and since the patch has turned it upside down to a world of CV and planes(being spotted and dodging torps all game). There is no way of going forward with this unless they start giving us newer modern ships so we can start launching tomahawk cruise missiles at the CV or upgrading our AA to Phalanxs. WG has taken a step forward but in the wrong direction in terms of the type of game the population wanted.
  15. The thing is your being detected at ranges around 10km for BBs and the Torps are dropped around that range also so you cant see them till they come close, since your AA is only 5km the planes turn and are gone with minimal damage. Not that it matter since ive seen planes fly over like 5 ships with FULL AA going crazy and really no effect with its payload still dropped on the victim. There is so much variables and inconsistencies that the game is in disarray. Its a CV game now. No fun for anyone nor me killing a ships when its in distress cos of CV engaging or spotting. The fun is gone.