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  1. world_of_war_battle

    0 bomb hit damage

    Maybe because of the explosion like the HE shell
  2. world_of_war_battle

    How radar should work IMO

    It isn't a simulation game. Or else............ 1. CV kill BB CA (maybe DD) BB kill CA CA kill DD 2. Spotting range mechanic(ok) Concealment mechanic(nothing like this in real world) ex: DD don't get detected untill 5km 3.there is no such thing as Defensive AA fire there is no such thing is the real world If it is...... 1.A teams victory will depend on their carriers 2.BB CA DD will be not that useful (unless enemy target BB so CV is not sunk) (DDs will destroy subs) (Provide AA Defense Fire Support,but wont shoot down many aircrafts) Wargaming does want game balance I agree However, It might burn down the server(because there is too much calculation) for AI Just my opinion PS: the communication is weird too (mentioned as above)
  3. world_of_war_battle

    Why do coop battles sometimes finish prematurely?

    never mind that perhaps the AI team has no points I think that if your domination points reach 500 wargaming sometimes ends the game
  4. world_of_war_battle

    Do you remember......?

    I remember Tier 3 BB vs Tier 1 CA weird and broken matchmaking
  5. world_of_war_battle

    Suggestions for CV buffs

    It is hard to do CV rework wargaming wants a certain amount of game balance(without skill) CV win BB CA win DD CV,DD win BB BB win CA CA win CV(AA defense) CV win DD DD win CV(AA defense) This is what i think...... IN the real world it is (during WW2) CV win BB win CA win CL win DD not always but in most battles in this case they must limit the CVs strength and include sth called concealment in real worlds DDs get spotted at 6km (not in the game) well of course --- smoke changes that
  6. world_of_war_battle

    Topic Redacted

    THERE IS GAME BALANCE IN THE GAME ( at least wargaming tried THERE ISN'T ANY (GAME BALANCE) IN REAL NAVAL BATTLES please be thankful of the sacrifice of players who play other warships (ALTHOUGH THEY MAY BE YOUR FRIEND , ALLIES , FRIEND , ENEMY , FOE.......)
  7. world_of_war_battle

    New Royal Navy CV

    the ( rework ) of cv is just about adding new lines the ( rework ) of cv is just about adding new lines the ( rework ) of cv is just about adding new lines however i think that the (flavors) must be changed 1. 4 or 6 planes per squadron? 2. reserve planes?(in real combat the millitary doesnt launch all it strike planes?) 3. AA too strong(planes are like flys being swapped from the air 4. DD, CA, CL, BB dont have limited amount of ammo . Why do CVs have limited amount of planes? GAME BALANCE i suppose OR MAYBE TOO MANY AIRCRAFTS CAN (HELP) BURN DOWN THE SERVER , INTERNET , COMPUTER
  8. world_of_war_battle

    So I'm still in confusion

    they said there will be no subs in the game introduction somewhere ( I FORGOT WHERE ) I would certainly like it if wargaming puts subs in the game they just need to increase the subs HP to hack it and gain game balance
  9. world_of_war_battle

    Interesting Ships Nicknames

  10. world_of_war_battle

    Auto Resupply - my fault, a bug or shaddy ?

    you can simply mount them every time before a battle if you are very concerned about your money actually I have used any real money to purchase anything in the game I buy camouflage when its on sale and mount it an every ship any the other..... you can do the same on premium consumables too..... hope it helps
  11. world_of_war_battle

    Border humping not punished enough

    NO NO NO NO many people will die by mistaken afk or anything and your team might autolose. I have an idea. LISTEN TO ME EArth is round. So whenever someone touches the border he should be teleported to other / Opposite side of the map I agree However, the map must be bigger or else ships just go past the borderand immediately enter the enemy base Also there is another problem , some maps have islands on the edge of the map , it might be troublesome to do this change.
  12. world_of_war_battle

    Hurray, CV Rework!

    dont rework CVs just weaken the strength of AA
  13. world_of_war_battle

    WoWS Update 0.7.8

    maybe your computer has too much stuff in it(mine had some problems untill my cousin told me to take the CD out of my computer) or the server is overloaded.......
  14. world_of_war_battle

    How to rearm FT?

    I played a battle recently.......these are the results I would say its a bit of luck that the enemy CV didnt leave any FT to defend itself so I flooded it (probably AI controlled)
  15. world_of_war_battle

    How to rearm FT?

    I checked the controls setting and it reset it again its fine now thank you