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  1. Not only they increase the cost, they also increase the phase. This was evident during the Hizen dockyard event. Also, WG did not give a free premium ship during the Anchorage event and the current ZF-6 event. Which is why if WG will keep increasing the cost and increase the phases, might as well give free to play players the chance to win the ship by playing the game. If they did not finish the grind, they could still catch up. Either if they pay starter pack at a discounted price during the early phase of the event. Or pay full price per phase after the 2 patch event. And since WG keeps the dockyard in 3 patches, there will always be willing to pay players just to be able to catch up. Plus, there is no shortage on pay to advance players. I have already encountered 10 ZF-6 players in this patch (0.10.3). 8 of them during co-op. Think of it as Benham. If players play enough, they can get the ship. If players pay enough, they can get the ship early. Plus, if they play during the event, they get additional goodies. Such as coal and / or steel. Just like a proper battle pass. Win-Win-Win. Win = WG earns money. Win = F2P players play the game. Population numbers and game time. Win = P2A players also plays the game. Additional population numbers and game time. Which makes their apologies usless if WG will always act like a child, and will always take revenge towards the playerbase / community, if the playerbase / community does not like their game breaking bad ideas. NTC. Only to come back as RB. Dockyard. Only to comeback gated by money AND increasing the cost and phase with each new dockyard event happens. Deadeye. Only to come back as "Adjustment Firing Mechanics".
  2. WG's airstrike looks like it is based on Command and Conquer: Red Alert's air strike / parabombs. Next we will see chrono sphere ships or iron curtain ships.
  3. De Zeven Provincien as a dockyard ship is a bad idea. It should be a premium shop doubloon ship. 1. WG is only looking at a short term gain and not long term. That has been the whole point of the dockyard. Premium shop would give WG a constant stream of income for this ship. Until WG decides to pull it out due to "popularity and effectiveness". At least that's 1 - 2 years of constant income tharther than 2 - 3 mnonths. 2. Players who would want this ship, but missed the dockyard event, will not and never get this ship. Dockyard is a event only thing. And there has been no dockyard ship that has ever returned to the game. Ever! 3. Dockyard is gated. And it is for paying players only. Free to play players are left out. 4. And no, we players do not consider the updated dockyard event as an apology for the Puerto Rico fiasco nor it is an apology for Lesta CEO's unporfessional post towards the playerbase / community. Believe me, there will be a demand for this ship. And WG putting it in the dockyard will fuel more hate to them (WG) than appreciation.
  4. Update 0.10.4, balance changes We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on testing results. The changes will be applied to Dutch cruisers, Constellation, Yukon and Weimar. VI Kijkduin "Airstrike" parameters were changed: Maximum range of operation increased from 9 to 10 km. Bomb drop time reduced from 10 to 8 s. VII Eendracht "Airstrike" parameters were changed: Size of Attacking Flight increased from 6 to 8 planes. Bomb drop time reduced from 10 to 8 s. VIII Haarlem "Airstrike" parameters were changed: Size of Attacking Flight increased from 8 to 10 planes. Maximum range of operation increased from 10 to 12 km. Bomb drop time reduced from 10 to 8 s. Fore End armor belt thickness reduced from 50 to 40 mm. Casemate armor belt thickness reduced from 50 to 40 mm. X Gouden Leeuw Maximum range of the "Airstrike" armament increased from 12 to 13 km. Fore End armor belt thickness increased from 30 to 40 mm. IX Johan de Witt Fore End armor belt thickness increased from 30 to 40 mm. VIII De Zeven Provincien Maximum range of the "Airstrike" armament increased from 10 to 12 km. VIII Constellation 180 degrees turn time of main battery turrets reduced from 45 to 36 s. Turning circle radius reduced from 900 to 830 m. Angles of rotation of aft main battery guns increased at long range. VII Yukon Main battery reload time increased from 30 to 33 s. VII Weimar Main battery reload time increased from 7 to 7.5 s. AP shell armor penetration increased. It is now similar to that of Mainz. Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website. Links: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/150
  5. S0und_Theif

    Big Hunt Camos

    For looks: Hector. But seeing that you play IJN ships more, go for Whirlwind or Avenger. It would depend if you play BB or DD more.
  6. S0und_Theif

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    Same things happened to me for the past year. Getting shot at and / or getting insulted. Multiple times. I am by no means a good player. I do potato out time to time. But lashing out on others ain't gonna produce any better results. It only exacerbates a losing game and further demoralizes your team to play the game or attempt to win the battle. One of the few reasons why I do not enjoy random and ranked battles. Sometimes both random and ranked battles are as salty as the saltiest seas in the known universe. Ranked sometimes out salt random. I have never seen someone lose their frigging minds. But then again, as a semi-active gamer, I should not be surprised. In fact, it is getting worse. If this is what WG's take on "we are focused on Random battles", then: 1. WG is doing a good job making their customers stop paying and playing the game for the past 2 to 2½ years over their "focused on Random battles" 2. WG is doing a poor job keeping their customers from paying and paying the game for the past 2 to 2½ years over their "focused on Random battles" This is why players are asking more contents on scenarios / operations. Some are even asking for better co-op mode. Having Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme modes. But no, WG refuses. Saying that random battles are "fun" and "comfortable".
  7. S0und_Theif

    The Dissolution of Pan-Am (Pan-America)

    A very interesting captain. Almost like John Paul Jones. Can be a unique captain for Pan-America (Possibly dual nation between Pan-America and Britain). More focused on destroyer and cruiser rather than battleships. His playstyle is risky, aggressive, deception and yolo (Since most of his co-commanders are cautious while Cochrane goes out to seize the glory). One of his unique aggressive traits is, he could have Cap Contenst. +10% for DD (50 seconds cap), +15% for C (45 seconds cap), +20 / 25% for BB. One of his deceptive skill traits is, concealment buff. +12% for DD and C, +15% for BB. Other possible buffs could be Adrenaline Rush (0.5% buff instead of 0.2%), TGG [C] and CQC [BB] 15% buff on secondary reload and main battery reload, BFT (-10% reload instead of -5%) Of course, all these buffed traits are subject for balance testing.
  8. S0und_Theif

    PSA) Regarding Z-23's Turret traverse speed

    What's funny here is that, the issue was already present and identified during PTS testing, yet WG (funnily enough) still did not notice and see this for 9 weeks (4 weeks in PTS, and 5 weeks in 0.10.3). WG = Very good at copy paste. Very bad at quality test.
  9. S0und_Theif

    Where is my KONG ????

    WG has came out to address player's concerns. And some refund for unhappy players. Commanders, A great battle between Godzilla and Kong has just begun in World of Warships, and we wanted to address the most frequent questions about the addition of the two Titans to the game. Why do Godzilla and Kong's unique voiceovers sound simultaneously with the standard voice commands? We strive for voiceovers to not only to be interesting and of high quality, but also informative. To this end, we created a new type of sound playback which combines the clarity of standard notifications and the unique roars of these specific characters. We understand that this might not have been clear from the descriptions in the article and shop bundles, so we will update these texts in a week or less. The unique Titan voiceovers are rather quiet —will this be fixed? Yes, in one of the nearest game updates, we will be amplifying the unique sound effects for both Godzilla and Kong so that they stand out more. And what If I'm not happy with this new type of dual voiceover? You may request a refund for purchased bundles which resulted in obtaining a commander — even if you’ve played more than one battle with them — until 23 of May 2021 23:59 UTC Why do Godzilla and Kong not appear on my ship's deck in battle? This decision has two main reasons: The two Titans are truly legendary creatures — having them sink to the bottom of the sea because of an unlucky battle would hardly be a dignified fate for them Models of their size would have a significant impact on estimating which ship parts are being hit by their opponents' shells. Even in comparison to other camouflages with non-standard geometry, the massive Titans would have a much bigger effect on aiming at the ship. Thank you for your attention and we apologize for any confusion. We will do our best to avoid such situations in future. -The World of Warships team. Link:
  10. S0und_Theif

    Ranked Battles: The Third Season

    Credit where credit is due, I am very pleased that WG has retracted the original decision for Silver League. From ±2 MM to ±1 MM. Though Bronze league could use a irrevocable status in Bronze Rank 3 and Silver League could use irrevocalbe status in Silver Rank 8 and 4. I am not sure if Gold league players would want a irrevocable status in Gold Rank 5?
  11. S0und_Theif

    Hope there will be a “none rank mode”

    12 v 12, especially in high tier games (T8 to T10), give very little room for mistakes. WG could do it in Brawl. 7 v 7 game with no ranked rewards. Problem is, Brawl has a very limited frequency and has a short duration. If WG could only make brawl a monthly sprint (or weekly sprint like scenario) with: 1 v 1 3 v 3 7 v 7 12 v 12 6 v 12 4 v 4 v 4 3 v 3 v 3 v 3 As well as the occasional game modes to give the game some flavor / shake up: Arms Race Battle Royal Respawn Mode (Space Battle 2019) Convoy Escort (Currently Shelved) Bastion Mode(?) @Paladinum 7 v 7 + Arms Race.
  12. S0und_Theif

    The Dissolution of Pan-Am (Pan-America)

    Kind of understand how you feel and I agree with you. Unique design. But also remember, my library is limited. I get ships based on what Pan-Am nations bought and used in real life. WG "paper" department have archives that we don't know. They will make unique ship design happen. I hope so. There is no embargo on showing ships. Embargo is only for gameplay.
  13. S0und_Theif

    Warships Size Comparison: Cruisers

    CWoN ship "Perth" is very lonely. And Dutch ships has already been teased. Why not show them? Show the ship. Not the gameplay. I know that there is an embargo on new ship gameplay. Would have been a good easter egg / tease for this video.
  14. S0und_Theif

    The Dissolution of Pan-Am (Pan-America)

    Don't worry mate, I don't plan to split both Pan-Asia and CWoN. If that happens, Pan-Asia does not have enough ships to fill T2, T4, T5, T6, and T8. And CWoN is not CWoN if they split up. Plus, it's the only group of nations that is able to represent an African Nation. South Africa. Pan-America nations had a strong rivalry during the early years of the 20th century. Just like Europe. Namely Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Hence why I did the split. I was hoping to split Chile, but with my limited library, there is no ships to fill T5 to T8. I'll just keep them together under the Pan-American flag. Unless WG finds paper ships in US, UK, and Chile archive.
  15. S0und_Theif

    The Dissolution of Pan-Am (Pan-America)

    I kind of will agree with you on this. It's WG's unwillingness to lessen the CXP to a reasonable level and greediness to ask players to shell doubloons for ECXP, makes the player experience miserable. Same can be said for T7 to T10 ships when a new tech tree is released. I blame MrConway WG for the players suffering and misery. I recall that, WG will give free captain retain during the Dutch event. I'll try to find the stream video to make sure. Jerski however = ????