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  1. stiffilicious

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    Yes that works great thank you HobartAWD
  2. stiffilicious

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    No good for me. I see on the other server there is an online link for the armory. What is it for this server?
  3. stiffilicious

    Carriers ruin the game

    Carriers have too much influence on the game. If there is a marked skill difference between the two CV players, then the battle is already strongly unbalanced. This does not happen with other ship classes. Carriers have also made DD playing much worse. Having 2 or 3 carriers per team at lower tiers often means that using a DD is almost a waste of time. I understand that too many DDs are bad for battleship players, but good cruiser players should be helping. Along with radar cruisers, carriers make it harder and harder to be a useful DD player, especially for a zone bully like a German DD. As a DD player I've been 'noob' bashed in the chat for not moving forward enough in zones. However every time I do so I get hammered by radar and planes. I have to wait a few minutes to see if any radar cruisers are nearby and then use up my precious smoke on evading planes. This is part of the reason we see so many Shimakazes in high tier battles. DD's have been reduced to long distance torp machines.
  4. stiffilicious

    CRITICAL ISSUE, No movement, Everyone Freeze

    Yep, I had the same problem the on Friday evening (NZT). 20 minutes of just sitting around. It was actually kind of funny.
  5. After having install problems and searching through the Forum, I wanted to reply to a post. I could not log on to do so. After much frustration I figured out I could change the a gfew characters (form eu to asia) in the URL. Damn what a waste of time. It's okay if I can't log into another server, but if the user name and/or password do not match then at least the pop could also suggest that I check which server I'm logging into. The url is not enough. Could you please add this feature? Also, having some decent manual software tester inbedded in your dev teams would fix a number of silly bugs that pop up in this game.
  6. stiffilicious

    Bad error logging

    I have the same problem as this person, but with Windows 10: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/140894-critical-error-unable-to-install-updates/ The error message tells me to check the log (but doesn't tell me where the log is!). When I did find the log it does not tell me anything useful. Could the devs please update their logging? I can no longer play the game.