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    Ranked Battles: Seventh Season

    Have you made gold number 1 rank .

    Ranked Battles: Seventh Season

    I have yet to see a Number 1 Gold rank player and have been playing for 3 years .That is because Ranks are BS .It is all about the number of games you have to play and they are big numbers .Like win one game then lose 5 .Then win i game then lose 7 .And it goes on because ranks are not true ranks .If you had the same team all the time then you can call it ranks .And that is why they are not enjoyable to play .Maybe lose the Qualifying part that would be a good move . And or if you win a game you do not go backwards .No one has manners in ranks including ME
  3. G5 blow your horn
  4. G5 is the port just go in and blow your horn and flames go up Spred the word
  5. Been trying to get the horn medal is that what you do just blow it alittle bit here and there So i just finaly worked it out G5 is the port go in and blow your horn Spread the word
  6. Been trying to get the horn medal is that what you do just blow it alittle bit here and there I know now it is G5 spread the word

    Savage Battle

    Where is the port in the sunken city map is it the center thanks How do i get the port medal can anyone help
  8. Do not reset the line untill you understand everything involed Watch on youtube stastbloke an others on youtube like overlordbou okOloverlordbueerLordBouThe best line to do is Japanness DD line I made a big mistake once and it cost me big time You reset more than once as well IMPORTANT WATCH ON YOUTUBE FIRSTthey will go into it in depth

    2021 Results in World of Warships

    I could not download the wallpaper how about you guys
  10. OCTAGONAL777

    Black Friday 2021: Highlights

    I brought 10 containers and got two ship lol Pommern and the DD then i brought the carrier Then brought 20 containers and got Yoshino I only wish they had the black captains dress which they do not i don't know why Very disappointing the other ships did in the pass black Fridays
  11. OCTAGONAL777

    Update 0.10.9 Bug Report Thread

    I have notice this game seems to lag a lot after 10pm Sydney time And is unplayable What a rip off of a expensive game it is
  12. OCTAGONAL777

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    WG should have subs only combat section with awesome under water graphics I do like the existing under water graphics Very real looking and a good feel But a few sharks and whales would be good to look at
  13. OCTAGONAL777


    Hi there I have been paying and playing wow for 2 years now . And i play the top tier ships only .And have won the Kraken medal 4 times only . I am a bit slow maybe I just realized If you play first ship on the ladder Which i did yesterday and today I won the KRAKEN medals and confed medals 8 times LOL i do not know should i laugh or cry
  14. OCTAGONAL777

    What was your bid for Coals?

    I was going to ask the same question My bid 32.5 And new some idiots would be bidding 50. plus And i was right dam it