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  1. S0und_Theif


    WG + Research Bureau =
  2. S0und_Theif

    Shimakazes using AP

    Could also be new players who is unfamiliar with the game? To an extent, probably used cash to skip low and mid tier. How do they play? Do they like play like they know what they are doing or are they doing rookie mistakes?
  3. S0und_Theif


    Just a heads up to Submarine testers: Commanders, we extended the current test period of submarines until 04:00 UTC, 31 of October to give you more time and opportunities to try out the new class and its updated mechanics In order to enter the test, you need to download the TST client and log in with your account from the main server. More details about joining the test and how to play submarines and against them are available in the article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/submarine-testing/ Good luck and fair seas! Link: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/92
  4. S0und_Theif

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    Sad that ARP Maya is Maya '33 and not Maya '43. Even with numerous feedback, WoWs team did not uppdate her to her proper model. She would have been a hot sell if she was Maya '43.
  5. I like. More or less T9 ships. Both CA and CB. Think of it as: 406 mm and 457 mm in battleships. 203 mm and 254 mm in heavy cruisers. 305 mm and 357 mm in super cruiser. Same ABX configuration but minus 1 gun per turret. And we need T9 coal cruisers. At the moment the game has no T9 premium cruiser (other than super cruisers).
  6. S0und_Theif

    What's her gimmick then?

    Indeed, Kremlin is just not a good name. One of the developers must be too drunk to think of a good name for a battleship. What about these names? Strana Sovetov Krasnaya Bessarabiya Krasnaya Sibir Sovietskaya Konstitutsia Lenin 2 of the ship's name was removed, as they were from the S. Soyuz class. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K-1000_battleship Note: K-1000 is a hoax battleship (It's not even a paper ship). They were there to fool the US intelligence, thinking that a super battleship is being built. I'm not sure if Soviet Russia would name their battleships with Imperial Russian names(?).
  7. At the moment, I am not sure if either: The forum development team is not done yet. And will implement the downvote later. or They do not plan to re-implement the downvote at all. (Which I do not agree and want the down vote to be re-implemented.) Downvotes are kind of necessary 1. If WG has to make a bad decision or bad mechanic in the game, downvoting it would be one way of showing that the community / playerbase disagree with WG and must revert or rework the decision. We don't want another repeat of NTC / RB and PR PR fiasco. 2. There will always be those bad actors in the forum or posters in the forum. 3. There will be new players who will visit the forums for answers, and we don't want to lead them to the wrong path if there is no downvote to that post. This helps them make a better decision if they should trust the post or not. Although I only have given 1 to 3 "boring" vote in my entire forum posts, I still think it is a necessary evil in the forum. Happy <-> Sad. Good <-> Bad. Haha (Funny) <-> Grrr (Angry) It's a balancing factor in the forum.
  8. Did anyone notice that the Asia forum's upvote tab has changed? At the moment, all I can see is the "good" upvote, and the "bad" downvote is not yet implemented (or may not be implemented[?]). Here is NA's forum version. EU forums seems to still use the old version. I do not have access to NA and EU forums so I can only see the upvoted and downvoted in the topic. Overall, I like the addition of new tabs. It gives flexibility. Especially like the ones used in NA forums. What do you guys think?
  9. Oh no. You're right. I might have jinxed it. 🤤
  10. 1. We do not approve the increase of price from 1,750 doubloons to 1,950 doubloons. We do not mind the increase of phase since she is a tier 9 ship, but we do not appreciate and approve the increase of price. 2. We also do not appove how only paying player can collect research points (even if they have not yet unlocked 5 tier 10 ships), while the rest of the players do not get the same treatment / offer for daily challange mission. Please reverse this decision. It is very discriminatory. It is also becoming more P2A (Pay to Advance) rather than a F2P (Free to Play) game. 3. We do not like research bureau mechanics. We already have given our feedback multiple times for more than 1 year. Why give away the resource if it is "popular". Re-work the research beureau as promised. Otherwise research bureau should be scrapped. It is not popular and has no place in the game.
  11. As long as it's not Rubbish Points. That would really turn off an entire community (probably even an entire server community). Everything else is ok. WG should really re-work the research bureau. Otherwise that wreched thing must DIE!
  12. Although she was built, naval historians would count her as per-dreadnaught due to her mixed caliber guns. She would probably be T2 like Mikasa. And not sure if the game will recognize or consider the 8 inch guns as primary armament. At T3, most navies could fire 8 guns broadside (Except that russian biased paper ship. She can fire 10 guns broadside.). The proposed paper ship fits the criteria of T3. And "probably" 2nd reason why WG did not put a T3 ship is because, they do not know how to balance SAP. They know balans but not balance. Game limitation and dev limitation.
  13. If not Akizuki '59, WG might name her Teruzuki. With only 1 set of quad torpedo tubes, TRB is a must have.
  14. Price inflation could mean several things. Could be that dockyard is not working as intended. Could be that target was not reached. (Blame Dockyard 1.0 [Puerto Rico] and Lesta CEO for that.) Could be another project / mechanic has failed to meet expectaion and WoWs team is using dockyard as compensation for the other project's / mechanic's failures. (*cough* Research Bureau *cough*) Could be that management wants to earn their bonus. And use dockyard to collect their funds(?). Others. Also, as long as botting, RMT-ing, account sharing for resource farming are not being dealt with by WG, (even if they buy T8 from WG), they will not pay full price as cheating is way cheaper than paying the ship's full price. To those who purchase the dockyard ships at full price, kudos to them. They paid it legally. But WG has to accept that not all players will share the same thought point / ideology. And WG's refusal to acknowledge their unpopular choices and / or decisions, make playing and paying players quit. Remember, there are other entertainment medium out there. Inflating the price is very counter-productive. Consumers will buy less or not buy at all if the price is increased.