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  1. S0und_Theif

    Roast me!!!

    Some, as young as in their mid 20's, know that "It's only a game". No need to heff to be mad. You will grow old quicker.
  2. S0und_Theif

    Why must you make me suffer???

    It is possible, but WG has a rotation thingy. Meaning no 2 classes is represented in 1 year. 2020 was an exception since RN CA split has 6 ships and SN CA has only 3 ships. It is possible to make the SN CA split into 6 ships, but for some odd reason, WG only made 3. 2019 RN CV SN BB MN DD RM C 2020 RN CA EU DD SN CA KM CV USN BB 2021 RM BB KM DD ??? CL/CA ??? CV ??? Let us hope that 2021 is the Roman year. Complete the Italian tech tree. BB C DD. Though I am not sure if RM CV with SAP gimmick will be liked by the players?
  3. S0und_Theif

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.1

    Italian Battleships: Part 1 Positives: Compared all other early access ships in the past, this is by far the most balanced to both F2P and P2A players. Both F2P and P2A players are guaranteed to get up to T7 Italian battleships. While WG can still make money if players want to get T8 and T9 Italian battleships. Negatives: I am very disappointed that there is no T3 Italian battleship. Even with numerous feedback, articles, and links showing that it is possible to make a T3 Italian battleship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vittorio_Cuniberti Brawls: 1 Positive: Prime Time. Same as Ranked Battle Negative: No oil as reward. (Understandable since Brawls is a free for all battle type. (Clan and non-clan players)) Improvement: Steel as reward. Ranked: Season 2 Positive: Prime time. Same as Brawl. The extended time and progression. Gives weekend players time and room to play. Double rewards due to extended time and progression. Negative: ±1 MM on Bronze League. Should be same tier only and not ±1 MM. (Tier 8 or Tier 9, and not Tier 8 and Tier 9). There is no rules on how many T8 and T9 can play the game. If the match comprises of 1 T8 (CV excluded) and everything else is T9, then the T8 (CV excluded) will be a liability for the entire game. Also, new players who purchase their way to T9 will result in a bad experience to the player. Since the new player lacks the basics and fundamentals of the game by skipping low and mid tier battles. We are suppose to welcome players to play and try ranked battle in the Bronze League, not make them uncomfortable and toxic. Bronze League should be more welcoming to players. New and veteran alike. New players has to start somewhere and should be welcomed to play ranked battles. Silver League are for those who are casual and / or veteran of the game. Not easy but not hard. Gold League are for those who are very / really competitive. Irrevocable Status. Due to the extended time and progression, additional irrevocable status is needed. Bronze League should have irrevocable status on Bronze Rank 4 and Rank 3. Silver League should have irrevocable status on Silver Rank 8 and Rank 3. Gold League should have irrevocable status on Gold Rank 6. Should make it more comfortable for players to play Ranked Battle. Especially in Bronze League. Improvement: Skill based match maker in ranked battle. Clan Battle: Greece Positive: Mercenary mode. Opportunity for players who wants to try clan battles or clans who wants to test a player's skill for a full fledged future clan battle. Mercenary mode is optional anyway. Full fledged clan players can still play clan battles in a full clan roster. Improvement: Needs to extend prime time. Not just in Asia server but all across. From: 8 AM / 0800 to 6 PM / 1800 = GMT±0 or 4 PM / 1600 to 2 AM / 0200 = GMT+8 / SGT & HKT That's: 6 PM / 1800 to 4 AM / 0400 = GMT+10 / AEST 7 PM / 1900 to 5 AM / 0500 = GMT+11 / AEDT 8 PM / 2000 to 6AM / 0600 = GMT+12 / NZST 9 PM / 2100 to 7AM / 0700 = GMT+13 / NZDT For our Aussie and Kiwi friends. (Daylight Saving Time is also noted) And: 2:30 PM / 1430 to 11:30 PM / 2330 = GMT+530 / IST For our India friends. This gives our players time to play from ocean to ocean within the ASIA server scope.
  4. S0und_Theif

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    Please prepare more. And ketchup instead of mayo. I bring drinks. I also bring non-alcoholic.
  5. S0und_Theif

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    There is a anti-detonation flag. It's called Juliet Charlie. As Ralph has posted with picture. You can also buy the flags in the armory. Either with coal or credits (silver). You can also use discount coupons in the armory if you require more of such flags.
  6. S0und_Theif

    I have done it.

  7. S0und_Theif

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    Brawl's prime time is the same as Ranked Battle's prime time. Prime time (Asia): 1AM / 0100 to 6PM / 1800 in UTC±0 630AM / 0630 to 1130PM / 2330 in UTC+5.5 / IST 730AM / 0730 to 1230MN / 0030 in UTC+6.5 / MMT 8AM / 0800 to 1AM / 0100 in UTC+7 / ICT & WIB 9AM / 0900 to 2AM / 0200 in UTC+8 / SGT, HKT, MYT, BNT, & PHST 9AM / 0900 to 2AM / 0200 in UTC+8 / AWST & WITA 10AM / 1000 to 3AM / 0300 in UTC+9 / JST, KST, & WIT 1030AM / 1030 to 330AM / 0330 in UTC+9.5 / ACST 1130AM / 1130 to 430AM / 0430 in UTC+10.5 / ACDT 11AM / 1100 to 4AM / 0400 in UTC+10 / AEST & ChST 12NN / 1200 to 5AM / 0500 in UTC+11 / AEDT 1PM / 1300 to 6AM / 0600 in UTC+12 / NZST 2PM / 1400 to 7AM / 0700 in UTC+13 / NZDT 3PM / 1500 to 8AM / 0800 in UTC-10 / HST 6PM / 1800 to 11AM / 1100in UTC-7 / PDT 5PM / 1700 to 10AM / 1000in UTC-8 / PST 8PM / 2000 to 1PM / 1300in UTC-5 / CDT 7PM / 1900 to 12NN / 1200 in UTC-6 / CST 9PM / 2100 to 2PM / 1400 in UTC-4 / EDT 8PM / 2000 to 1PM / 1300 in UTC-5 / EST
  8. S0und_Theif

    So.. uhm.. I datamined the forums.

    Also begs the question, why is ASIA forum, the only forum who got those emotes axed?
  9. No worries mate. I understand and can relate. Ever since the Flamu fiasco exploded, I have 4 to 5 days of upvote backlogs. Many of our forumies are on the right track. Objectivity and experience rather than Bias and Toxicity. With the occasional light hearted "tickle your funny bone" posts.
  10. S0und_Theif

    Why must you make me suffer???

    Not only PvE co-op, but also PvE scenario. T6 and T7 ships are more valuable because of scenario. Whether the ship is good or bad.
  11. Please WG forum team, give us more upvotes. 11 to 15 upvotes for 24 hours is not enough. And on the 9 CV components, spot on mate. Spot on.
  12. S0und_Theif

    Why must you make me suffer???

    WG wants the whale those whales. If it's good, WG will leave her for doubloons. If it's bad, WG will demote her to coal. And maybe, just maybe, She will be a reward ship when Italian DD is released. WG needs those sweet, sweet, whale money. Gotta compensate for their bad and stupid decisions.
  13. S0und_Theif

    Roast me!!!

  14. S0und_Theif

    So.. uhm.. I datamined the forums.

    In = Diamond hands. On = Greasy hands. Marka Gud
  15. S0und_Theif

    Roast me!!!

    Ketchup, Salt & Pepper, or Mayonnaise?