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  1. hans_pranata

    why people stay behind (fleeing from battle)?

    in that case, should be there's a penalty for that kind of playing style? yes agree, but that not what i mean, some cruiser player also fleeing but not as much as BB player i rarely seen DD player fleeing to the back, off course what you said that DD player die fast is true i'm not said BB player is having bad skill, in fact i notice many BB player that waiting in the back have very good shoot but then again why they fleeing or wait and do nothing in the back? is the damage numbers have any reward? but you dont score anything also if you not shoot anything off course BB is should played in the back due of their long range and loooong reload but BB should cover DD and CL/CA right but then again if your forward team mate engage in the gun fire and the BB do nothing except fleeing, what the point of playing the game?
  2. hans_pranata

    why people stay behind (fleeing from battle)?

    well i dont see anything relevant in that pic i notice some BB in some battle is camping at A10, but what i still understand why they fleeing first time see the enemy, even if the team mate in front is winning they keep fleeing to the back (spawn point) some people are just wandering around the spawn point, like doing nothing until the battle almost over and then they move forward (if the team is possible winning) assessment i get it, pls read my above explaination its seem some people do like to wait doing nothing waiting the team mate fighting for winning in random battle a lot people do this (around 2-4 player, some time much more), only go forward if there are possible to win, if the enemy eliminate the forward team, they will be next
  3. hans_pranata

    why people stay behind (fleeing from battle)?

    so i guess it the way it played, its better stay behind and wait? i play some random battle with aggressive and solid team mate and its guarantee winning (still in t5 and t6) some battle we not talk much just watching where other team move and keep up and that much more possibility of winning ??????????
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to this game and i dont know why many people (especially BB) stay behind and do nothing I seen a lot, i mean a loooot people turn around (fleeing) first time seeing enemy and stay behind do nothing, some people even keep fleeing even their team mate in the front is winning the gun fight why they do that? its just a game, you die in game is mean nothing is that for stat? any reward for that? looking for easy kill? i mean so you can kill dying ship? is that fun? i dont get it, enlight me