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  1. AxEyBoI

    is this normal?

    Its bad luck if you look at it that way, more like random in the fact you had bad teams and could not get the most out it even if you really good and you had a very good game, you were put with many ordinary players and probably played really bad. Try to play it a different way then what your doing.
  2. AxEyBoI


    I decided to go play a game at T4 in Co-op, and iiiiiiiiiiiiii lost......now if you thought MM was rigged before, how about now. So i spawn in and go ok im alone on a flank, then i check the board and darn im the only Human player for both sides. The game starts and i dispose of the the opposite enemy and looking at the map and updates my entire team is dead like 1 by 1 but me. How does that happen, all 7 of my bot teams get killed by the opposing bots. So they all come to me and focus fire till im dead. Ive never seen that before. Not the part me being killed but the 7v7 bots and your team all dead.
  3. AxEyBoI

    Research B

    How about you sell me your house and cars for half price even though you spent the best 30-40 yrs of your life working and paying for it. Not only that, do it 5 times and i will give you just 1 brand new house and car in return. The real estate and car salesman said there top notch, so i guess there good. I can even help you with a loan with low interest for the 5 houses and cars you need to buy to speed things up. By the way you need to give me a deposit..... all your savings....... 😃 So who is on board....................?
  4. The Research B is to provide more content for new and existing customers, i meant players.........., we all know 90% of the players who plan to use this will use up there hard earned stash in money and time of there FXP, and in 1 swoop WG will take all of it cos we dont want to re-grind all those ships again....................not 2 tech tree but 5, 5 tech tree t10 ships.........................for just 1 Colbert. That head banging on the keyboard then into your screen. Not only FXP but credits also cos you only getting half of it from each ship..... , so then they will release maybe more ships and subs too now, locked behind more coal and steel and most of all FXP, that you just used up and now you need more premium time and flags and most of all your time. 😃 enjoy grinding the 5 lines again.
  5. AxEyBoI

    Match making

    MM is plain bad............. for everyone........ and when it chooses you to have all your games at +2 then you have to deal and put up with it. Not forgiving for T8s since 60-70% is +2 MM. This new Research thingy, having to re-grind the trees again, and put up with +2 MM majority of the time.......... NO thanks. While your climbing the tech tree at +2 MM getting clubbed by the T10s that are staying put. 😃. The not doing this for people to re-grind but to spend Doubloons, FXP there way up the tree if not you will be using a lot of credits and time.
  6. AxEyBoI

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    Got the Jag T5 and besides the mission drop also got 5 doubloon crates with no luck. This event seems very lack luster in rewarding players like 1 in 5 with good drops and the rest get shafted.
  7. AxEyBoI

    15 game losing streak

    Say you have 10k players and 3k of them are in the high win % that play like a 40hr wk job and the other 7k are casuals that come and go. The top players are going to keep winning over the rest in a constant cycle.
  8. AxEyBoI

    15 game losing streak

    Win rate means nothing unless the player has the experience in battles to back it up. Now if you actually look into each game and players of both sides there Win rate and battles played. Its never evenly on each side. I played 10 games just now from T7-10 and 5 games i played to more aggressive and 5 games more passive and some i did about nothing but just spot here and there and sailed the ocean pretty much, but in the end of it I won 7 of the 10 games most of them when i did nothing................So the fact is MM puts many good players on 1 team and the other average or not as good. Hence the steam roll in every game almost. What i was trying to say is that MM system is flawed and broken as and if it wants you to lose you will regardless. Do 150-300k damage if you can but if your with players that just go in and kill themselves in under 3mins then you cant win. I just played a T9 game and 2 ships (3018 Batts, 42%WR, 0.28 DR) (9900 Batts, 45%WR, 0.54 DR) just went to a cap and pushed to far on the other side of the cap and both got plowed in 2:45 secs. Game is gone. Enemy steam rolls that side and you end up a 3v1 all the way through.
  9. AxEyBoI

    15 game losing streak

    Do you know how many games ive played and with and against teams that didnt even have a player above 49%. Even the battles played by the entire team added up, one side was around 10k and the other sides 40k ......... . Its random and its happening............
  10. AxEyBoI

    15 game losing streak

    Im on a roll. Leaving and coming back the trend just continues lol. Teams of potatoes back to back. I think ive seen the record in 5 ships sunk in 3 and a half minutes. They capped all 3 flags and the game ended in 7-8 min mark. 80-90 % of the players that fill my team have win rates at 40% or below. How do i get off this sinking boat. Kind of getting burned out and tired of this MM and the +2 Tier MM where i went 10 games in row playing T8 ships ending in T10 games(2x Clevaland, 1x Wichita, 3x Irian, 1x Baltimore, 1x Kii, 2x Richeliue). I was like FK this again and again and again wtf mofo and about to break my keyboard and monitor. Maybe just play T10 only................ lol. Is this how this game a ..............game meant to make people feel. No wonder everyone leaving by the droves.
  11. AxEyBoI

    Hindenburg or Zao

    Both not the best at the moment. So it comes down to Zao if you wana play with torpedoes and getting in closer for a stealthy play. Hinden for an all rounder ship and shooting from a distance. I would go with Zao 1st then Hinden if i had to chose from either.
  12. AxEyBoI

    Will the CV topic ever die? WG says...

    CV should play as a spotting role. In in return get more credits and exp through intel rather then damage. Cant see another option for balance. Or increase there attack run distance from outside the AA range. So at longest range they take minimal and less damage but ship has more time to dodge. If CV is removed then all the AA and mod equips become useless and also AA ships.
  13. AxEyBoI

    Another Idea for Research Bureau

    Similar theory with grinding base experience on each ship to a certain level like say 1 is at 50k 2 is at 100k and so forth for each level you get a research point and when you have enough you can unlock e.g a level 2 mod, all mods are level 1. So level 2 mod has a small buff to it.
  14. The more different currencies that come out they de-value the rest of them. Another currency wall to lock people from getting certain access to ships and game content. It all leads back in one direction...........MONEY.
  15. AxEyBoI

    Reasons to quit/have a break

    It does not matter how good you are if the enemy team is better then your team. Matchmaking is not only already unbalanced and bad with the Tier set up but with its randomness to put more better players on one team then the other. The chances of MM to randomly put both sides evenly matched players is very rare and thats when you get those good and close games, not often. 70-80% of games are blow outs, we all know and seen this. Many games my team get rolled and on other games my team stomps them. Ive even done 60k damage in a game and lost 0 health and lost no ships. Was it fun NO, most of the time im on that team. Looking at there battles and Win rate is horrendous with 2 players at 50% and the rest is under 42%. My team had 7 players at 50% and 3 at 48% the rest under. So WG cant evenly match the sides by shuffling the players from either side so that each side has a high and low rate vice versa. The more you look into this you realize how bad it is. Just think if they dont care why should we. Just pick a DD go sit in the corner of the map or CV and do the same. That would throw the game out every game. Much enjoyable for everyone on your team. Just imagine if we all did this, 100s of people. what then.